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WEM: Web Teams Need Constant Feedback

Living systems get constant feedback from their external environment. To truly succeed, web teams need constant feedback from their customers.

SharePoint 2010 Supported in NCachePoint 2.0

ncachepoint_logo_2010.jpgAlachisoft (news, site) came out with its Sharepoint distributed caching solution last February. Yesterday, they announced the latest version which has been updated to support SharePoint 2010.

Book: Pro ASP.NET 4 CMS Shows How You Can Build Your Own Web CMS

While it’s rarely recommended that one build themselves their own content management system from scratch, there are times when it can be a good learning experience. It’s even better when what you build is actually worth building. Such is the case with Pro ASP.NET 4 CMS, a new platform developed by Alan Harris.

WebMatrix Provides SMBs, Developers a Tool For Easy Website Creation and Deployment

webmatrix_logo_2010.jpgWhether you are a small business or a development shop, Microsoft is providing more ways for you to create websites built on their technology and a number of web content management systems.

Microsoft Offers an Express Edition of the IIS Web Server

The tools for Microsoft web developers are getting better and better these days, we've seen that with the SharePoint 2010 tools for Visual Studio 2010. But Microsoft is now also coming out with a new web server to support all ASP.NET developers: IIS Express.

New Internet Explorer 9 Preview Shows One Future of the Web

ie9_logo_thumb.jpgMicrosoft (news, site) has sneaked out a new preview version of its upcoming Web browser to highlight its vision of the next-gen Internet.

Web Operations: Maintaining High Traffic Websites

 WebOperations_Book.jpgAs organizations build more web applications and bring more people to their website to engage in social activities, the need to keep their website running smoothly is critical. A new book from O'Reilly called Web Operations: Keeping the Data on Time should help you understand how to run these website effectively.

Build Your Own Internal App Store with JackBe

jackbe_logo_2010.png.jpgIf you’re looking to house all of your apps in one place, you might want to check out JackBe. On June 30th, the company is releasing a tool that will allow enterprises to build their own application shop.

Web Experience: The Customer is a Stranger

The organization is a tribe and the customer is a stranger. That's why it's so hard to be customer-centric.

Google Unveils Storage for Developers, Heads-up Amazon

Of course, right when we hint at Google's lack of storage options, the company goes and announces Google Storage for Developers. The RESTful cloud service is another layer of the Web giant's storage and networking infrastructure, and competes directly with Amazon S3. 

8 Great Tips for Web Product Management

Regardless of whether you're implementing a Web CMS, iterating a web application or building a new web platform from scratch your technical project environment is probably fairly chaotic -- most are. Here are 8 management tips for balancing the oft dueling needs of forward progress and longer term software sanity.

Amazon Drops Storage Cost to $0.10 Per Gigabyte

amazon_aws_logo.jpgShould you pay the same amount to store non-critical data as you do to store critical data? Amazon (news, site) today says no. The now books, now cloud computing company has introduced a new -- and significantly less expensive -- tier to their S3 cloud storage service. 

Google's Contextual Apps Bring the Marketplace to Your Inbox

Yesterday Big G tided over users eager for some Google I/O news with a small treat: contextual gadgets. These gadgets draw information from Web applications, social networks, business services and other systems, and place it in your Gmail account. 

W3C Releases New Standard for XML Processes


A lot has happened since 1998 when the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published its first standard for XML, the Extensible Markup Language. Soon after, they standardized a few more XML core operations like validation, query, transformation and linking.

This week, 12 years after its first standardization, the W3C announced a spec for managing XML-rich processes such as business processes used in enterprise environments.

Adobe and KickApps Make Flash-Based Media Delivery Easy

Adobe and KickApps Make Flash-Based Media Delivery EasyIf KickApps (news, site) failed to catch your attention before, perhaps their partnership with Adobe will do the trick. The combination of these social media and creative technologies has yielded the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) App Studio, a cloud-based, drag-and-drop media player solution. 

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