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3 Reasons to Not Write Custom Code for SharePoint 2010

Considering writing some custom code for your SharePoint implementation? Think again.

Jive's SDK and Marketplace Aim to Change Social Business

We knew Jive (news, site) was doing big things in the social business arena, but the recent release of the Jive Apps SDK for developers is a whole new can of worms. Along with new core features for their apps market, the company aims to change the way business applications are built, marketed and sold.

Google Donates 2 Tools' Source Code to Eclipse Foundation

Google (newssite) is showing the Eclipse Foundation (newssite) a bit of holiday goodwill. The Internet giant has made a donation -- in the form of source code and intellectual property -- valued at more than US$ 5 million dollars. The move is good news for the open source Java community, which hasn’t had a lot to cheer about lately.

A Week in Google: Here Comes the Web in 3D, Fiber Network to Follow

If you were disappointed at the postponed release of both Chrome OS and Google’s fiber-optic network, perhaps this will cheer you up: The Internet giant moved its WebGL 3D graphics API for JavaScript to beta, opening up a door for developers to begin creating three-dimensional Web apps. 

The Social Web in 2011 and Beyond

There's no denying that the social Web is changing the world. Every arena from business to casual communication is being intimately rearranged by collaborative technology. Subsequently, it is more important now that ever before to consider how we can successfully guide our lives into an age of total information awareness and connectivity. 

Latest Kentico Release Adds Azure and SharePoint 2010 Support

This week at LeWeb, Web CMS vendor Kentico (news, site) announced that it will be releasing CMS 5.5 R2 in the middle of next week. This latest update comes with support for both SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Azure.

Semantic Web Gets Closer to Relational Data

w3c_home_nb.pngWeb 2.0 is so yesterday. Perhaps, that’s an overstatement, but Web 3.0, the semantic web, is rapidly moving beyond the academic laboratory to real-world utilization. Now the W3C RDB2RDF Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of "A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF.” This work is a major step towards making the astounding amount of data stored in relational databases more easily available to the semantic web.

The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing your Development Work

Web 2.0 led to many phenomena that changed our lives and crowdsourcing is definitely one of them. But if you are considering going the crowdsourcing route to get your development work completed (or any other work for that matter), then take minute to consider the pros and cons.

Apple Backs Oracle, Adopts OpenJDK

The drama around Java continues. The battle for Java is becoming more dramatic than a soap opera and many major companies are involved. Oracle (newssite) and the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) (news,site) are in a bitter dispute over licensing issues and ASF threatens to veto Java 7 if the licensing issues are not resolved. On the positive end of things however, Apple (news, site) has announced its support for OpenJDK, thus putting an end to speculations that it might not allow Java on Mac OS X.

Web CMS: Sitecore's New Visual Studio Plugin Makes Developers Smile

A new extension for MS Visual Studio makes Sitecore Web CMS integrators' lives just that much easier. Here's a quick look at the features.


Google Refine Cleans Messy Data Sets

Google Refine is another open source project from Google that deserves attention -- quite a lot of it. This is a great tool for cleaning messy data sets and for performing advanced operations on your data, such as transformation from one format to another or data augmentation.

Introducing the Cooperative Storage Exchange Program

symform_logo_2010.jpgHeads up, SMBs. Symform's new Cooperative Storage Cloud utilizes a “share and share alike” model in order to provide cheap and offsite storage to MSPs and their customers. 

Facebook Applications Made Easy with Heroku

Facebook Applications Made Easy with HerokuIf you're in the market for something to ease the process of building Facebook apps, a new Facebook App Package from Heroku may be worth checking out.  

Modeling Content for the Behaviors You Want #Alfresco

alfresco-devcon-header.pngWhen it comes to content modeling, the Alfresco Content Model works to enforce customer business logic and model consistency. Jan Vonka, member of the core repository team at Alfresco addressed these issues at the Alfresco Developers Conference NYC 2010.

Traditional Website Development is Dead, Long Live the Web CMS

There are some organizations still developing their websites using the more traditional design and build from scratch approach. With all the capabilities that the latest web content management systems can offer, the question is why?

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