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Taxonomy News & Analysis

What Enterprise Content Management Technologies Do Manufacturing Companies Use?

Manufacturing and “heavy industry” have much in common with respect to their enterprise content management (ECM) habits, and comparing your own organization against a wider peer group may help get you out of the status quo rut you may be in.

Manage Data with the SharePoint Term Store

Throw all your documents in a SharePoint library and what do you have? A mess. While some like to think of SharePoint as a glorified file share, it doesn’t have to be. 

Managing SharePoint - Know Your Data

The only way you can truly manage your content is to understand it. Depending on who you are, that may sound really simple. The reality? It’s something organizations struggle with every day.

The Metadata Lifecycle for Digital Content

Classifying metadata values along a “content lifecycle” timeline is an interesting exercise that can make your DAM easier to use and maintain. Applying the categories Historical, Current and Future, you’ll find that each metadata value describes something related to the content’s origin or history, its current state or its future use.

Video Blog: SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Management - When it's Time to Retire Tags

Building a taxonomy in SharePoint 2010 can be a fantastic way to improve content findability and enhance search results using tags from a controlled vocabulary. However, even the best tags can sometimes go awry, and have to be removed from use. But wait! Don't delete those out of date terms from your Term Store taxonomy. Deprecate them instead. Here's how. 

Video Blog: Importing Labels to SharePoint 2010

There are many positive features to using the Term Store taxonomy management feature within SharePoint 2010. Unfortunately, not everything that we need as information managers is one click away. 

Weekend Reading: Bird's Eye View of SharePoint, Pruning Content Gardens

shutterstock_80805631.jpgSharePoint 2013 sure looks pretty from 35,000 feet above.

This week continued our exploration of all things SharePoint with the nitty gritty of what administrators can expect from the next version, features that everyone will love and the timeless question, "What's in a (Metro) name?"

We heard reports on the evolving field of archives from the SAA 2012 conference and were exhorted to all aspire to greatness. 

Leveraging, Locating and Retrieving Content: the ROI of Taxonomy

As the paradigm shift from print to digital continues at an astonishingly rapid pace, employees are creating and saving terabytes of digital content to internal systems. At the same time, varied naming conventions render it difficult to locate and retrieve critical files once they are sent into the abyss of these systems.

Taxonomy Governance: Taking the Taxonomy to New Levels

This is the conclusion of my three part series on governing taxonomies. This post will wrap up the series with some next steps for you to take to let your taxonomy flourish.

Taxonomy Goverance: The Maintenance Process

Last time I presented Part 1 of this three part series on governing taxonomies, focusing on the initial steps in taxonomy development (e.g. taking the initial steps to building out a taxonomy, project planning, etc...). For this post, I want to talk about the Maintenance Processes, or what to do with a taxonomy once it’s built.

Taxonomy Governance: Why You Need It, How It's Done

I’ve written many times about why taxonomies are necessary for any kind of CMS, DAM or KM initiatives in the enterprise. Simply implementing an asset management system and letting it grow organically is no longer an accepted practice. There’s a reason why the term “SharePlosion” gets knowing nods when it’s mentioned in the same conversation about how content management systems are governed.

Enterprise Information Inefficiency: No Sector Has Found a Definitive Solution

Information is at the heart of what most enterprises do. For some it is their product and lifeblood; for others it lubricates all aspects of their operation. The fact is that, in one form or another, information management is vital for virtually any organization, particularly as tough economic conditions prevail, and the more efficiently enterprise content is controlled and accessed, the more effective organizations’ operations become. After all, we all operate in an ‘information economy’ these days.

Using Taxonomies to Drive Intranet User Adoption

Many companies face the challenge of getting their customers the right product at the right time. And many companies employ a taxonomy to help drive product sales and improve findability on consumer-facing public websites. 

Video Blog: Sharing Tags Across the Enterprise

In light of this month's focus on Social Business, today's post looks at the collaborative potential of tags and how they can help inform taxonomies.

SharePoint Planning: Focusing on 4 Key Areas

In the early days of SharePoint, the emphasis from experts and Microsoft's marketing teams was on how easy it was to deploy and begin using the platform. And they were right. Teams found that they could (and still can) quickly set it up and build simple solutions to meet their specific needs. But those that pushed the platform for its simplicity often left out one little detail: planning.

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