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Top Three Weekend Reads: Life Outside of SharePoint, Walking the Social CRM Walk

We didn't believe it could be, but this week contributor Jed Cawthorne showed us that life without SharePoint is possible.

Bad, Very Bad, Awful Ideas - The Canned Social Media Response

Have you ever had a moment when you heard something so doomed to fail, so absolutely guaranteed to result in catastrophe, that it made you feel for a split second like you were falling?

Customer Experience Frustration Points and Their Consequences

Accommodating today’s always-connected, app-enabled customers who interact with brands through multiple devices requires turning many of our thoughts about customer service inside-out.

Putting the Social into Customer Relationship Management

The customer has always been king, but social media -- Facebook, Twitter, texts, chat, forums and email -- have profoundly affected customer expectations, giving them more power and influence and changing customer relationship management in ways we could never have imagined even a decade ago.

Revamping Customer Support in the Era of Customer Experience

Over the last 10 years social technologies have dramatically changed the way we work together and interact with customers. This is having a profound impact on how companies approach customer experience, support and documentation. As the digital social landscape evolves and matures, so must
our innovation and adoption of social tools.

Tweet Jam Reminder: Socializing Customer Relationship Management Today #CXMChat

It's that time again, we're only a few hours away from our Socializing Customer Relationship Management Tweet Jam.  We have a great group of panelists lined up to provide their thoughts and insights into how businesses have turned to social media channels to engage and retain their audience.

Content and Community as a Corporate Asset

What is the monetary value of 1,000 Facebook Likes or 900 Twitter followers to a business? Nothing kills the social media love fest faster than the probing mind of a Wall Street fan.

The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence Is Not About Technology

So many business executives inadequately equate the concept of social business transformation with the use of social media. Social collaboration is not just about social media, tools, lean processes and management methodologies. Social collaboration is a mindset that leverages culture, people, process and lastly technology to unlock the full potential of the organization.

Social Data Can Help Keep Your Customers Happy

Social is such a hot topic these days that it’s understandable that it is the first thing we think of when addressing customer issues. But good business people don’t stop there. 

Overview of: Social CRM Using Microsoft Technologies For Real Business Benefits #spc12

This session was unusual at a Microsoft SharePoint Conference for two reasons. Firstly, the session was part of the all new “Business” track for non-technical business decision makers. Secondly, it was about Dynamics CRM, and this is the first time I remember the Dynamics products making an appearance at a SharePoint conference.

Customer Experience: What Customers Want, What the Enterprise Must Do

The more things change, the more they stay the same, right? In customer experience, it’s a bit of both. What remains unchanged is the expectation of getting what you signed up for and hopefully being delighted. What has changed is what delightedness actually means.

Customer Value: It's About a Bigger Pie

By focusing all their customer relations on getting that final transaction, companies are thinking too small.

CMSWire's November Tweet Jam: Meet the Panelists #CXMChat

On Wednesday, November 28th, it will once again be Tweet Jam time. This month we'll be concentrating on Socializing Customer Relationship Management and have lined up a great group of panelists.

8 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook and Customer Relationship Management

CRM + Social = Power. Social media is the latest and greatest tool for customer relationship management, learn how to use it to your advantage.

Top Three Weekend Reads: Being Steve Jobs, Leaving SharePoint Las Vegas

Time to play catch up for all of you returning home from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Check out what you've missed this past week.

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