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Location Based Features are Coming to Facebook

 facebook_logo_10.jpgLadies and gentleman, it's official: the location-based service phenomenon is on its way to Facebook. 

Social Media Minute: Seniors Embrace The Web, Twitter Goes Local

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • One in Every 4.5 Minutes Online Spent On Social Media
  • Seniors Feel Very Comfortable Online
  • Twitter Releases Places Feature
  • Facebook Expands on Local Networks Turf

Ektron Strives for Better Intranets with the Latest eIntranet App Release


Intranets can be a pain in the neck. Very often, they fail to succeed due to a variety of factors: from poor UI/UX and IA, and a sad choice of technologies, to lacking user adoption. Ektron's (news, site) latest release of an intranet application -- eIntranet -- attempts to make intranets less useless.

Jive 4.5 Includes Microblogging, IM and Support for OpenSocial

jivelogo_2010.jpgJive Software (news, site) updates its Social Business Software to version 4.5, packing in over 150 enhancements, as the company prepares to go for an IPO.

Twitter to Integrate Analytics Tool For Commercial Partners

twitter_logo_2010.JPGTwitter (news, site) is expanding its internal analytics capabilities through the acquisition of Smallthought Systems, creators of Dabble DB and Trendly.

sudoSocial: Mozilla's Privacy-Friendly Social Networking Tool

mozilla_labs_2010.JPGConsidering the sh*t storm Facebook's currently weathering for their privacy issues, the emergence of social networking tools with more control comes as no surprise. This week Mozilla Labs introduced their own personal version: sudoSocial.  

Omnium Enhances eLearning, Engages Students Socially


Though we are already 10 years into the new millennium, many educators are still only talking about 21 century teaching. Years spent discussing the merits of social media, interactive learning and collaborative instruction have slowly developed schools and technologies dedicated to delivering platforms that integrate and enhance the educational experience.

Facebook: Thousands Pledged to Quit, Nobody Actually Did

Facebook: Thousands Pledged to Quit, Nobody Actually DidThe difference between 30,000 and 400 million is 399,970,000. It is also the number of people that stuck with Facebook in spite of the popular campaign to quit the platform on the 31st. Yes, it appears that although we love our privacy, we love Facebook more.  

Precurio Intranet Portal Combines Social Networking and ECM

precurio_logo_2010.JPGThis spring saw the unveiling of an intranet portal specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Precurio combines enterprise 2.0 with everything we love about the social Web (and it's free!)

Microsoft FUSE Labs Previews New Twitter Monitoring Tool

MSFuse_Emporia_logo.jpgDo we need another tool that helps us monitoring what's happening inside Twitter? What the heck, why not. It's about time Microsoft got into the market.

Facebook's Privacy Rundown, and Nobody's Really Quitting

Facebook's Privacy Rundown, and Nobody's Really QuittingQuit Facebook Day is looming, and the number of pledges has risen from 15 thousand to 23 thousand in just three days. Will Zuckerberg's changes to the privacy policy -- officially announced on Wednesday -- be enough to quell miffed users? Let's take a closer look at the adjustments:

Social Media Minute: TweetDeck Gets Buzzed and LinkedIn Loves Twitter

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • LinkedIn Adds To Twitter Functionality
  • Social Network Use Set to Explode
  • Use Twitalizer To Measure Your Influence on Twitter
  • TweetDeck Updates With Google Buzz and Foursquare Integration

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Assesses Social Media Risk, Symantec Continues Buying Spree

Social media was and will always create compliance headaches unless there is a way of monitoring its use. Autonomy has come up with a solution to do just that, while Laserfiche produces a governance framework for public sector workers.

Looking For A SharePoint 2010 Partner? Check Out The Solutions Gallery

SP2010_logo_2009.jpgIt's barely officially here, but SharePoint 2010 (newssite) has a lot of supportive partners lined up behind it, and Microsoft has opened a SharePoint 2010 Solutions Gallery to prove it.

Social Media Minute: Mobile Versions of Facebook & MySpace, Twitter To Fix Trending Topics

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Facebook Launches Mobile Site, Free of Data Charges
  • MySpace To Encourage Android and iPhone Devs to Integrate
  • Twitter Changes Trending Topics Algorithm
  • Google Wave Now Open To All

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