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AOL Unveils Plan to 'Mechanize' Ad Purchases

armstrong 20240.jpg

Maybe you haven't thought about AOL in a decade or so, but Tim Armstrong has thought about little else.

Today the company's CEO unveiled the culmination of the company's four-year string of acquisitions of advertising technology companies -- a new cross-channel platform called One that he vows will do for ad sales what containerized cargo did for shipping.

The company not only unveiled a "mechanized" platform, but rebranded AOL Networks to AOL Platform just to ensure that the 600-plus marketers in the audience at ad:tech San Francisco got the point. The formal launch of One will follow later this year.

For our 20-something readers, AOL got  big -- really, really big -- when you and the World Wide Web just still toddlers. As use of the Web soared in the late '90s, as many as 30 million people relied on America Online to get onto the Internet.

Too Much Fun: Things to Check This Weekend

CMS, big data and everything in between can be not only work, but also fascinating, practical in your personal life and a whole lot of fun. We’ve selected a few our favorites to share with you.

Internet Fake Out: The Clickbait and Ad Fraud Explosion

sneaking in.jpg

Do you ever log on the Internet and think: Wow, there's a lot of crap in here? You're not alone.

Millions of salesmen are competing for your time -- and there are many tricks to the clicks. In fact, the Great Fake Internet is growing as ad fraud and clickbait metastasize.

Investments in Testing, Optimization Pays Off for Large E-Commerce Sites

e-commerce bounce rates.jpg

Large e-commerce sites have "deciphered some very successful formulas for giving users what they want," according to a new benchmark report from ClickTale, a provider of customer experience analytics and web analytics services.

Chalk it up to higher investments in testing and optimization -- and their abilities to attract higher shares of returning visitors.

ClickTale Offers Free Version of Its User Website Tracking Service

ClickTale Heatmap.pngHow do your visitors actually interact with your Website? Israel-based ClickTale is now offering a free version of its user recording and analysis technology, which is designed to let site owners see and better understand the answer to that question.

Oracle Social Business Report: Success Comes Back to Measurable ROI

Does your organization get support from the top for social business initiatives -- or not?

We're Getting Social - and Analytical - At Boston Conference #SMWA

Social media platform strategies must be a little more than producing a few “likes” on product pages and attracting a bunch of retweets. You need to know the true value behind your organization’s activity in the social media sphere, and have data that really means something for your brand health and ROI. 

Google AdWords and Marketo: Online Conversion Data Meets Offline Experience

For Google, offline conversion data is meeting existing AdWords conversion data. For Marketo, the marketing automation vendor giant, this opened a door for integration with the new feature. 

For B2B marketers, this means offline data will now be joined with online data, and you can now view hard results on what customer clicks mean before they make an offline purchase.

DataWeek's 2013 Award Winners for Analytics and Big Data Strategies

information management, Big Data Roll-up: DataWeek’s 2013 Award Winners for Analytics and Data Strategies

Where data is big, there are innovative companies and products trying to make analysis of such data a small and easy task. And some are making a splash here, according to a new set of awards in big data announced this month.

Mobile Analytics: Analytics3D for iOS, Modern Web Analytics for Windows 8

Mobile Analytics: Analytics3D for iOS, Modern Web Analytics for Windows 8

For the on-the-go employee, analytics is becoming a popular app to have on their mobile device. This week we see two new Google analytics focused mobile apps from Analytics3D and Metia.

Digital Analytics Starts Here and Goes Everywhere #DAADC13


At the Digital Analytics Association DC Symposium yesterday, we experienced the past, present and future of digital analytics. In just a few hours, we worked passed the basics of what makes a great digital analyst, explored the art of analysis, learned how to tell a story across channels and media, and hypothesized about the future of digital analytics.

Does Your Website Have the Mobile Touch?

The mobile web is growing up. ClickTale, who just last year introduced ClickTale Mobile has evolved the mobile usability and analytics program into ClickTale Touch, which allows businesses to view their mobile customers’ “True-to-Life User Experience."

Adobe Updates Mobile Features, Analytics, Adds iPad Preview to Digital Publishing Suite

In the most recent version of its Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe has added previewing and embedding capabilities as well as updating older features, such as iPhone support and analytics.

eZ Releases Live Viewer 2: Real-time Predictive Analytics & Optimization

If you are looking to optimize your digital content to meet the needs of your customer base, then the latest version of eZ's Live Viewer should get you on your way.

Google Analytics Data Comes Alive with Infographic Tool

Using the built in visualization tools in Google Analytics is like kissing your sister. Sometimes necessary, never a treat.

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