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Social Collaboration's Year of Productivity

Social Collaboration's Year of ProductivityFrustrated with the amount of time it takes to get organized? You're not alone.

According to McKinsey, the average worker spends 19 percent of the work week searching for information. We spend so much time looking for emails, notes we scribbled down in a meeting and word docs we saved to our desktop, that it's impossible to stay on top of all the information we need to get organized -- and more importantly, to be productive. And if the coworkers you collaborate with daily are similarly disorganized, how will any work get done?

The Enterprise Collaboration Tipping Point

Social Business, The Enterprise Collaboration Tipping Point2014 will be the year when true enterprise collaboration takes off in large and midsize corporations. To make it happen, companies will need to adopt a new approach when implementing technologies for information workers, focusing on simplifying the digital work environment for their employees and other contributors, and creating virtual proximity.

Cubicles, Corner Offices, Open Workspaces: Who's More Satisfied?


Does how and where you work affect privacy and communication? As anyone who's worked in a cubicle or a corner office can attest, it's an obvious question. And yet, the answer isn't as straight forward. Many tech firms will tell you how open workspaces have helped teams collaborate more efficiently, while most executives know they've made it when they achieve the corner suite. Recently a team of researchers set out to find out the distinct benefits associated with various office spaces and how they affect workspace satisfaction. 

New Productivity Survey Finds Information Overload Higher in Millennials

Info Overload.pngIn this age of digital everything, at what point do workers get overwhelmed? A new survey suggests that US employees may be approaching the tipping point.

Atlassian's Confluence Adds Speedier Search, Linker to External Files

altassian, enterprise collaboration, confluence Atlassian offers an improved search engine in Confluence 5.2.

With so much collaboration software out there, vendors are trying to distinguish themselves by ramping up key features. One player, Atlassian, is now offering what it describes as "a whole new search experience" for version 5.2 of its Confluence content and team collaboration platform, as well as an add-on offering a simple entry to files stored externally.

HiSoftware's Kurt Mueffelmann Talks Compliance, Secure Data for SharePoint

HiSoftware.jpg As social collaboration becomes more common among organizations, there is a need to balance the ability for employees and partners to work together, yet ensure that information is secure and used properly. I spoke with Kurt Mueffelmann, HiSoftware President and CEO, about these issues and how HiSoftware can help.

This Week: How to Create Social, Contextual Customer Journeys

Designing Customer Experiences
Mapping the customer journey is challenging at the best of times, but if you create a contextual, social, and cross channel experience, you are well on your way.

What Drives the Social Enterprise?
How do you move your organization into the future? Maybe your company's DNA is missing the social sequence, or perhaps it's time to review the 6 pillars of social business and then change your communication style.

Selling Predictive Analytics
Big data is the big term of the year, but to take advantage of all that information you are capturing, think predictive analytics. Here are three ways to ensure your organization see the value of predictive analytics.

Tweet Jam on Enterprise Social
Join CMSWire and a great group of industry experts for our June 20th #socbizchat Tweet Jam at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 1700 GMT as we discuss the future of the social enterprise. Read the questions & check out who's coming.

Tracking ROI on Your Web CMS Project
Make your Web CMS work harder for you, measure ROI to see new revenue streams and improved efficiencies.
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Context: The Next Generation in Social Collaboration

context: the next generation in social collaboration“Relevant” and “context” are two terms one often hears in discussions about social collaboration. It’s usually built into phrases such as, “We make social collaboration relevant by placing it in user context.” Context is a nice idea that has yet to be fully implemented in software. That’s too bad since context is the final part of the machinery that will get the social collaboration engine moving at top speed.

This Week: The Secret to CXM Success + Facebook Signals the Death of E2.0?

The Customer Experience Secret Sauce
We have any number of tools to help us define the customer journey, but the real secret to Customer Experience is conversation.

Social Business Realities
When research shows Facebook and Twitter as the most used enterprise social collaboration tools, you have to wonder if the social enterprise is in danger.

Information Management Strategies
Need to get buy-in for your Enterprise CMS strategy? Check out 8 requirements and 7 guiding principles of an ECM Initiative.

Webinar: Maximize the Value of Your Enterprise Video (June 12)
Join us to discuss how video has become the new document, and how you can optimize the use of video for employee collaboration and customer service.
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eXo Open Source Social Collaboration Platform Debuts Weemo Video Chat Integration

eXo Open Source Social Collaboration Platform Debuts Weemo Video Chat Integration What is a portal or intranet? The line is blurred as companies evolve their collaborative tools and purposes, and platform is the catchall phrase many favor today. Enter eXo, makers of the eXo Platform for social collaboration. The company has released a video chat integration from Weemo for seamless screen sharing, co working and file uploading.

The Harsh Realities of Enterprise Social Collaboration


What roles do social technologies play in facilitating collaboration? A new study by Avanade showed a large, but untapped opportunity to fully adopt and leverage social technologies for collaboration at work. 

Moxie Brings Together Collaboration with Knowledge Management Creating the Social Knowledgebase

If there are two things that fit together like a hand in a glove, it's collaboration and knowledge management. That's why Moxie Software's new Social Knowledgebase makes perfect sense.

How to Make Social Collaboration Features More Meaningful

The ultimate promise of the Social Enterprise is to build an environment that allows people to work and communicate together no matter where they are -- physically and structurally.

Moxie Software on the Rise of Big Knowledge - Actionable, Mobile Data

By this point anyone involved in the world of digital content management is familiar with the intricacies of Big Data. But is Big Data already being eclipsed by an emerging concept known as “Big Knowledge”?

Kona Integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive to Improve Collaboration Platform

Cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform Kona has expanded its file sharing capabilities through an integration with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

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