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These 7 Companies Excel in Customer Experience

Everyone claims to be the leading customer experience (CX) vendor. But the Temkin Group has taken the subjectivity out of the debate.

The Waban, Mass.-based CX research firm just named seven firms the winners of its 2015 Customer Experience Vendor Excellence (CxVE) Awards. (Drum roll, please.) Confirmit, Clarabridge, NICE Systems, Qualtrics, Rant and Rave, ResponseTek and Walker take the honors.

Meet the Top Brands Consumers Really Trust


Bruce Temkin thinks it all comes down to a matter of trust.

Over the past five years, he's evaluated thousands of brand perceptions and distilled them all into his company's Temkin Trust Ratings.

Brands that earn trust do so over time -- with consistent customer experiences, he said.

"Trust is built up over time based on the experience that consumers have with the company," said Temkin, customer experience transformist and managing partner of the Waban, Mass.-based Temkin Group.

"The top companies are really good at meeting their brand promises. That's why the companies at the top of the list have employees that understand and are bought into the company's mission and its brand promises. They're committed to earning the trust of customers. They tend to do really well in our Temkin Experience Ratings as well, showing that they deliver great customer experience."

Customer Success is a Failure


Customer success is a stupid concept … a catchphrase that shifts the focus from people to profit.

Unlike customer experience — a phrase that suggests giving something of meaning and value to the people who matter most — customer success implies taking.

It shifts the focus from customers to companies. Or, as the Customer Success Association so bluntly states on its website, turns "customer relationships into strategic portfolio assets" with an emphasis on "sustainable corporate profitability and growth." It asks:

  • How can we gather and use personal data and market intelligence to get the most from our customers?
  • How can we lure potential new customers and entice the ones we already have to spend even more?

Customer success isn't about helping customers or resolving their complaints. It's not even about creating win-win scenarios for customers and companies. Rather, it embraces and celebrates the exploitation of customers for a company's own benefit.

At least that's how it seems. And in this so-called age of customer centricity, it's tiresome.

These 5 Companies are CX Innovators


Last week we asked you to dust off your prediction skills, weigh some odds and take a shot at guessing the winners of the 2014 CX Innovation Awards. Now it's time to find your ballot: We know the winners.

Just yesterday, the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), a global non-profit organization created to guide and enhance customer experience management, named five winners from a list of 14 semifinalists. 

Winners were announced at the CXPA's fourth annual Insight Exchange event, which continues today in Atlanta.

Come on ... Admit it. You're eager to know who they are.

Place Your Bets: Name the Top CX Innovator

Place Your Bets: Name the Top CX InnovatorJust when you thought there was nothing entertaining to do at work today, we offer this. Dust off your prediction skills, weigh some odds and take a shot at guessing the winners of the 2014 CX Innovation Awards.

The awards are sponsored by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), a global non-profit organization created to guide and enhance customer experience management. It was co-founded by CMSWire contributor Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group.

CXPA just announced 14 finalists. Winners will be announced at the CXPA's fourth annual Insight Exchange event, which runs May 13 and 14 in Atlanta. This year's program includes:

  • Jeb Dasteel, senior vice president and Chief Customer Officer at Oracle on "Oracle’s Customer-Centric Journey"
  • Alison Circle, Chief Customer Experience Officer at the Columbus Metropolitan Library on "Re-Experiencing Legacy Brands"
  • Bob Johnson, president, Sprint Retail, and Chief Service and Information Technology Officer at Sprint on "Building a Customer-Centered Service Culture"

Companies are Investing More Money, Resources in Customer Experience

Companies are committed to customer experience (CX). It's a priority in most, more important this year than last — and many companies are hiring more people to focus on it. Those are among the key takeaways in the latest  of a series of reports from Temkin Group, a customer experience (CX) research and consulting firm.

The Net Promoter Score and Beyond: Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Net Promoter Score Just the Tip of the Customer Satisfaction SpearCustomers expect more from companies than ever before, and that means tried and tested customer experience management tools like the Net Promoter Score need to be amended if not thrown away entirely.

Net Promoter Scores are a simple way to assess customer loyalty. But the technology world is becoming more complex, and so are options for gaining customer insight.

The NPS isn't perfect, but many argue that it still has value. In fact, a recent 2013 NPS benchmark report from the Temkin Group is now in its second year, so it's not as if the NPS is going out of fashion.

Temkin Report Names VMware, SAP Analytics, Microsoft Top Customer Experience of Major IT Vendors

Customer Experience, Temkin Report Tech Vendors CXM.pngHow do the large IT providers stack up in the experience they provide their customers? A new report from the Temkin Group details its findings -- and puts VMware, SAP analytics and Microsoft at the top.

Customer Experience Entrenched in Many Large Companies, But Not Yet at Peak Performance


Customer experience management (CXM) in large companies has come a long ways, but there’s still a long road ahead. That’s essentially the takeaway from a new report by the Temkin Group

Temkin Group Report: The Social Media Audience is Changing

The way social media sites are being accessed and by whom is changing, according to a report from the Temkin Group.

Temkin Group Reports on Rising Importance of B2B Customer Experience

B2B companies looking to create and sustain superior customer experience need to master four competencies -- purposeful leadership, compelling brand values, employee engagement and customer connectedness. A new insight report from Temkin Group, “Best Practices in B2B Customer Experience,” reviews these competencies as well as the rising importance of customer experience in the B2B marketplace.

Temkin Report on Customer Experience: Trader Joe's, Publix Groceries Come Out On Top

What are the top companies for customer experience? A new study from the Temkin Group selected two grocery chains -- Trader Joe’s and Publix -- from 246 companies across 19 industries, but the report inadvertently raises questions about whether this kind of comparison is apples-to-apples. 

Temkin Group: Employee Engagement Rises, and That's a Good Thing

Employee engagement has risen in the past year, according to data from the Temkin Group, covering more than 2,400 US workers at for-profit companies. The Index found a  number of traits that engaged employees share and Temkin Group also offers suggestions to companies seeking to improve their own employee engagement.

Building Customer Loyalty with the Four Customer Experience Core Competencies

Providing a consistently strong customer experience is key to building lasting customer loyalty. A new report from Temkin Group, suggests that to provide the type of customer experience which builds long-term customer loyalty, companies must develop these four core competencies.

Temkin Group Study Explores How to Calculate ROI of Customer Experience

We first met Bruce Temkin at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 where he talked about understanding the customer and how to easily avoid some common customer experience mistakes. Today, we'd like to share Temkin's impressive study on the return on investment of customer experience.

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