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Voice Of Customer News & Analysis

Empathetic Marketing Creates Emotional Customer Experiences


Do you really know how to satisfy your customers' emotional needs? Just as you seek to discover what your customers want, it's essential to also identify the deeper emotion-based needs of specific audiences.

Crowdsourcing the Voice of the Customer Through Feedback Management

Your customers are talking about you. Are you listening? While more and more companies are embracing the voice of their customer, what the customers says isn’t always true or accurate. How can organizations begin to filter reliable feedback from the noise? We spoke with Questback’s Senior Methodologist, Darren Bosik about how feedback software management solutions can amplify the voice of customer.

When a Customer Calls: Optimizing the Customer Experience Across All Channels

As we wrap up our month-long focus on the customer life cycle experience, we’re reminded of how conventional methods of customer service have had to shift their goals, pushed by the convenience of social technologies for customers to ask questions, lodge complaints and seek more information from brands. Take the contact center -- live operators are standing by to take your call, but the truth is if you’re calling them, they know there’s going to be an issue.

Spredfast Adds Bazaarvoice to Improve the Voice of the Customer

Spredfast Social Media Management.pngSpredfast meet Bazaarvoice. For many of you, this may be the first time you’re hearing either name, but if you’re continually trying to effectively capture the voice of the customer, you may want to remember them. Today, the social marketing software provider has integrated Bazaarvoice’s technology into its social media management platform. As a result, brands will have the ability to monitor, manage and amplify ratings and reviews across multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Actiance Predicts Social Governance, Increased Complexity as 2013 Social Business Trends

actiance_logo_2011.jpgCurious about what’s on the horizon for social business in this new year? According to its recently released predictions, Actiance expects social governance, compliance requirements and the increased use of social networks to directly affect social business strategies for 2013.

Confirmit Horizons v17.5 Extends Cross-Channel Market Research Capabilities

Confirmit is releasing version 17.5 of its Horizons SaaS multichannel market research solution. Features such as reporting, feedback/data collection and survey design have been enhanced.

Customer Engagement: Mobile Matters

shutterstock_100154165.jpg In many ways, the rise of mobile as a feedback channel mirrors the introduction of online surveys ten years ago. While the adoption of any new channel will certainly raise a similar set of issues, this is where the similarities end.

Confirmit Launches Updates for Multichannel Engagement

Confirmit_3Dlogo_RGB_72dpi.jpegWhen you think of social media, it used to be Facebook and Twitter that dominated. For many it may still be true, but in the last few years -- heck, months! -- several new social media channels have emerged. Whether it’s mobile apps like Instagram, boards on Pinterest, check-ins on GetGlue, or plus ones on Google+, there are many more channels to monitor customer engagement. Thanks to the launch of Confirmit Horizons Version 17, the latest release of its leading multichannel software solution, brand managers have more opportunities to engage customers, employees and research respondents in feedback programs across multiple channels. 

SharePoint 15 Arriving Early 2013 According to Leaked MS Roadmap

sharepoint_2012_scribbled_logo.jpgThe next version of Office and SharePoint seem likely to land on servers in the first quarter of next year, making it SharePoint 2013, with a beta due this summer.

Capturing the Wave: Forrester's View of Enterprise Feedback Management

forrester-logosmall.jpgAnother week, another wave. This week it’s enterprise feedback management (EFM) software, as evaluated by Forrester. Gathering feedback isn’t always easy, whether it be from customers or employees. Ultimately, however, feedback serves to drive customer-centric decisions, so it’s particularly essential that an effective system be in place.

Do You Listen and Engage With Your Customers? You Should Be

opinionlab_logo.gifAs more and more companies engage their customers across social media platforms, they are realizing that it takes more than a dedicated staff to monitor their online presence. Thanks to Social Media Monitor, an advanced solution released by OpinionLab, companies have a way to capture and analyze consumers’ social media conversations.

Mobile Enterprise: iPhone OS 4 Gets Viable, BlackBerry Goes Social

As more companies capitalize on advancing mobile technology, emergent mobile tech offers both promises and pitfalls. Each week we aim to bring you the top stories affecting mobile in the enterprise. From operating systems to security to mobile collaboration, we’ll be sure to cover it.

This week we check out iPhone OS 4 , the iPad and what it'll do for your workday, how BlackBerry users are getting social in the enterprise and end with the (not screaming) voice of your customers.

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