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Too Many B2Bs Fail to Track, Measure Social Media

Many B2Bs still have a lot to learn when it comes to social media smarts, according to a new report.

While most B2Bs know they should be engaging with their customers on social media, they're often not using available tools to harvest critical data and put it to use.

Rather, they treat social as a check box, said Jacques Begin, a research analyst in the technology practice at SiriusDecisions, a B2B research and advisory firm. The firm produced the report, SiriusView: Social Media Intelligence 2015 and Infographic.

“In some cases, marketers are mandated with creating a Facebook page. And once they're finished they check the ‘social box.’ Very little thought is given on how to effectively maximize a social presence afterwards in terms of intelligence, customer interactions and demand creation,” he said.

Future Talk: Blab Updates Tool to Predict Online Conversations

2014-21-April-tomorrow.jpgPredicting the future is no longer limited to seers, mothers and the US National Security Agency (NSA). Now anyone — or any company — can forecast what people will be talking about tomorrow, according to a Seattle-based start-up that specializes in "predictive social intelligence."

The company, which released the second iteration of its product today, doesn't rely on magical premonitions, intuition or manipulations. Instead, Blab applies "proprietary technology and big data processing to contextualize and predict tomorrow’s online conversations today."

It's sort of like having a crystal ball, only with less worry about shattered glass. Or something like that.

Adobe Tells Marketers: Social Paid Ads are Hot, Cheap and Easy

Stuff of dreams.jpgCheap, easy and available to anyone has never been more attractive. In fact, in this age of social media, it's apparently the stuff of dreams of digital marketers.

As the just-released Social Intelligence Report by Adobe Digital Index (ADI) for Q4 2013 clearly explains, marketers who fail to advertise on social networks are missing a large audience for a relatively low cost. Marketers can get a lot of high-quality traffic and click-through rates (CTRs) from social ads, and can drive even more value when they analyze and optimize each campaign.

The report, which analyzes paid, earned and owned social media trends, is based on a study of 240 billion Facebook ad impressions, 1.5 billion Facebook posts, a half a billion referred visits and 6.3 billion social engagements on Facebook.

Social Competitive Intelligence Answers the 'So What?' Question

Customer Experience, Social Competitive Intelligence Answers the 'So What?' QuestionBoth business intelligence and competitive intelligence crunch big data to deliver answers to the questions, “what happened?” and “how did that happen?” Only a social competitive intelligence framework can answer the most important question, “so what?”

Social Data Blooming into Social Intelligence

Social Data Blooming into Social IntelligenceSocial media sites are spinning off huge amounts of data that companies are eagerly attempting to integrate into their own systems. All that information is now being combined into what’s known as social intelligence, a recent Altimeter report has found.

SDL Weaving Social into its Customer Experience Management Suite

sdl, sm2, social media monitoring, social intelligence, customer experience

As a recent Forrester report on social media points out, engaging customers via social media is becoming ever more complex. In the enterprise, this level of disruption is not to be dismissed, and SDL, maker of the leading Tridion CMS, has put itself on the path to integrate social to a degree we perhaps haven’t seen yet.

Five Reasons Marketers Need to Embrace Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence for Marketers.jpgThe proliferation of mobile technology and the open social universe has made everyone a virtual broadcaster, delivering instant, widespread reach for individuals to distribute their opinions like never before. In fact, according to Dimensional Research, over 90 percent of consumers rely on independent online reviews of products and services as an integral aspect of their purchasing process.  

Social Intelligence: The Building Blocks of Retail Success

Social Intelligence: The Building Blocks of Retail Success Nicholas Webb of Lassen Innovation, a management consulting firm, recently spoke with CMSWire about the problem that many companies face during product development and through the example of a child's building set shows how important social intelligence is to retailers.

The Future of Social Analytics and the Customer Journey

All month, we’ve discussed how to grow and engage online communities. But how can companies use social data analytics to move beyond listening and engaging with customers to drive business and create advocates? We spoke with the folks at SDL to learn more about the future of social analytics.

Swipp Offers Business Version of Its Topic-Rating Social Intelligence Platform

Mountain View, California-based startup Swipp is doing its best to turn its name into a verb. In January, it released the first consumer application of its social intelligence platform, allowing users to swipp (rate/comment and view ratings/comments) specific topics. This week, it is launching a new social intelligence suite for businesses, Swipp Plus.  

Marketing Maturity, Organizational Readiness, and the Impact of Social Intelligence

You know what’s cool about the evolution of the customer experience? That there are now firms that exclusively focus on it and help companies optimize the customer experience. As we know, the customer experience has always been; but it hasn’t always been a multi-channel digital experience. As a result, companies have struggled to keep up with the demand. Enter Tahzoo. 

Enter Swipp - Another Way to Let Us Know How Much You Love or Hate Something

You pick a topic like “hot chocolate,” move your finger across a slider to indicate how much your love or hate it, and a number value and smiling/frowning animated face reflects your expressed feeling. Then you see how others rate it. Welcome to Swipp -- a new “social intelligence platform” for both consumers and businesses. 

Successful Social Intelligence Measurement According to Forrester

Although social media’s value as a branding and customer engagement tool is well-recognized, measuring how branding and engagement actually occur remains a tricky proposition. Social data contains substantial insights for marketers, but unless they can locate and analyze them in close to real time, the true value of those insights will go unrecovered.

You Have Questions, Quandora Has Answers

Quandora.pngEveryone in the enterprise has questions. Fortunately, Quandora has answers. Today, the knowledge sharing solution provider has launched its Enterprise Questions and Answers platform, which attempts to simplify the act of sharing knowledge within organizations, so sharing relevant information can become a part of normal business processes.

Social Slam 2012 Cuts Through Nonsense, Delivers Social Insights

 Social-Slam-Banner-250.jpegOn Friday, April 27 more than 500 community managers, social media strategists and marketers convened in Knoxville for Social Slam 2012. The brainchild of Mark Schaefer, educator, blogger and author of Return on Influence, this was Social Slam’s second year. It proved to be a one-day conference that delivered engaging, interactive and myth-busting information about social media, customer engagement and social intelligence that left everyone inspired.

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