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Google+ Adds Dashboard Tool for Unified Business Activity Monitoring

Google+ Dashboard

Building a social and digital presence can be a trying task for many businesses, but Google aims to improve this with a new dashboard tool for Google+.

Facebook Drops Sponsored Stories, Introduces Social Context Ads

Facebook Sponsored Story Change

Over the next few months, advertisers who use Facebook will have a few less options, as the social network is restructuring its ad platform to improve efficiency and eliminate repetition.

Startup Links Database Emails to Social Media Profiles

image-datafuse-2013.gif Companies so often have a roster of contact emails hidden in their database, and startup is offering to tap into those emails by linking them to their owners' social media profiles.

Social Media Briefs: Pinterest, Yahoo Update Search, Anametrix Socializes Data

The first week of June brought a host of social media updates, especially where search is concerned. Let’s take a look. 

Tweetdeck Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

The idea behind social media management is that it’s an easy way to monitor social media channels. With this in mind, the Twitter owned TweetDeck has a new look that aims to improve the efficiency of the platform.

Gigya Helps Manage the Connected Consumer

Gigya Helps Manage the Connected Consumer

With 700 enterprises using its platform, Gigya is connecting 1.5 billion consumers on a monthly basis. Harnessing the power of data -- big data -- for marketers is what the cloud-based platform does. 

Introducing a New Twitter Card: Lead Generation

Improving purchasing statistics and generating leads is a goal of any marketer when they launch a new campaign, but not everyone can do this well. Twitter wants to improve this field for marketers who use the site with a new Lead Generation Twitter Card.

DataSift Adds Instagram, Facebook Page + Google+ Data Sources

DataSift Adds Instagram, Facebook Page + Google+ Data Sources DataSift, an enterprise social data company, has added Instagram, Facebook Page and Google+ data to its managed data offering, and partnered with analytics and visualization vendor Tableau on data integration.

Social Media for Small Business: 3 Key Considerations

shutterstock_100269413.jpg Lisa Barone, the Vice President of Strategy at Overit, a full-service digital media agency, recently spoke with CMSWire about three key factors SMB’s have to consider before launching a social media campaign.

Google+ Takes Over Second Place in US Social Media Rankings

Google+ is now more popular than Twitter among social networks in the US, according to a survey of 2,500 people by an ad firm called Burst Media.

Social Media Briefs: Native Ads on Tumblr, CEOs Lead on Social

This week, while we were checking out the new Gmail or crossing our fingers that we were important enough to have our Facebook pages verified by Zuckerberg, there were some smaller, but significant updates released across other platforms and networks. 

HootSuite, Mindful of Social Media's Vulnerabilities, Offers Security Services

HootSuite Security Services.png

Another day, another bunch of stories about successful hacks of companies’ websites, Twitter accounts or internal systems. To bolster defenses on the social media front, social media management vendor HootSuite has announced its Security Services suite of tools, training and services. 

Facebook Introduces Verified Pages for High Profile Accounts

The check mark that confirms the owner of a Twitter page is who they say they are is now part of Facebook, as the social network has introduced its own version of the feature.

What Social Networks Should Your Business Be On? Hint. Not All

social media, social networking, smbSocial media is a tool that everyone uses, but not all brands need a Twitter, Instagram or YouTube page. If you're a small business trying to get started in social media, here's what to consider before signing up.

Retweet Much? M.I.T. Researchers Can Predict How Many Times

Predicting Retweets .png
Prediction of retweets of President Obama's tweet about his family dog

Some tweets get retweeted many times, some a few, and some just sit there. Now, researchers at M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management have developed a model they say can predict the number of retweets a given tweet will engender -- and they can make the prediction within minutes of its posting. 

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