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Web Analytics News & Analysis

New Google Analytics API Empowers Site Managers, Developers

Google's (news, site) Analytics suite powers a lot of the Web's ad management, but for most has only been a reference dashboard. The new API will let devs get under the hood and create custom tools.

Webtrends Targets the Future of Social Marketing

Webtrends Targets the Future of Social Marketing Webtrends (news, site) finalized the acquisition of an application development platform called Transpond this morning. Does this mean a step up for social media marketing? We think so. 

Mixpanel: An iPhone Analytics Tool Apple Might Actually Like

Mixpanel: An iPhone Analytics Tool Apple Might Actually LikeEver since Steve Jobs ripped Flurry (news, site) a new one for leaking device data about Apple products, iPhone analytics has been a touchy subject. But this week, a promising startup called Mixpanel is attempting to patch the wound with their iPhone SDK library. 

Adobe Flavors Online Marketing Suite with Social Media Features

Adobe Flavors Online Marketing Suite with Social Media Features This week, Adobe (news, site) announced the addition of some interesting social media features to their Online Marketing Suite. Among them: advanced bid strategies for Facebook ads, and image ad support for the Google Content Network. 

Gauging the Success of Web Analytics Programs

Is there a secret recipe for successful Web analytics programs? If there is, you might help us figure it out. 

Kampyle Collects Words, Not Just Numbers with Feedback Analytics

kampyle-logo.pngIn the past when we’ve talked about usability testing, we’ve approached it from the perspective of tracking visitors’ behaviors online to help us better understand how customers use a site. But what if you could actually ask each individual a question?

Google Adds Real-Time Statistics to Blogger

blogger_logo_10.jpgAttention, stats fans! Today Google granted Blogger, its blog publishing platform, a feature that allows users to check their stats in (almost) real-time. 

Quantivo and Semphonic Partner: Combine Web and Behavioral Analytics

This week, two of the biggest names in behavioral and web analytics partnered. Quantivo (news, site) and Semphonic (news, site) are coming together to offer what they call a turn-key behavioral analytics service.

SaaS CMS Clickability Enters the Web Engagement Game

SaaS CMS Clickability Enters the Web Engagement Game

Web CMS vendors’ affection for web engagement is spreading faster than I can say WEM. SaaS CMS provider Clickability (news, site) is heading that direction as well with the release of Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA) module.

Privacy: Is Google's Opt Out Solution Just Insane?

Earlier this year, Google announced that they were working on a tool that would allow users to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics. The browser plug-in recently arrived, and reactions have -- understandably -- been mixed. The Onion's visual analysis though, has by far stolen the show.

Advancing Customer Experience for Companies with Established Baseline

 It is apparent that most companies, if not all, already use some sort of web analytics software to monitor their site’s traffic. Whether it’s built into their CMS or they use an external tool like Google Analytics, it’s rare for an organization not to know where their traffic is coming from. But that’s usually where it ends.


WEM Perspectives: You Say WEM, I Say Online Marketing Optimization

Is Web Engagement Management (WEM) a new on the ground reality, or just the latest turn of phrase to help build the sales pipeline? I think we’ve been here before -- but more importantly, how is your organization making its digital business decisions?

Clicktale: 3 Types of Analytics for Usability Testing

clicktale_Logo.jpgA few weeks ago we took a look at the free tools available for conducting usability testing. While free is always welcome, using free products or services can have limitations. When looking at paid options, however, making a decision can be complicated. Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Clicktale, one of the major players in the usability game, about their product, its features and how it can help companies improve their site’s design and user experience.

SharePoint 2010 Infused with Webtrends Analytics

Webtrends Brings Analytics to SharePoint It's not just content management and social computing vendors who want to a part of SharePoint's ecosystem, analytics vendors are seeing the writing on the wall as well. Webtrends (newssite) arrives just in time to offer its analytic solution for SharePoint 2010.

Web Analytics: Waiting for the New Federal Government Cookie Policy

Is waiting for the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines on a new Federal Government cookie policy like waiting for Godot? One might not be blamed for thinking as much.

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