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Magnolia CMS Partnership Aims to Boost Creative Campaigns

web cms, Magnolia CMS Partnership Aims to Boost 'Creative Campaigns'

A European digital platform provider is teaming with Magnolia CMS on a cloud implementation of the open source content management platform. Company executives claim it will arm digital marketers with the ability to fire off creative campaigns.

Magnolia CMS's partnership is with ETECTURE@Ogilvy, the technology arm of Ogilvy & Mather UK. 

ETECTURE@Ogilvy was founded in 2003 and now has 100 employees across offices in London, Frankfurt, Munich, Karlsruhe and Düsseldorf. Execs there said the platform provides specialized technical and digital marketing expertise to support large organizations that routinely roll out integrated marketing programs, such as product launches, on a global scale. 

Should the CIO Report to the CMO?

It was the "wow" moment of the business conference.

Meghan Walsh, senior director of eCommerce Platform System Management for Marriott International, told the Gilbane Conference in Boston in December that the CIO reports to the CMO at her organization.

“Ooh.” “Aah,” came murmurs from the crowd.

Well into 2014 now, the topic of CIO and CMO is still a hot one. Do people believe it's an effective C-Suite strategy? Depends on who you ask and what type of organization it is, information technology and marketing executives told CMSWire.

Startup Publishing Platform, Medium, Acquires Journalism Site, Matter

Longform science journalism site Matter has been acquired by Medium, a collaborative online publishing platform. One interesting aspect of the acquisition is that both sites were founded in 2012.

Badgeville Appoints Experienced Cloud & Social Technology Exec, Kevin Comee, as CEO

Gamification and behavior management platform provider Badgeville has appointed Kevin Comee, an experienced cloud and social technology executive, as its new CEO.

Vetting Enterprise Vendors with VendorStack

Everyone knows that consumers these days do not buy a product or service without first going online to consult with a myriad of objective sites (ok, there are attempts at manipulation but savvy consumers know that) and forums to obtain third-party reviews and recommendations. But what about companies trying to decide if a particular solution or service vendor is the right one for them?

TIBCO Releases Nimbus Control 9, with Social Integration, Collaborative Capabilities

Enterprise middleware specialist TIBCO is releasing Nimbus Control 9. The latest iteration of TIBCO’s business process improvement solution includes, what the vendor calls, an intuitive Web user interface for a “purpose-driven” user experience.

Netbiscuits Reports Smartphones, Android Dominate Mobile Web Traffic

According to a new report from web development platform provider Netbiscuits, smartphones are clearly the most popular means of mobile web access across the globe.

The Rise of Mobile, the Fall of Nothing

Our relationship with technology is constantly evolving. From the emergence of computers as consumer devices to the growth of the Internet as an information resource and then as a channel for communication and interaction, we have a more personal relationship with technology than at any other point in human history. It might have seemed that Web 2.0 was final step in our personal technology transition, but then came mobile.

Wix Brings No-Coding-Skills-Needed Design to HTML5 Sites

wix_logo_2012.PNG Site design for those lacking in actual design skills is a problem that many seem to want to solve. Wix is a dab hand at creating Flash sites from a drag and drop system, now it offers the same for those needing a result in modern, sexy, smartphone-friendly HTML 5.

A Day on the Internet: What Have You Done?

For you Digital Natives out there, this infograph from will seem all too common, so please forgive us "over 35" crowd for taking a moment to muse on just how the Internet has changed everything (so far).

Surprises, Trends, Disappointments at South by Southwest Interactive #sxswi

sxsw2012-logo.jpgThe annual technology spring break, South by Southwest Interactive (SxSWi) has concluded. This year’s conference featured almost 20,000 participants, over 1,000 sessions and countless vendors discussing and showcasing almost every emerging (and a few tried and true) technologies.

Next Generation of Social Media Tools Aims at the Enterprise #sxswi

sxsw2012-logo.jpgSocial media used to be about posting the details of your weekend adventures and maybe a few embarrassing photos with a circle of friends. That’s no longer the case. Social media has evolved beyond its origins as a novelty for entertainment. The technology has become ubiquitous. Nowhere is that more apparent than at South by Southwest Interactive (SxSWi). Social media is integrated in almost everything we do -- shopping, travel, selecting or restaurant or finding a new employee. Now, the same thing is happening in the enterprise. 

Under Pressure, Unprepared: SMBs and Web 2.0

Under Pressure, Unprepared: SMBs and Web 2.0Is web 2.0 a little passé by now? If it is, it makes this latest data a little unfortunate. According to a poll by SpamTitan Technologies, 76% of small and mid-size business surveyed stated that they are under pressure to allow more access to Web 2.0.

Twitter Acquisition Peeves Summify Users

twitter_logo_2011.jpgTwitter is acquiring social news aggregation service Summify. Summify is thrilled at the news. Unfortunately, Summify users are not. 

A Look Back at Google in 2011

Google fell under new management this year, and the shake up resulted in some heavy changes. A new idea of what legitimate content should look like, a social network that the company refuses to call a social network, and the loss of an experimental playground are just a few. In case you missed a beat, here's a look back at the highlights.  

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