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Time to Say Goodbye to The Daily

One could say it was the end of an era, if the era of tablet-only, original news publications had ever really gotten started. The News Corporation has announced it is shutting down its venture in full-scale tablet news publishing, The Daily.

iPad Apps Getting a Retina Boost Across the Board

ipad3thumb.jpg With the new iPad out in the wild, apps are being updated to add more information on-screen or improved visuals via the retina display. Flipboard, TweetDeck, Kindle Reader and others are getting rapid makeovers as Apple shows off some of its star performers.

Crowd Fusion: The Web CMS Behind The Daily

crowdfusion_2011_logo.jpgWhen we interviewed Brian Alvey in late 2009 on his new web content management system, he told us it was being developed for big publishers. And that it was, Crowd Fusion is the web content management system behind The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's iPad exclusive newspaper.

Week in Review: Mobile Rules the News + The $250 Billion Software Prize

It's a wrap. The (Super Bowl XLV) weekend has arrived. And in a pint sized portion here is a quick review of what happened this week, in our non-sports world.

Our editorial focus the month is on how mobile devices are changing our professional lives, and Barb Mosher kicked things off recognizing that while mobile is a priority, you might need some guidance launching your mobile channel.

Rupert Murdoch did his part, with the launch of The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper. The technology is nifty, but the content still needs to prove it can stand on its own -- so far we're feeling rather lukewarm.

IBM, never one to sit still, launched a new social business initiative at Lotusphere 2011. Analyst firm Gartner predicted that the enterprise software market would exceed US$ 250 billion in 2011 and identified 5 key trends for enterprise software.

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