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Adobe Promises 'Software Change is Good' #EVOLVE14


You commit to a new software platform for your business. You migrate your content. You customize solutions to support it. And then the vendor makes some big changes. 

Sound familiar?

Today, users of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) got a glimpse into how that happens from Adobe group product manager Cédric Hüsler, who shared the company's investment rules for software development. 

Here's how that works. The rules recognize that customers make three investments: buying the software, moving content and customizing apps. "We can break any of those, but never more than one," said Hüsler. 

The Importance of Mobile in CXM: Buyers' Top 4 Selection Criteria

shutterstock_99445016.jpg In response to CMSWire’s May 23 Tweet Jam on the role of mobile within customer experience management (CXM), I interviewed five of my company's end-user clients, as well as two leading CXM vendors, to ascertain what they viewed as the top 3-5 mobile CXM technology requirements.

SharePoint -- Good at Controlled Access, Bad at Process

Because Ars Logica specializes in helping clients choose or assemble content management products (CMS, DAM, CXM, portals), we often get asked how – and if – SharePoint should be integrated into an overall solution stack. Since no two customer implementations are ever identical, our advice is never exactly the same. But similar themes underpin most of our guidance on SharePoint usage.

Google Apps Sticks the Boot into Microsoft's Office 365

After months of squabbling between Google and Microsoft over Office 365 and Google Docs, things finally came to a head today with the official, general release of Office 365 by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in New York.

WEM: Web Experience Management Requires the Right Integrator

There has been a lot of discussion recently about which CMS products offer the best Web experience management (WEM) functionality. But what can be more critical than product features is the person implementing them. Getting the right WEM integrator means asking some important questions first.

#ezconf - Tony White on The Evolving Web CMS Market

Tony White of the Gilbane Group began his talk on the evolution of the Web CMS market with an observation. White, apparently something of an early-bird, spotted 22 people in his hotel lobby at 6:30 a.m. this morning. Over half of the people there were taking advantage of the free wifi to browse the Web, while only one person was reading a newspaper. He asked the attendees to imagine how different the behavior of his fellow early risers would have been even as little as five years back.

In a fast-paced talk, White went on to share some of his observations as a consultant specialist in Web CMS. He resumed the market briefly as a wide spectrum from low-end point solutions to complex enterprise platforms, with almost no correlation to price, and warned attendees of putting too much trust into analysis that assume a correlation between cost and quality, as it may not be the case.

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