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Facebook Thinks You'll 'Like' Enterprise Collaboration

social business, More Facebook Cloning Coming to Enterprise Collaboration?

Facebook at work. I've never done that. Have you?

But what if Facebooking at work was actually encouraged, maintained by your company itself and used for collaboration?

That could be what's happening in Zuckerberg Land, if you believe the anonymous source who told a reporter last month that the social network's working on a FB@Work platform in its London offices.

E-Commerce, Content and Closing the Gaps: A Look at e-Spirit

e-commerce image.jpg

With more and more people shopping online, e-commerce vendors are constantly searching for new ways to find, engage and keep customers. One of the best strategies is the use of engaging content. Even so, many online stores struggle to provide optimal retail experiences.

A number of vendors are responding with solutions, including Elastic Path, e-Spirit and Sitecore. We'll take a look at what they are offering in a three-part mini-series starting today.

Socialtext 6 Released with Video Integration, Smart Search

image-socialtext6-2013.jpgSocialtext, a social business/activity stream system, has released version 6 of its core offering, and it features a more comprehensive search feature, and a video integration right in the stream.

How Social Collaboration Helps Resolve 'Work From Home' Issues

Ever since Marissa Mayer declared “Work from Home” dead at Yahoo, many other companies have begun to take a closer look at the impact that “Work at Home” is having. In spite of being been placed under a microscope, it is still seen as providing more pros than cons. But like most social business issues, culture dictates how well employees will engage online as they do within a company’s four walls. 

Socialtext Adds Three Integration Points for SharePoint

In another SharePoint related announcement this week, Socialtext announced three new points of integration between SharePoint and Socialtext, as more companies start preparing their product portfolios for the release of SharePoint 2013, expected for this quarter.

Meet a Real Life Chief Customer Officer: Michael Idinopulos

Last week when we spoke with Michael Idinopulos about Socialtext’s partnership with Badgeville, I was curious about his title, Chief Customer Officer. As you may recall, earlier this year, we examined the evolving roles of the C-suite and the impact of social business within the enterprise. It’s not everyday that I meet a bona fide Chief Customer Officer, so naturally, I had some questions for him.

Socialtext Plays With Badgeville to Improve Employee Engagement

SocialText Plays With Badgeville to Improve Employee EngagementEarlier this fall, Badgeville announced the launch of its gamification and behavior management platform for Drupal. Today, enterprise social software provider Socialtext is getting in on gamification in the enterprise. Its has announced a partnership with Badgeville, in an effort to infuse gamification capabilities into a variety of applications, widgets, mobile and more.

Tellagence Takes A Better Approach to Social Data #DEMO2012

The social landscape is constantly shifting and growing. Making progress requires a more sophisticated, predictive system that stays current constantly. The Tellagence software that debuted here at Demo Conference seems to understand and meet those needs.

Social Collaboration and the Federal Government

Last week we discussed the ways government agencies can improve usability of the Federal Web. This week in our series, we take a look at how social collaboration has become an integral component within the federal government. The results may surprise you.

The Latest on Some of your Favorite Social Software Suites #e2conf

We've put together a summary of the latest moves by the some of top social business software companies out there, so here's your chance to catch up with the newest updates from companies like Lithium, Jive, Telligent, SocialText and NewsGator.

SocialText Merges With PeopleFluent After Sale

 SocialText Merges With PeopleFluent After SaleAfter almost ten years as a corporation, SocialText is being reinvented. It was recently announced that the technology investment fund Bedford Funding is buying Socialtext. As a result, the social collaboration software company will become a part of the Peoplefluent family of products, known for its talent management, vendor management and workforce compliance and diversity solutions.

Are You Prepared to Monetize the New Consumption Economy?

Let’s take a moment to think about how we engage online. Services such as television cable, on-demand Internet streaming media services and online publishers wouldn’t be as successful if they didn’t allow users to engage with their services across platforms, be it an actual TV, laptop or mobile device. Additionally, users are likely to consider paying a little more to receive access for multiple accounts. This is our consumption economy.

Life After SOPA: What Comes Next?

Two weeks ago, the Internet fought back against legislation aimed at limiting its freedoms. Thanks to a widespread Internet blackout, SOPA and PIPA legislation has been tabled for now. While it feels great to know that for now, our Internet freedoms have remained untouched, it’s important to pay attention to what may come next.

Socialtext Boosts Mobile Features to Show at Enterprise 2.0 Conference #e2conf

Enterprise social software provider Socialtext said today it will soon be launching new features and enhancements for Socialtext 5.0, including native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry and Twitter integration.  The company said these will extend the Socialtext 5.0 platform creating "...easy access to key features of Socialtext’s enterprise social software platform including signals and people, as well as powerful search functionality," and users won't have to wait long to see them.  

Socialtext said it will be providing demos of these upcoming features and enhancements, including the mobile applications, at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. this week at Socialtext Booth #404.

Socialtext 5.0 Improves Content Management, Adds People Discovery

Socialtext 5.0 Improves Content Management, Adds People DiscoverySocialtext 5.0, the latest iteration of the enterprise social software platform, brings an improved interface design, new features, and a partnership with introNetworks to the table. Further, the addition of a tool called SocialRadar enables users to identify the most relevant people to connect with. 

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