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Social Tagging and the Enterprise: Does Tagging Work at Work?

As social tagging grows increasingly popular on the Web, organizations are curious to see how this trendy Web 2.0 approach can benefit the business world.

US Military Concedes, Embraces Social Media

If there was still any doubt that social media’s the way of the future, recent moves by the U.S. Military might be enough to squash it. The Department of Defense recently went social by lifting the three-year-long ban on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Social Networking in the Enterprise: What’s the ROI?

Before we answer the "what" question on social networking ROI it is important to understand why organizations are interested in embracing social networking. In this article I explore both the motivations for enterprise social networking and how one might think about enterprise social networking ROI.

Enterprise 2.0 Start Up Yammer Snags $10 Million in Funding

yammer_logo_2010.jpg Yammer (news, site) is attracting plenty of attention and new users. Now it has attracted further investment, as it picks up a fresh stock of capital.

Google Social Search Steps into Beta, Challenges Facebook?

Google has challenged popular networks like Facebook and further blurred the line between social networking and search by graduating their Social Search tool to beta for all Google users.  

Anil Dashes, From Six Apart to GOV Social Media

sixapart_logo_2008.jpgLadies and gentleman, Anil Dash has officially left the building.

As the very first employee at blogging and social media software maker, Six Apart (news, site) and a seasoned blogger himself (10 years!), Dash has been intrinsic to the company as well as the online writing discussion since the beginning. Consequently, his departure throws up a little red flag for some of us -- what does this mean for blogging? Or for Six Apart? Well we asked him, and this is what he had to say:

Sage Enterprise Webtop: ERP Meets Web 2.0

sage_logo_2010.jpgFollowing up on their plans to bring a little Web 2.0 into the enterprise space, the Sage team (news, site) has announced the upcoming release of the new Sage Enterprise Webtop. Designed to operate on the cloud or on premise, the tool represents the company’s shift toward an all out user-centric good time.  

Yuuguu Offers Instant Conferencing, Chat and Meetings in One

yuuguu_logo_2010.jpgBritish software company Yuuguu hits the market with a messaging platform for all seasons offering a range of collaboration and communication tools.

Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In Framework

Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In FrameworkAtex’s baby, Polopoly Web CMS (news, site), came around for round 9.14 last week. The highlight of the new version is the inclusion of widget plug-in framework, which aims to make tacking on third-party website components that much easier.

Alcatel-Lucent Connects Service Providers with Web 2.0

Alcatel-Lucent Connects Service Providers with Web 2.0Alcatel-Lucent has a set of new capabilities for all the service providers, content providers and application developers out there. The release, which includes the Application Exposure Suite and an Open API Service, aims to speed up the creation of Web 2.0 services while keeping the process secure and controlled.  

Chrome Gallery Now Welcomes Third Party Extensions

It seems that Google Chrome is (still) slowly but surely moving in the frills direction. This spring Google announced the simple browser's first official extensions, and then in September they removed the developer flag, opening up the doors for higher volume participation. 

This week it was announced on Google's blog that the Chromium team is officially accepting submissions from third-party developers. Big G provides information for writing an extension here, and once it's ready to go all a developer has to do is upload a zip file of the code and an icon for easy recognition. Descriptive information in the form of text and screenshots or YouTube videos is also welcome. 

Once an extension is uploaded, Google takes care of packaging and signing, and if a developer wants to update their baby, all it requires is a new file uploaded to the gallery. Additionally, over the next few days Google plans to open up the gallery to a select group of testers in order to provide insights and bug reports. 

And all of this is happening before the beta launch in hopes that things will be extra polished for the real release. 

"We can't wait to share all the great extensions that you'll submit with all of Google Chrome's users," writes Lei Zhing of Google Chrome. And honestly? We're pretty curious ourselves. Let us know what you'd like cooked up, or check out what people are already asking for here.

Skype is Saved and Ready for Action

Skype is Saved and Ready for ActionWell guys, it’s safe to say that we’re finally in the clear.

For awhile there things looked pretty bad for Skype (news, site), as eBay and the platform’s original co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis battled it out over legal issues.

The whole sitch started looking up a couple weeks ago when the opposing sides finally came to an agreement, granting Skype ownership of critical software. The settlement opened up some doors, and last Thursday eBay sold a 70 percent stake in the company for somewhere around US$ 1.9 billion up front with another US$ 125 million on the way. The remaining 30 percent stays with eBay. 

Zennstrom and Friis now have a substantial hold on their creation through Joltid, part of the investor group that purchased the large chunk from the auction king. 

Among the relieved is Skype CEO Josh Silverman, who says, “You’ll see Skype become a lot more ubiquitous in a lot more places, both mobile devices as well as embedded devices,” he says, adding “expect to see us on a lot more platforms.”

Follow them here, and let's see how things fare in 2010. 

Social Media Minute: Twitter Scraps Suggested Users, We're at War for Interoperability

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Twitter scraps 'suggested users' list

  • We're at war! For the Web!

  • Facebook implements a new privacy policy

  • Twitter and Facebook party with Xbox Live, but it's not poppin'

Socialtext Partner Program Provides Strategic Deployment Practices for Social Software

Socialtext Partner Program Provides Strategic Deployment Practices for Social SoftwareWhile enterprises continue to grab up various social software solutions for their internal environments, Socialtext (news, site), a provider of such solutions, is working to increase the business value of their offerings.

Designed to ensure partner success, their new Services Partner Program gathers participants that specialize in different strategic practices for deploying social software. According to Socialtext, the benefits of joining include:

  • Technical support handled by Socialtext,
  • Training on Socialtext product and methodology for organizational traction; access to dedicated secure hosted appliance for internal training purposes; full access to proprietary Socialtext training and rollout materials
  • Opportunities to jointly develop thought leadership, references, and speaking engagements
  • Offer added value by integrating Socialtext and other enterprise systems. Easy integration with legacy systems via ReST API and Open Social widgets

So far, Socialtext's service partner party includes Future Changes, Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0, SiftGroups, SpanStrategies, The Adoption Council and Winkwaves. The company hopes that bringing these folks together will result in more depth and value for customers who either use or want Socialtext to dress up their workflow. 

"For too long, people have missed opportunities because they didn't know which of their colleagues might have information that could help solve a customer's problem or adapt to a change in the market," said Eugene Lee, CEO of Socialtext. "These service partners will help you get up-and-running on our platform in no time, and assist with cultural assessment, project selection and prioritization."

For more information, or to start the certification process, shoot an e-mail over to partners[at]socialtext[dot]com, or check out the partner program website

Customers Want You to Track Them, Says Survey

Customers Want You to Track Them Says SDL Tridion Survey While it’s mildly annoying to have a flock of sales associates approach you the second you step into a store, but apparently consumers don’t mind the special attention when they’re shopping on the Internet.

This is especially important to note when you consider numbers like 74, which, according to a recent survey from SDL Tridion (news, site), is the percentage of people who actually like it when businesses mine their personal shopping information.

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