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Mining for Opportunities: Social Media in Next Gen Contact Centers

Customer Experience, Mining for Opportunities: Social Media in Next Gen Contact CentersMore than ever, consumers use social media to spread the word about the brands they like and perhaps more importantly, those they don’t. One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is managing this flow of information about their brands, products and services that occurs in social media channels. 

Know What Customers Think Before It's Too Late

Customer Experience, Translating the New Age of Customer ExperienceIn the evolving customer experience landscape, where consumers talk about a brand 64 times more than they talk to a brand, it’s more important than ever for customer experience professionals to get to grips with what their customers are really thinking.

Free Wi-Fi Could Boost Retail Sales, Survey Shows


There's no doubt mobile in the marketplace influences the way consumers shop. Whether they are using their smartphone to compare prices or pulling out tablets to access coupons and retail discounts, consumers are increasingly incorporating mobile devices into their shopping experiences.

However, using mobile devices in stores can present challenges, especially when the Wi-Fi signal is weak or nonexistent. So what effects does the availability of Wi-Fi have on the customer experience?

Social Media Briefs: Shared Endorsements, Global Tweets, Facebook Privacy for Teens

If you value your privacy on Facebook or Google, take heed of new updates that could affect how the social networks use your information. 

How Many Waze Do I Like this App?

You don't have to look any farther than your smartphone to understand how real-time data is shifting the technology landscape and our digital experience expectations along with it. I was thinking about that yesterday when I read a report about the crowdsourced traffic app, Waze, which was recently acquired by Google.

What History Can Teach the Tech Industry About Public Backlash

Information Management, What the Tech Industry can Learn from History about Public BacklashFrequent the mainstream media and you may have noticed occasional snippets about our growing fascination with mobile computing, digital cultures and social media.

Talking Content Strategy with Lithium's Bonnie Thomas

Digital Marketing,Customer Experience, Lithium's Bonnie Thomas on Meeting Customer Needs with Content MarketingHow do B2B marketers create the right content for their audience? What's the best social channel mix to reach audiences? Which metrics should social media marketers be measuring rather than "likes"? We turned to Lithium's Director of Content Strategy, Bonnie Thomas, for some answers.

Are Digital Marketers Ready for the Age of Context?

Customer Experience, Are Digital Marketers Ready for the Age of Context?And as important, are we all?

Social Media ROI: Three Ways Digital Marketers Can Show its Worth

customer experience,digital marketing, Social Media ROI: Three Ways Digital Marketers Can Show its Worth #KenticoConnectionIf you’re not showing C-suite executives exactly what you make off your social media marketing program, show them how much money they’re saving.

It's Not about Social, it's about the Customer Experience #forrforum

It's Not about Social, it's about the Customer Experience #forrforumCustomers are more empowered than ever before, and social media is one of the ways they are able to quickly voice their opinions and experiences online. However, the social revolution is really just a symptom of the wider customer revolution, and customer experiences are the groundswell.

Digimind Takes on Radian6, SDL SM2 for Social Media Monitoring, with a Twist

Every organization should have a strategy for monitoring social media...and a good tool to do it. 

Making a Case for Digital Transformation


Are you heading towards a digital transformation? A new study from Capgemini and MIT Sloan Management Review shows that the opportunity offered by new digital technologies is clear. Making it happen, however, is a little fuzzy.

Who, Us, Tweet? London FTSE 100 Giants Not Jumping to Twitter

They’ve made the FTSE 100 in the London Stock Exchange. They’re doing something right. But is it because of Twitter? Are tweets elevating them among the most prosperous businesses in England?

For a lot of them, no.

Digital Marketing Files: Are Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?

customer experience, Customer Engagement: Are Digital Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?When I was the editor of a small daily newspaper in Massachusetts, we had monthly reader advisory board meetings.

A dozen or so readers -- picked carefully by our team based on demographics and engagement with the newspaper -- literally came to our office, and I greeted each one at the door. We had a targeted agenda, maintained a lively discussion and produced action items.

The result? Story ideas for my staff, rotating columns in our editorial section by advisory board members and some brand recognition in our four small communities.

Will Wall Street Ruin Twitter? #TWTR

Twitter ManagementThe world was a buzz last night- analysts, journalists, and bloggers were all talking about TWTR’s (Twitter’s stock symbol) S-1 filing, the US$ 1 billion dollars the company wants to raise, its valuation, and how it has yet to turn a profit (Twitter reported that it lost US$ 79.4 million on approximately  US$ 317 million in sales in 2012. A greater loss is expected on greater sales for 2013.)While I’m not going to say that this data doesn’t matter (ditto for the fact that an impressive 75% of Twitter’s 218 million monthly active users (MAU) accessed the service from a mobile device), what matters more to me, and maybe to you, is how Twitter might change when it has to bow to the demands of Wall Street.

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