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Spc12 News & Analysis

SharePoint Conference in Review: Some Insider Perspectives

You know that you’ve had a good trip to Las Vegas when you arrive back home exhausted. By that measure, the SharePoint 2012 Conference was an unmitigated success.

SharePoint Online or On Premises: Who is Microsoft Betting On?

This year's SharePoint conference is now over, and as people return for Las Vegas there is time to reflect on the many announcements made at the show.

Overview of: Social CRM Using Microsoft Technologies For Real Business Benefits #spc12

This session was unusual at a Microsoft SharePoint Conference for two reasons. Firstly, the session was part of the all new “Business” track for non-technical business decision makers. Secondly, it was about Dynamics CRM, and this is the first time I remember the Dynamics products making an appearance at a SharePoint conference.

SharePoint Community: Loud and Clear #spc12

This year at the SharePoint Conference something was different. Something that has existed at all the other events, but something that this time was front and center, loud and clear! This year the Community was made into a central component of the conference. Community efforts were noticed and encouraged.

Nintex, Colligo, Workshare Add Mobile, Cloud, Collaboration Capabilities to SharePoint #spc12

A variety of IT vendors debuted add-on solutions that bring functionality including mobile, cloud and collaboration features to SharePoint at last week’s SharePoint Conference held in Las Vegas, NV. Solution providers making noteworthy announcements included Workshare, Colligo, Nintex and Axceler.

SharePoint Center of Excellence - Why You Need One #spc12

For the first time, this year’s Microsoft SharePoint Conference had a dedicated “Business” track for non-technical, business decision makers and judging by the 600 plus people that packed in to this session there was a huge demand.

How Clifford Chance Bet on SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management #spc12

In the legal community, it’s well known that Clifford Chance, one of the world’s largest law firms, has been undergoing a major shift towards using SharePoint as the firm’s Enterprise CMS. At the SharePoint Conference last week, I attended the session dedicated to exploring this implementation in more detail. 

SharePoint Conference, Surface Style #SPC12

At this year's SharePoint Conference I took the opportunity to put the Surface device to the test. Instead of dragging around my laptop I wanted to see how well the Surface would do to fulfill my computer needs for the week. I was pleasantly surprised.

How Unisys Used the Power of SharePoint to Socially Enable a Global Workforce #spc12

Fresh from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, my overview of a great session looking at how one multi-national company created a vibrant knowledge sharing culture using SharePoint.

Top Three Weekend Reads: Being Steve Jobs, Leaving SharePoint Las Vegas

Time to play catch up for all of you returning home from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Check out what you've missed this past week.

A Few of My Favorite Things in SharePoint 2013 #spc12

This year at the SharePoint Conference, Laura Rogers and myself had the opportunity to present two express sessions. Our sessions were relatively short sessions, designed to quickly highlight key features with SharePoint 2013. One of the sessions was designed to cover five simple improvements in SharePoint 2013 that will make everyday tasks easier to complete. In this article we will be reviewing the five features that made it into my top five list!

Summary of: Reducing Organizational Risk Through Effective Information Management #spc12

This is the fourth and final day at SharePoint Conference Las Vegas. After a good party last night, it's time to talk risk management in my first session of the day, presented by Paul Olenick: "Reducing Organizational Risk Through Effective Information Management."

Summary of: 'Achieving Organizational Buy-in to Transform Your Enterprise' #spc12

Reporting once again from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, one of my latest sessions tried to offer strategies to ensure buy-in for your latest SharePoint project. 

Rackspace Strengthens SharePoint Muscle #spc12

Rackspace might have just helped SharePoint along in its journey to being used by every business on earth. The Texas-based cloud services provider has announced its new end-to-end SharePoint offering that provides hosting, design, development, training and support.

Social - It's Nothing New #spc12

There is no way that you've heard anything about the newest release of SharePoint without hearing about the new Social features. With this release of products, the SharePoint team has put a huge emphasis on social and how it works within the environment. After being here at SharePoint conference, I think the best summary of the Social features that I can give is that this release of products simply highlights things that users already do. Wait! Before you stop reading because you think I am flat out wrong, hear me out. 

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