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How to Ensure Success in Your Customer's Journey


You wouldn't climb the highest mountain without a guide or take up parachuting without an instructor. So why expect your customers to succeed without some guidance?

Today, it's important to help your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customers to succeed by analyzing the way they use your product and step in when they need help. This approach, known as customer success, has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. It's a byproduct of the subscription economy that has turned the traditional sales model on its head.

The subject was explored in depth yesterday as customer success executives from Totango and Kapost shared their ideas in a Webinar sponsored by Totango.

The Shifting Responsibilities of Marketing Pros

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Many marketers are confused about their roles in the age of big data and customer experience. That message became all too clear this week at unrelated conferences in San Francisco.

Predictive Analytics World and Totango's Customer Success Summit were both excellent conferences. But they triggered a little voice in the back of my head.

Do marketing professionals really understand their jobs?   

How to Be a Great Chief Customer Officer

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Chief Customer Officer may be a cool, new corporate title, but many people don't understand exactly what that job entails, according to Jeanne Bliss, who literally wrote the book on the subject: "The Chief Customer Officer."

Bliss, who has a quarter-century experience in customer experience (CX) positions at five corporations, delivered a concise five-point job description today to a CX-savvy audience at Totango's annual Customer Success Summit in San Francisco.

She followed Totango CEO Guy Nirpaz, who provided his own six-point manifesto for customer success to the standing-room-only crowd of 400 marketing professionals from eight countries.

Totango Updates Customer Engagement Platform, Enables Customer Journey Tracking

Customer Engagement Solution, Totango has announced updates to its platform designed to improve the digital marketing experience.

Totango Dances into a New Era of Web Engagement via SaaS

Totango Dances into a New Era of Web Engagement via SaaSLaunched just this week, newcomer Totango (news, site) aims to be the next generation of customer engagement software for Software-as-a-Service heads. 

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