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Why Create Lightweight Business Applications Using Microsoft LightSwitch?

The Microsoft’s VSLive2010 developer’s event is all about development in the Visual Studio environment, and one of the big announcements this year was the launch date for Visual Studio LightSwitch. LightSwitch is a Rapid Development environment that will allow technical and somewhat-technical people the ability to create light weight Line of Business applications. While many developers don’t think LightSwitch will be useful for creating apps, we think it can be very beneficial to use in the right circumstances. Here are some reasons why.   

Mozilla Delays Release of Firefox 4 Until 2011

Mozilla Delays Release of Firefox 4 Until 2011Following a nasty  zero-day flaw exploited in malware downloads, as well as general difficulty around releasing the first full-featured beta, Mozilla's updated Firefox 4 schedule shows that release of the browser has been pushed back from late 2010 to 2011. 

Web Optimization: W3C Takes Semantic Web to Next Level

If you think RDFa and the semantic web is only for geeks, it's time to take a second look. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is advancing the standards for tomorrow's Internet and web content management vendors are getting on-board. The result is going to be a smarter, more findable Web.

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Where Has All the Innovation Gone?

It's a widely known fact that the Enterprise has been jacking popular consumer technologies for its two-dot-oh pool, but the level of successful deployment thus far has failed to impress. This week we examined the possible roadblocks. 

Amazon to Offer One Full Year of Free Cloud Services

Amazon believes that Cloud services are the future. They believe it so much, in fact, that starting November 1st, new AWS customers are being offered a free year of usage on the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). 

WebMatrix Beta 2 Integrates with Open Source Package Manager for .NET

WebMatrix Beta 2 Includes Integration with New Open Source Package Manager for .NETLots of new and improved things coming out of Microsoft lately including the second beta of WebMatrix, the 3rd beta of ASP.NET MVC 3 and a brand spanking new open source package manager for .NET.

Want IE9? You'll Need an Unreleased Service Pack with That

Want IE9? You'll Need an Unreleased Service Pack with ThatMicrosoft played the schoolyard bully this week when an FAQ post indicated that the upcoming IE9 browser will not run without the not-yet-released Windows 7 Service Pack 1. 

Design Web Apps for SharePoint, Cloud Without Touching Code

IronSpeed_logo_2010.jpg Everyone is looking for a way to build Web 2.0 applications quickly, without having to deal with the details of code. Iron Speed offers such as solution in their Iron Speed Designer that can build apps for SharePoint 2010, 

A Week in Google: A Creepy Stalker Gets Fired, A Music Store is Born

Evidently, if there's one company you don't mess around with, it's Google. The Internet giant fired a Site Reliability Engineer after he was caught using his internal clearances to spy on people, including four minors. Meanwhile, new details about the highly anticipated Google music store have been leaked. 

Monotype Imaging Makes Thousands of Fonts Available

MonotypeImagingLogo.gifThis week, Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., one of the leading text imaging solution providers announced the availability of Web Fonts. Serving as Monotype’s cloud-based solution, provides thousands of high-quality fonts for web designers.

NetBiscuits Offers Mobile Website Creation Tool

netbuscuits_logo_2010.jpgCreate killer mobile sites and apps without the need for programming skills thanks to Netbiscuits' cloud-based, cross-platform development system.

Microsoft Announces September Date for IE 9 Beta

Apart from confirmation by Steve Ballmer that Microsoft (news, site) is working on a tablet it hopes will compete with iPad, Thursday’s Microsoft annual Financial Analyst Meeting also brought news that the company intends to release the beta of IE 9 in September.

Customizing Typography with Google Font Previewer

Want to know how a typeface will look before adding it to your site? Google's new Font Previewer gives you a visual as you tinker with the look and feel of a font, then sits out a block of code for some easy copy and paste action: 

Hedgehog Helps Ease Team Development For Sitecore Web CMS

hedgehog_logo_2010.jpgHedgehog Development's release of Team Development 2.1 for Sitecore is a perfect example of how a technology partner can create a product that makes development and deployment of the Sitecore (newssite) Web CMS that much easier.

SaaS Platform Provider Bridgeline Digital Continues Expansion via Acquisition Strategy

bridgeline_logo_2010.jpgContent management and e-commerce firm Bridgeline (news, site) is going for growth via the shopping spree route.

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