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Maximizing Your Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

For years paid search has been part of the digital marketing solutions for businesses. But the role of paid search has been changing, thanks in part to enhanced campaigns — a paid search bid setting that permits bid customization to optimize a budget.

Paid search expands a company’s footprint on a search engine results pages (SERP).   

One way to imagine how beneficial paid search ads are is to think of them as a rented out section of the results page that increases visibility.

The increased footprint of an organic result with a paid search result lends to how Internet users consume information. Internet users tend to scan a site page and will cast their eyes towards the largest visual element.

The Benefits of Search Analytics in Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Search Console has become a significant reporting influence for reviewing the performance of a site from the perspective of search traffic.

As Webmaster became the go-to tool for search performance, Google learned that some report updates were necessary to appeal to analysts who wanted more nuanced yet less technical information about their site.

In response to that need, Google created Search Analytics, an update of the search queries report in Webmaster. Search Analytics introduces a few new options that increase the accuracy of search traffic analysis.

(Update: Google today announced a significant update to Webmaster Tools — a name change from Webmaster Tools to Search Console. The change is meant to better align the tool to user expectations regarding how to better share content online.  From Google’s blog post on the announcement:

“We have all kinds of Webmaster Tools fans: hobbyists, small business owners, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, designers, app developers, and, of course, webmasters as well. What you all share is a desire to make your work available online, and to make it findable through Google Search.”

10 years is a long lifespan for anything to be online.  That timespan, according to Google, is exactly how long Webmaster Tools has been available.  Within that timespan the notion of a webmaster has changed from being a technical gatekeeper to an internet persona that can be adopted from almost anyone with interest and some aptitude.

In fact the change reflects an extension of a number of efforts from Google collectively help people become more informed about using internet properties.  We’ll certainly learn more about Search Console as Google releases details in the months ahead.)

How Treemaps Augment Google Analytics Reports


Google has recently introduced a new treemap feature in its analytics reporting suite.

Treemap visualization allows the user to quickly highlight the largest influence of a data set.

For those of you who have never heard of a treemap, fear not. Chances are you’ve seen one before and just didn't realize it.

Can AgilOne Help You Optimize Your Marketing Spend?

As consumers rapidly adopt new technologies, marketers are seeking new methods to connect with customers through their technology of choice.

Moreover they are discovering opportunities to create connections using data from trusted analytics solutions such as Google Analytics.

But some analysis is not always a straightforward review within a dashboard. Connecting Google Analytics data to specific customer profiles and accurate revenue and margins is one of those missing straightforward reviews.

Without it, marketers are only gaining partial insight into customer behavior.

Google and other providers have begun to offer solutions tailored for advanced analysis. Enter AgilOne, a predictive analytics solution with turnkey dashboards and customizable reports. 

Guide the Buyer's Journey with Web Experience Data


Happy with your last purchase, you visit a brand’s website intent on buying more of its products. The website loads, and you’re immediately greeted with a pop-up advertising the exact product you recently purchased.


Well, the brand has failed to leverage its web experience data -- in this case, your purchase history -- and provide you with relevant content about accessories, support service, etc. By failing to retarget its messaging, the brand has likely lost an additional purchase from you.

Web experience data is crucial to connecting with buyers. It helps marketers better predict their next moves and tailor marketing campaigns to meet buyers at the right time with the right content. 

How Evergage Makes Google Analytics Better

Most business owners now understand analytics is an essential tool that can highlight efficiency and opportunities for innovation. This shift in thinking has lead to opportunities for innovating analytics measurement itself.

One of the latest innovations comes from Evergage, a cloud-based platform that supports digital personalization campaigns. The company just released a solution that enhances Google Analytics real time reports to provide a more comprehensive view of visitor behavior. 

It does this via the Visual Editor, a user interface overlay that allows analysts to highlight the website and app elements that users click and enter custom fields. The Visual Editor is available as a Chrome browser extension. The results from the tagged elements appear among the dimensions in the Google Analytics reports.

Yes, Marketers: You Still Need Email for Digital CX

Marketers often debate about which media to use in a campaign. But their sentiment about using email to engage customers is unanimous.

An email campaign can be valuable because a list of subscribers forms a captive audience. These are people who have actively expressed a willingness for engagement. They've opted-in to your marketing efforts.

But how to do you measure efforts your efforts to build on this list — and transform it to a meaningful customer experience?

Metric choices are not trivial. Email provides a bridge between branding strategy and direct sales. An analytic solution linked to an email campaign provides a means of understanding customer preferences for offers, discounts, a white paper or a general follow up.

Although many channels to engage customers exist, many companies still rely on basic email campaigns. Surveys show email is still used regularly for marketing in 2015 and mobile-only viewership of email is climbing.

