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It's Not What People Say, It's What They Do

Never make management decisions for a website based on opinions. There is often a Jekyll and Hyde difference between what people say and what they do.

Findability + Web Presence + Social: Attracting the “Customer as Buyer”

For anyone selling software solutions, a strong and well-crafted web presence is de rigueur for connecting with potential customers or with the “Customer as Buyer”. More and more purchasing of various software solutions is becoming an online event, fueled by the growing success of SaaS, cloud and open source options. SMB / Mid-Market buyers, who don’t have a lot of time for purchase cycles, want to do business with vendors who make it much easier to reach a decision.

WEM: Optimize Content for Your Web Presence

To optimize content marginally well, companies can choose to focus on SEO, keywords and meta data or how text, image and multimedia content is presented and organized on a site. Yet in order to be competitive in the marketplace, companies should instead focus on incorporating elements of each into their web engagement strategies.

Web Manager: Top Tasks Versus Tiny Tasks

Separating the top tasks from the tiny tasks is one of a web manager's most important responsibilities.

RenewData Finds Relevancy with Anagram Keyword Development

When it comes to e-Discovery, there are so many parts of the process that companies seek to improve through third party solutions. Today RenewData (news, site) has announced the availability of its Anagram Keyword Development, a solution aimed at improving the thought process.

Latest Tools for Content Governance, Web Operations Management

The tools called WebWorks are partially still in the works, coming from an expected source – Vamosa (news, site) – and designed (as ever so slightly hinted in the name) to make the web work and work better with proper controls by web managers.

Are You Multi-Channel Intelligent? Engagement Goes Beyond the Website

You're concerned. You're vigilant. And you're intimate with your analytics. So you already know that the audiences you need to reach are finding you via many different devices and pathways. Your website is just part of the story.

The problem is, not many of us planned for that. The result? An inconsistent experience that provides no way to recognize and respond intelligently to your customer across all channels.

70+% of U.S. Consumers Are Multi-Channel Information Grazers

In some cases, the Internet is replacing older forms of media and buying. But in many instances channels are operating in parallel.

Forrester research found that in more than 70% of the cases studied, U.S. consumers who bought online supplemented their purchasing process with one of a number of additional information channels. These exchanges ranged from print materials, to emails, to call centers, to live chat.

Go Multi-Channel, But Intelligently

Perceiving your problem is the first step. Once you understand what the channels are, then you need to way to recognize each customer across them. After that, it's all about strategy, tools and execution -- ultimately leading to intelligent cross-channel experiences.

Technology provider CoreMedia figures they have something to teach you. They've teamed with leading IDC analyst, Melissa Webster, to talk about Expanding Your Online Strategy Beyond Your Website.

The live webinar will cover:

  • 7 key principles for cross-channel digital strategy
  • Approaches to channel-agnostic account management
  • How your content management tools can create consistent, conversational experiences

You can join in on Thursday June 17th at 12pm Eastern time / 9am Pacific time. IDC's Melissa Webster leads the firm's Content and Digital Media Technologies research program. Register now and get a free copy of of Webster's most recent research on multi-channel engagement.

SMB Tech Roll-up: Google On Caffeine High, Cisco Offers Cheaper Storage

More new releases this week that will help SMBs do business and cut costs, not least of which is the launch of Google Caffeine that will see SMB websites updated quicker. A new release from Cisco offers affordable storage solutions with integrated business applications.

Web Experience: The Customer is a Stranger

The organization is a tribe and the customer is a stranger. That's why it's so hard to be customer-centric.

#eeci2010 Content Editors Should Demand Better Layout Tools

As web content management systems are adopted by broader numbers of organizations, content producers should demand tools that can (at the individual article level) provide content-appropriate, customizable and compelling design, said designer Greg Wood in a presentation at the ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter 2010 conference Wednesday in San Francisco.

Day Adds Translation and Localization to CQ5 Web CMS

logo-day-software-2009.png When Day Software (news, site) upgraded its content management platform to CQ5.3 it came with a number of useful enhancements, but no translation abilities. Day has just rectified that by teaming up with to produce a quick-response solution to enable companies to launch localized products in numerous languages.

WEM Perspectives: The Relevance of Relevance

Every click and every second counts. So optimize your marketing campaigns by focusing on delivering relevant, personally meaningful messages.

WordPress Gets Social with New Like and Reblog Features

WordPress Gets Social with New Like and Reblog FeaturesResharing is caring. Today's example comes from the team, as they've just added a Like and Reblog feature to the popular publishing platform. As you might've guessed, these new perks look and behave like those within Facebook.

Google Buzz Gets Reshare Option, Competes with Twitter

This week I turned Buzz back in order to show you that the platform added what was rumored to be its most requested feature: Reshare. The addition does exactly what it sounds like -- lets users reshare Buzz posts from other users -- making Buzz even more Twitter-like than it was before.

WEM Perspectives: Why Website Personalization Matters

There is a lot of buzz going on around personalization in the online world -- how to use it, does it matter, won't the visitor be suspicious, etc. From where I stand, personalization matters. Here's why.

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