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Lost Your Phone? You're Probably a Guy [Infographic]

2014-25-September-battle-of-the-sexes.jpgIn the spirit of everything politically incorrect, let's talk about the superiority of women over men. OK, that's a stretch.

Let's talk about the documented, somewhat scientific finding that men can be much more irresponsible than women when it comes to losing their electronic devices.

That's the conclusion from TeamViewer, a provider of remote control and online meetings software. The company just announced the findings of its airbackup Employee Behavioral Study, which examined the behavior and attitudes of American office workers and how they affect on-the-job data loss.

Based on a sponsored Harris Poll of more than 2,000 American adults last month, men just can't keep their phones in their pockets.

Nearly half of employed men (46 percent) admit to being likely to lose the electronic device they use for work and all the important company files on it, compared to only 27 percent of employed women. And young men are the worst — with a whopping 60 percent of men ages 18 to 34 years-old owning up to likely device loss, compared to 30 percent of women in the same age group.

5 Ways to Keep Employees Focused and Productive

2014-13-June-Trying-to-escape-by-Asa-Aarons.jpgWhether it's the World Cup soccer tournament or just beautiful weather, there's a world of distractions for employees struggling with work-life balance. And if you add "time to play" in with those increasingly co-mingled concepts of work and life, it really makes you wonder how any business gets work done. 

How do you maintain morale and productivity in The Era of Constant Distractions — and real or imagined ADHD?

"We used to ask employees to leave their mobile phones in a basket by the door to the conference room. But that just seemed to make them more anxious and distracted. So now they can bring their phones into the meetings. The only rules: They need to be on silent and they can't stare at their phones," explained one team leader at a digital marketing agency.

We have some other advice for keeping meetings on track, too. But first things first. There's a major sporting event in play, so let's figure out how managers can get the best out of their workforce in spite of it.

We're Still Playing at Work - and IT Admins are Still Unhappy


Knock me over with a feather: A new survey shows a lot of people waste time at the office doing all sorts of things they shouldn't … including playing games, browsing social networks and looking for new jobs. 

Last month, TeamViewer, a provider of remote control and online meeting software, asked 300 IT administrators to list some common behaviors of office workers and explain how those behaviors have affected both IT administration and the company’s bottom line.

The only thing surprising about the resulting IT Admin Behavioral Study is that the company described the results as surprising — and the fact that only 92 percent of IT admins report troublesome habits among office workers using company computers. Are the other 8 percent of IT admins ignorant or just naļve?

TeamViewer Adds Management Console, Other Features to Remote Control Software

There’s a new TeamViewer. Version 8 of the popular remote control and online meetings software offers enhanced performance, additional capabilities and, for enterprises, a new Management Console.

Why Remote Access Matters for Americans, Organizations

Why Remote Access Matters for Americans, OrganizationsWhile many of us may take remote computer access for granted, a new survey reminds us that it’s not undervalued. Teamviewer’s May 2011 survey of more than 2,000 Americans, conducted by Harris Interactive, revealed that remote computer access is an important priority for Americans.

TeamViewer Survey Reveals More Devices, More Accessibility, More Work

TeamViewer Survey Reveals More Devices, More Accessibility, More WorkFor a company like TeamViewer, having multiple devices from which to communicate with each other is expected. But how many of us actually have multiple devices? And to what degree do we rely on them? Thanks to a survey commissioned by TeamViewer and conducted by Harris Interactive, they found that 63% of Americans say they use at least two computing devices on a weekly basis. Overall, 30% said they are now using more computing devices than in any prior year.

TeamViewer: Apps, Updates, Impacts

TeamViewer_logo_2010.jpgMost of us are familiar with TeamViewer (news, site), which provides remote access for companies and individuals. And while we may use it to help train employees or clients remotely, or give presentations to multiple people at the same time, do we really understand the impact it’s had on productivity within the enterprise and beyond?

TeamViewer iPad App Provides Remote Access to PCs

TeamViewer_logo_2010.jpg Since the iPad release, many new apps have made their way onto the market, some useful, others in the novelty category of apps we could do without. However, the newly released iPad app from TeamViewer (newssite) falls into the' very useful' category for businesses and private users as it gives them the ability to control remote PC’s from the iPad.

TeamViewer Desktop Sharing Software Now Supports Linux

teamviewer_logo_2010.jpgRemote access and support company TeamViewer (news, site) gets Linux friendly with its latest update.

Video Conferencing, VoIP Added to Beta for TeamViewer 5

tVideo Conferencing, VoIP Added to Beta for TeamViewer 5Naturally, as the increasingly remote nature of our interactions becomes more apparent, the number of vehicles that enable it grows exponentially. One such tool is video conferencing, and the latest to add it to their bucket of desktop communication solutions is TeamViewer GmbH (news, site).

TeamViewer Adds More Languages, Connects More People

teamviewer2009_150.jpgExpansion, expansion, expansion. There are tons of ways companies can achieve it, but TeamViewer’s most recent method of choice is of the multilingual variety.

The desktop sharing software, which was already available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Danish, has added six new languages to the family: Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Japanese.

AJAX Update: Progress Events Ticking Along

W3C Progress Events Working Draft Released

Standards, standards and more standards…This time we bring you news from the W3C Web API Working Group. They have published their Working Draft of “Progress Events 1.0”.

Progress Events are event types used to monitor the progress of an operation. If you develop applications using XMLHTTPRequest or Media Access Events, then you need to understand how the progress events are being defined.

What, Free Enterprise-Quality Remote Desktop? Hide the Seamy PDFs!


With newly necessary (?) solutions like Twitter-style feeds for the enterprise and blogging solutions for CEOs-cum-blogebrities, it seems the collaboration craze can’t get anymore intimate in the white collar setting.

Oh, but it just has. In an act of generosity of which we thought only Google capable, Germany-based TeamViewer has just rendered its remote desktop software — a paid service, up to this point — totally free for private users.

What does this mean? It means your colleagues can be closer than friends. They can be inside your desktop. They can play with your data while you watch in helpless unease.

But the good news is, you can play with theirs too.

The Best Open Source CMS

Best Open Source CMS Packt, the publisher of many a useful CMS book, announces an official quest for “The Best Open Source CMS” and an according, annual set of prizes around the “Packt Open Source CMS” yearly winners.

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