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As Black Friday Sets Records, Here Comes Cyber Monday

 With over $1 billion spent online by Black Friday stay-at-home shoppers, expect Cyber Monday to be just as busy as the deals keep on coming. With mobile-based purchases booming, what are the best and worst e-tailer shopping experiences you've seen?

Apple's Black Friday Sale Goes Live

 applelogo.pngThose looking for an iPad or MacBook bargain had better get their clicking-fingers ready, as Apple Stores around the world reboot for the company's Thanksgiving sale. 

Apple Stock Price Bounces Back, Thanks to AC/DC and eBay?

applelogo.png Apple's star-kissed run may finally have come to end on the stock market, despite the company's recent run of launches and with more positive news coming out. Is reality finally knocking down Apple's distortion field?

LTE-Equipped iPad 4 and iPad Minis Go Onsale Today

 applelogo.pngThose who were waiting for the mobile-equipped versions of the latest iPads can now rush out to the store and bask in their 4G goodness, and the ensuing huge data bills. 

'Ting' Virtual Mobile Network Adjusts Billing Plan According to Usage

Managing your personal or corporate mobile plans can be a hassle, especially if you're prone to going over your monthly voice, messaging and data allocation. Under-utilizing your monthly plan can also be a waste. Tucows is launching a service that will help deal with changes in usage patterns more easily.

Apple Launches iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Left On Hold


After a year of anticipation, Apple has launched its next half-generation iPhone, offering advanced software to make best use of the upgraded hardware power.


Steve Jobs Steps Down, Welcome to the New Apple Future

Steve Jobs Steps Down, Welcome to the New Apple FutureSteve Jobs' resignation yesterday as CEO of Apple comes as little surprise, clearing the way for Tim Cook to unveil the company's next generation of products in September. But what is coming next?

iPhone 5 Coming to Sprint, Other Rumors Solidify

iPhone 5 Coming to Sprint, Other Rumors SolidifyThere's not long to go until the next iPhone launches and Sprint looks like it's being the big beneficiary this time round as Apple prepares for launch.

Google Launches Wallet NFC Payments Program, Get Ready To Pay-on-the-Go

 googlewallet.jpgGoogle (news, site) held a press conference in New York today to announce its fledgling Near-Field Communication (NFC) services, heralding a new age of customer loyalty, deals and shop snooping.

Are American Telecom Companies Shunning Chinese Suppliers Over Security Issues?

sprint_logo_white-w150.jpgCyber warfare might just be the next frontier in the quest for global dominance. With Asia-Pacific nations like China, India, South Korea and Japan gaining footholds in terms of technological advancement, it is only natural that the reigning super powers would want to keep a few steps ahead and maintain the status quo. However, this doesn’t come without costs. What if national security came at the cost of international trade and economic cooperation?

EFF How To: Protecting Your Private Data Online

logo-EFF-2009-05.gif Think the government is watching you? You're probably right.

But for the rest of us, we can turn to Surveillance Self-Defense to educate us about the law and technology of communications surveillance, computer searches and seizures -- and more importantly, how to keep your private data out of other peoples' grimy little hands.

Next For the Enterprise: Social Business Software Suites

Jive Software Social Business Software Jive has been in the communities/social software space for over eight years now, starting back when the spirit of reaching out and collaborating hadn't started to take hold. Today they claim they have the next big techology solution for the enterprise and they have staked their communities software name on it. Say goodbye to Clearspace and hello to the Social Business Software Application Suite - Jive SBS 3.0.

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