With these email trends in mind, let’s examine how a web analytics solution and email solution connects your marketing strengths to your market.

Getting a Grip on Google's New Analytics Feature


Google Analytics has become ubiquitous among marketers, web developers and business owners alike. And the resources available to support them are now equally broad.

While most of the online resources are useful, it's hard to find a good overview of new feature changes.

Google has now narrowed that gap by introducing a new page called Product Release Notes. This page offers users a summary of recent feature updates to Google Analytics.

Big Data Gets Big Money for Big Reasons


Companies have been throwing money hand over fist into the predictive analytics, data management and business intelligence world over the last few weeks. And while it would be easy to toss all of these under the "Big Data" umbrella, it's more interesting to look at these deals in light of the challenges that each will solve.

Let's take a quick look at five transactions: $225 million total to Birst, Health Catalyst, Localytics and Ayasdi as well as Apple's recent acquisition of FoundationDB.

Looking at these deals helps show existing analytic and data challenges and where new competitors are coming into the market to partner with and challenge traditional players like Oracle, Teradata, IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

Where Did It Go? Understanding Traffic Drops in Google Analytics

You’re up early, just sitting down to an analytics report with a fresh cup of coffee, when you suddenly see it on your laptop screen – a big ol’ drop in website sessions in your overall traffic report. And not just by a few session counts.

You shouldn’t panic, at least not yet.

Traffic changes for your website or app often happen as you begin reviewing analytic reports over time. But with so many reports and ideas, it can be a head scratcher to know where to start a diagnosis.

While no one set of tactics is the right way, there are a few great ways to get started in analytic reporting. The key is deciding if the traffic change is technical or from marketing influences on traffic.

How Adobe Analytics Adds Up #AdobeSummit

2015-13-March-Telus analytics guys.jpg

SALT LAKE CITY -- Think analytics and you probably think numbers. But that's just a starting point.

The bottom line in analytics isn't numbers: it's the actionable insight that data provides.

"We've totally changed to a data-driven business," said Ron Bertoncini, senior digital analytics manager for Telus (pictured here, r, with colleague Duc Nguyen).

Telus is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based telecommunications company. With more than 40,000 employees, it's the country's second biggest firm in its space.

You, Too, Can Be A Data Scientist, Courtesy of Airbnb


No, Airbnb won’t be providing you with a bunch of clean data sets and algorithms when you arrive at your destination. But the rental lodging site is doing something that will delight analysts a whole lot more.

Today it announced that it is open sourcing Airpal, an internally developed web-based query execution tool that leverages Facebook's PrestoDB to facilitate data analysis.

It puts data scientist-like powers into more hands, and that’s not just talk. One-third of Airbnb employees have issued a query using the tool.

Google Analytics on the Line: Using Data for Better Insights


Gartner predicted that by 2015 there would be 4.4 million big data jobs, but that only one third of them would be successfully filled. This presents a huge opportunity for marketing professionals to advance in their roles by learning more about digital analytics, as well as how to accurately interpret and implement data to improve their company’s performance.

Here's an overview of several Google Analytics reports that in-house marketers can use to glean insight to develop new strategies, prove digital marketing’s worth in relation to the company’s overall growth and assist other departments in successfully reaching their goals.

The Scoop on Pinterest Analytics and Engaging Pinterest Followers

It's easy for people to spend time on popular social media platforms — and, increasingly, the platform of choice is Pinterest.

The growing use of the image sharing social media platform has created a high quality of influence on retail and branding. And that means it's essential for marketers to learn the basics of Pinterest Analytics.

Examining repins and researching follower interest with Pinterest Analytics can make Pinterest engagement more meaningful, help you increase online activity and enhance the digital experience for your customers.

How Google Analytics Can Make Cross Device Marketing Easier

In an early post on tag management systems, I noted how these systems would provide a great flexibility in measuring customer behavior in the growing information anywhere and anytime environment. Laptops with Wi-Fi access have supplanted desktops in sales popularity, while mobile devices are as essential now as a wallet or purse. Consumers can access retailer information anywhere and anytime.

One driver of the growing need for cross device analysis is webrooming and showrooming, both retail-related activities stemming from holiday shopper activity during past few seasons. Webrooming is the retail customer behavior of researching products and services while in a store. It differs from showrooming, an in-store behavior in which customers compare prices and research features, leading to a purchase online.

Both trends signal the need to understand foot traffic that is likely to become web traffic, including traffic from customers researching products in the privacy of a home.

The fact is that it is critical to add an analytics solutions to accurately capture that traffic. And adding a User ID in a Google Analytics script captures the best cross device behavior to enhance a marketing strategy.

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