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This Week: Lead Generation Summit Lessons + Dropbox vs SharePoint

How Much Should Leads Cost?
Marketers are always asked this question, and their answers are never the same, according to a panel at Lead Generation Summit 2013. And at this same event Adobe explained how they raised conversions 500%.

B2B Marketing Needs a Strategy
Having strategies when launching content marketing campaigns are essential — something we've all probably learned first-hand and something the latest B2B Content Marketing survey tells us. 

Social Business Match: Dropbox vs. SharePoint
Simple yet unsecure, Dropbox has gotten the nod from many businesses, something that IT personnel and SharePoint champions will undoubtedly argue against

Overloaded Millennials
Even in the age of digital reliance, some Millennials are feeling the stress of an information overload.

Too Risk Averse for Big Data?
Privacy and other risks could be a negative influence in your company and inhibit you from seizing the opportunities presented by Big Data.

Key Considerations in Content Migration
During a content management system migration, you ultimately want a journey from "old” to “new” that is smooth, quick and doesn't come with a loss of sleep.

Forrester Report: The Multi-Channel Marketing Mandate
Evolve your marketing strategies to keep up with today's customers. 
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6 Ways to Drive Intranet Engagement to Unleash Corporate Knowledge

intranets, employee enagement, social business The adage “build it and they will come” has never rung true for intranets. Many intranets built with the best intentions fall into disuse for lack of employee engagement. But it does not need to be that way.

Dropbox vs. SharePoint: What's The Right Document Sharing Solution for You?

file sharing, sharepoint, dropbox, google drive A battle is being silently waged between IT personnel and business users over the way important business documents get shared at work. 

Q4 Planning: Top Customer Experience, Social Business Conferences & Events (02-Oct-13)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

Forrester Report: The Unified Customer Experience Imperative
This report outlines why customer experience professionals must optimize and continuously improve their digital experiences.

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Collaboration and the Future of Customer Support

KindleFireAdvisor.jpg, collaboration, customer support In the past, the role of collaboration technologies was to help customer support reps work with each other on what I call “exception cases.” These are the 20% of cases that are not solved by the FAQ, or first line support. Often they are more complex, and there is no current solution in the customer support database. Creating a solution may often involve the support rep working with someone in engineering or product development. It is clear that collaboration has a critical role in this process and is not going away.

New Productivity Survey Finds Information Overload Higher in Millennials

Info Overload.pngIn this age of digital everything, at what point do workers get overwhelmed? A new survey suggests that US employees may be approaching the tipping point.

Evernote Business v2.0 Is More Social, Releases Salesforce Integration App

Just over a year since it originally launched Business v1.0, Evernote has announced that it will release v2.0 towards the end of this week.

Grow Up! Evaluating the Maturity of Your User Experience Strategy

Successful product designers and developers know that good user experience (UX) is the key to success in both traditional and digital domains.

How Analytics Can Support Intranet Management

taken from, intranet analytics, social business A lot of the big data noise revolves around how marketers use data analytics to improve marketing performance. But how do these tools and techniques effect what is going on behind the scenes?

New Thinking: Reducing Tool Time of Knowledge Workers

Knowledge workers work in “decision factories”. A good intranet should help them make better decisions.

Weekend Reads: Data Science Needs Storytellers + The Quality vs. Quantity Debate

Customer Experience, Weekend Reads: Content Quality v Quantity + The SharePoint 2013 IntranetSummer has officially ended and we are kicking off this fall season with a list of some must read features for you to enjoy this weekend. In the customer experience space, we talked content quality vs quantity and the magic 8 ball of customer-focused analytics. Over in information management, we learned about the sexiest part of data and in social business we looked at the SharePoint 2013 Intranet. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

This Week: Keys to Making Big Data Actionable + How to Succeed with SharePoint

IBM Exec on Big Data Challenges
Marketers face all kinds of challenges turning big data into actionable insights, not the least of which is figuring out how to act on insights gained through analysis of anonymous data.

We Can Always Learn More
Think you know a lot about big data and artificial intelligence? You may rethink that after hearing what Ray Kurzweil had to say at the Global Directions.

Here Comes Oracle
Oracle steps up competition with IBM, Salesforce with latest release, with cloud updates announced at Oracle OpenWorld.

Software from HighQ All About Due Diligence
This solution wants to offer enterprises a standardized way of creating due diligence reports as well as save time.

SharePoint: Strong Chief Needed
Implementing dozens of SharePoint projects has taught us a valuable lesson: a successful SharePoint project has a single leader who drives success, and you are not going anywhere in SharePoint without a leader.

What the Forrester Wave ECM Wants Today
The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is changing, and vendors are being pushed to provide new functionality that addresses productivity goals. 

Forrester Report: The Multi-Channel Marketing Mandate
Evolve your marketing strategies to keep up with today's customers.
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Social Enterprise Collaboration Governance: A Little Done, A Lot More To Do

Metalogix didn't wasted any time in incorporating the SharePoint governance and administration assets it acquired from Axceler in August into its corporate portfolio. This week, Axceler has rebranded itself and its remaining assets under the umbrella of a new company called View Do Labs, which will focus on offering enterprises governance and analytics across social networks.

Tweet Jam Recap: The Information Overload Crisis #socbizchat

Tweet Jam Recap: The Information Overload Crisis #socbizchatPerhaps some companies are shifting their internal collaboration strategies toward activity streams and portals, but email continues to dominate many an organization's workflow, and it's leading to information overload for many. In our latest tweet jam, which Bloomfire sponsored, we asked participants how they managed their information streams, so let's see what kind of strategies professionals are using to combat excess email.

Tweet Jam Reminder: Today - The Information Overload Crisis #SocBizChat

Tweet Jam Reminder: Today - The Information Overload Crisis #SocBizChatDigital deluge, information overload, digiphrenia -- call it what you will, knowledge workers are struggling to stay productive in the face of growing amounts and sources of information. Join us in an hour to discuss how "Information Overload is Killing Productivity -- The Future of Social Tools & Processes" during a special Social Business Tweet Jam sponsored by Bloomfire.

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