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OptifiNow's Social OnDemand Empowers Sales Teams in Social Media Channels

customer experience, Social OnDemand Release Empowers Sales Teams in Social Media ChannelsSocial media marketing campaigns are all about engaging customers in a way that has value. We heard that often last week at the Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Enterprise in Boston. However, in any marketing circle -- B2B or B2C -- establishing a social presence alone is simply not enough.

Social Media Campaigns: Lots to 'Like' About True Fan Engagement #SMWA

Sure you may have 3,400 friends on Facebook. But are you having 3,400 beers every weekend with each one of them? Probably not.

My goodness, do we ever hope not.

It’s the same set of challenges for companies creating a social media presence. Simply attracting fans is one thing, but engaging them and determining your true brand influencers and those who interact with your brand are the real goals here. 

Social Media Engagement Fit for a King #SMWA

A birthday celebration for the King of Pop via social media requires, well, a king-like effort for those behind the campaign.

It’s Michael Jackson. It has to be big. It has to have staying power -- staying power like the dance move from a 24-year-old up-and-comer during a Motown show on March 25, 1983. 

Social Media Briefs: Ads on Instagram, Filtered Views for Verified Twitter Users

Social Media Briefs: Ads on Instagram, Filtered Views for Verified Twitter Users

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down social media any. This week, speculation about advertisements on Instagram abounds, while studies show that women dominate visual formats on social media. 

Twitter on the Road to IPO, Announced Via Tweet Naturally

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for official-twitter-bird-white-on-blue.png

Why go through all that cookie-cutter press release rubbish, when a single short message will do the job? Twitter has just announced via its own service that it has submitted its plans for an IPO to the Securities Exchange Commission. 

CEOs to Digital Marketers: Where's My ROI on Social Media Campaigns? #SMWA

social media marketing, digital marketing,#smwa Digital marketers looking for ROI on social media data and analytics that make C-Suite executives smile and open their wallets have the same problem as the men in Shania Twain’s life: they struggle to make an impression.

"Okay, so you're a rocket scientist. That don't impress me much,” Shania sang to potential men trying to measure up. “So you got the brains but have you got the touch?” (no, she didn't headline the Summit).

5 Things Savvy Marketers Need to Consider Before Running a Facebook Promotion

Customer Experience, Social Media Marketing, 5 Things Savvy Marketers Need to Consider Before Running a Facebook PromotionThe idea of running a simple promotion without having to go through the hassle of a third-party platform is exciting and intriguing at first. However, there are still a few things brands should consider when they choose between running a Timeline promotion or a using a custom app.

Altimeter Group: What the Heck Is Native Advertising, Anyway?

"Native advertising" is a term commonly used to describe advertising that tries to blend into its environment, like Promoted Tweets on Twitter or Sponsored Stories on Facebook. But there are lots of opinions about what it covers, and whether it is really something new. Now, a new report from the Altimeter Group tries to define the term and the landscape in which it lives. 

We're Getting Social - and Analytical - At Boston Conference #SMWA

Social media platform strategies must be a little more than producing a few “likes” on product pages and attracting a bunch of retweets. You need to know the true value behind your organization’s activity in the social media sphere, and have data that really means something for your brand health and ROI. 

Twitter, Eager for Mobile Heft, Buys Mobile Ad Exchange MoPub

Twitter, on the road to an IPO, has been buying or implementing ways to make money as fast as it can. Now, the micro blogging juggernaut has acquired mobile advertising exchange MoPub.

Storify Bought by Livefyre for Curating Social Comments

Storify Bought by Livefyre for Curating Social CommentsStorify, a popular tool for combining social media posts into context rich articles, has been bought by Livefyre, a social commenting system, and together they form a pretty unique set of features that push social boundaries.

Google+ Rolls Out Embedded Posts

Google+ Rolls Out Embedded PostsGoogle has debuted an embeddable posts feature so websites can paste public Google+ posts into their pages, a capability already in place for Twitter and Facebook posts.

Facebook Enables Media to Integrate Real time Social Conversations into Stories

Simply connecting the world together wasn’t good enough for Facebook. It since has tried to bring the world’s conversation together into one metric-based pool of discussion aimed at helping users -- particularly businesses -- figure out what’s on the world’s mind collectively. 

They want to know who’s talking about what, what they’re saying, who they are, where they are, how many times they’ve talked about it and if they’re a man or woman.

Facebook Policy Changes Have Been Delayed

The proposed changes to Facebook’s privacy policy have been delayed so that the social network can properly review feedback.

Social Media Briefs: Hashtags Fail Facebook, Innovate Twitter


Social media hashtags are now more universal than ever and can be used across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But how effective are they and how can they be used to help us? 

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