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News Bites: New Words on Google Analytics, Telerik Tries Open Source, More


And now, the news ... Google Analytics provides a single view, Telerik open sources UI tools and launches newest Sitefinity and WebDam refreshes its platform and mobile app.

Plus, Ektron unveils a new content marketing platform and Gmail trials a new Grid View for promotions.

Telerik Updates Web CMS Sitefinity with Usability Enhancements

Telerik is updating its Sitefinity web content management system. The usability enhancements in the current version 6.2 include inline editing, an HTML5-based Google Analytics module and an administration dashboard for analytics. 

Sitefinity 6.2 Offers Connectors to Marketo, Salesforce

Telerik continues its focus on the business user with new digital marketing integrations in Sitefinity 6.2. 

Telerik Updates TeamPulse to Ease Multiple Project Management


To help software development managers concentrate more on the software and less on the logistics, software tool provider Telerik has released an update to its TeamPulse agile project management software, including a new HTML 5 interface intended to enhance efficiency. 

Telerik Adds Digital Asset Management Capabilities to Sitefinity 6.1

Telerik, sitefinity, dam, digital asset management, customer experienceTelerik adds new functionality to its web content management platform, Sitefinity, that includes not only the ability to manage digital assets, but also provides a quick and easy user interface for updating content.

Telerik Updates Icenium Mobile App Development Platform with New Cloud Services

Kendo UI DataViz Integration with Icenium 1.5.png
Icenium 1.5 features integration with Kendo UI DataViz for creating charts, dashboards

Telerik has updated its cross-platform Icenium development platform. The new incarnation, version 1.5, is designed to simplify mobile app development by adding cloud-based services, eliminating the need for supporting infrastructure. 

Sitefinity 6.0 Supports Responsive Design, Mobile Websites, Apps

Most web content management platforms support mobile: whether that's responsive design, mobile websites or mobile apps. Sitefinity 6.0 supports all three. Let's take a look.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Facebook, Microsoft, Bridgeline, Telerik, MailChimp, Adobe and Skype (11-Apr-13)

Start off the New Year with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

Telerik Updates Test Studio with Web Portal for iOS Apps Testing and Feedback

Testers are the unsung heroes of app development. They have to keep stumbling into the potholes so that, eventually, all the faults are found and the street is paved, smooth and ready for a nice drive. To help lessen the testing pain for iOS devices, Telerik has unveiled its latest version of Test Studio for iOS, with a cloud sync web portal. 

Telerik Launches 'Integrated Cloud Environment' for Hybrid Mobile App Development

Telerik wants to reinvent cross-platform mobile development. This week, the provider of software application and content management solutions released Icenium, which they describe as the industry’s first Integrated Cloud Environment, or ICE, combining the cloud with a local development environment.

Sitefinity 5.2 Takes on Personalization & Multi-site Management

Telerik kicks its web experience management plans in to high gear with the release of new content personalization capabilities and multi-site management for Sitefinity Web CMS.

Sitefinity 5.1 Includes Support for ASP.NET MVC & Razor

Web CMS vendor Telerik is adding enhancements including support for ASP.NET MVC (model view controller) and the Razor rendering engine, as well as a redesigned email campaign management tool, to the new version 5.1 of the ASP.NET-based Sitefinity CMS.

Telerik's Kendo UI Adds Support for Tablets, New Controls & Widgets for iPad

Telerik's Kendo UI Adds Support for Tablets, New Controls & Widgets for iPadTools provider Telerik is adding support for tablets in its new release of Kendo UI Complete. The updated suite of Web, DataViz and management tools for developers now also offers server-side wrappers for ASP.NET MVC, supporting development of HTML5 and Javascript mobile apps and sites.

Telerik OpenAccess Object-Relational Mapping Tool Goes Freemium

telerikLogo-web-174x69px.jpgSitefinity CMS maker Telerik has decided to make its OpenAccess ORM tool free to software developers building data tools for database platforms like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Telerik Offers Native Development Advantages With Kendo UI

kendo-ui-logosmall.JPG While developing a mobile app in HTML5 makes it easier to integrate with core systems and eliminates the effort to develop different versions of the app for different platforms, native applications offer advantages in terms of layout and performance. Telerik says it has bridged the gap between HTML5 convenience and native platform performance with its Kendo UI Mobile interface for mobile app developers.

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