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Socialbakers News & Analysis

Socialbakers Acquires SocialBrando, Improves Facebook Marketing Capabilities

Social media analytics platform, Socialbakers has announced it has bought Socialbrando, a Facebook marketing tool.

Socialbakers Jan Rezab on the Road from Traditional to Social Marketing

Remember the good old days when customer interactions were between you and the customer?

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on Facebook

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on FacebookSo your company is on social media. You have a Facebook page, a Twitter presence. You dabble with Pinterest and have a blog. But what happens when someone asks a question about a product, upcoming release or the implications of that new research study? Do you reply? Or is it radio silence? A few months ago, the folks at SocialBakers, after conducting a study that found that Facebook page admins ignored seventy-percent of the questions they received, challenged companies to open their Facebook walls to a productive dialogue. So what happened?

Putting the Social Media Olympics in Perspective

While the Games of the XXX Olympiad may be over, the analysis of their social media success is underway. Considered to be one of the most “connected” Games of all time, the Olympics were consumed across multiple platforms in various content types. And though more people than ever tuned in to watch athletes compete (with delays), social media activity reached a peak as well.

SocialBakers Go for the Gold, Measures Olympic Spirit #olympics

SocialbakersLogoTeaser.jpegAs the world enters the first full week of the Olympic Games, many of us will attempt to capitalize on the excitement. Whether it’s learning how to optimize your website for special events, or training for the events to fine tune your content marketing, the Olympics has a certain universal relevance. And when it comes to measuring the sentiment of your audience, quantifying the Olympic spirit can be done using tools already available to us.

Socially Responsive Companies Set the Standard for Customer Care

SocialbakersLogoTeaser.jpeg Can better social media outreach lead to better client satisfaction? A new study by Socialbakers seems to indicate that “socially devoted” companies can drive customer engagement by adopting more reactive and open social media strategies.

Track Twitter, Facebook and Now YouTube with Socialbakers' Analytics

Socialbakers' Analytics Pro Adds YouTube SupportA few weeks after announcing its product to track Facebook and Twitter campaign performance, Socialbakers adds YouTube support to Analytics Pro.

Socialbakers Releases Metric to Measure Your Engagement Rate

SocialbakersLogoTeaser.jpegRecently, we introduced you to SocialBaker’s Analytics PRO platform. This week, the social media engagement platform announced a social media metric that can be used to better measure a brand’s performance.

Socialbakers Give Community Managers an Analytics PRO

SocialbakersLogoTeaser.jpegMany engagement platforms can help organizations better identify social metrics, including influencers and competitors. Today, Socialbakers enters the fray with its Analytics PRO platform.

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