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Samsung's New Tablets, Notebooks and HDTVs to Dominate at CES 2013

 ces_logo_2013.JPG 2013 gets under way for gadget lovers with a raft of new computers, TVs and tablets coming, plus a host of web-enabled smart devices for the home being shown at CES, with Samsung leading the way in many categories. 

Microsoft Counts Down With Windows 8 Advertising Campaign

Thumbnail image for win8pro_box.pngMicrosoft's billion dollar advertising campaign for Windows 8 got under way over the weekend with a countdown to all the things you can do with the new OS, as the company prepares a new Xbox Music service. Does the ad appeal, did it strike a chord, more importantly did the non-tech members of your family seem interested?

Office 2013 Goes Gold, Prepare for Microsoft Upgrade Frenzy

ms_office_logo_2013.PNG Microsoft announced that Office 2013  has hit the Release to Manufacturing milestone, which sets the company up for an upgrade smorgasbord. Will users look to upgrade their whole PC, their OS, or their Office applications in the coming months, or all three? 

Samsung's Trio of ATIV Tablets Show Microsoft's Splintered Future

sam_ativ.jpg While a lot of the hype at yesterday's Samsung Unpacked event was around the new Galaxy Note 2, PC users will be taking a keen look at the company's Windows RT and Windows 8 tablet PCs with a range of underlying technologies. 

Windows 8 Release Preview Due Today? SkyDrive Improves Support

win8logo.bmp According to a published-too-early Microsoft blog post, it looks like the public preview release (following on from the tech and consumer beta) is due to be unveiled in the next day or two, allowing all levels of user to try out the upcoming operating system and play with the Metro interface.

Ultrabooks Trending at CES Alongside New Tablets and Phones

Ultrabooks Trending at CES Alongside New Tablets and Phones

Las Vegas' annual Consumer Electronics Show shindig starts on January 10 and, alongside the latest batch of smartphones and tablets, it is the new class of PC ultrabooks that will take center stage.

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