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Discussion Point: What's the Big Problem With Big Data? [Video]

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Ask 100 people to define big data and you'll get 100 answers, including no answers at all. In theory, big data can help organizations make decisions faster, easier and more accurately. But in practice, faster and easier is just an unrealized goal — and creating business value is often even more elusive.

Riddled with hype and inflated expectations, big data has been nothing more than a nebulous concept for many organizations. 

Rather than successfully analyze a complex set of datasets to discover information that could help teams make better decisions or find new patterns, floods of data often overwhelm the people struggling to make sense of it.

Notes from #SXSWi: Lessons from the Creator of the WWW Not Named Al Gore

The crowd was wildly snapping pictures and the star of the show grabbed his camera and started snapping back. Fans who surrounded the spectacle started then taking pictures of the audience and the icon taking pictures of each other. It was like a moment from a rock concert, with the exception that instead of throwing guitar picks to the audience, the superstar was throwing HTML5 stickers and was the biggest geek (a term I use with love) in the room.

Open Data Institute Revs Up to Leverage Startups, Open Governments

Could the key to better government lie in its mountains of already free and available data

Exterro's Fusion Zeta Brings Data Management into the EDRM Process

zeta_logo.jpgNeed an e-Discovery solution that reflects perspectives of both the IT and legal departments? The search may be over. Today, Exterro released a new data management layer for its integrated solution suite. Fusion Zeta is an automated, easy-to-administer application designed to handle in-place early case assessment, preservation, collection and analysis. But perhaps most importantly, it gives legal teams 360-degree access into the entire e-discovery process, while eliminating the chaos of manual processes.

Linked Data on the Web - Becoming Reality in the UK

Linked Data on the Web - Becoming Reality in the UKThese days the UK government seems unusually savvy when it comes to technology, open source and open standards. Now they've embraced another open movement, that of open data. And they've appointed Sir Tim Berners-Lee, father of the World Wide Web, to help.

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