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Skyfire 2.0: The Android is Now a Flash-Friendly Device

skyfire_logo_10.jpgWell, the iPhone isn't a fan of Flash but the Android sure is. Skyfire (news, site) launched its first Flash-enabled mobile Web browser last week.  

Microsoft .NET Rated Best Framework By Developers, Beats Google App Engine

evansData_logo_2010.jpg According to a recent survey by Evans Data Corp, Microsoft .NET was voted the best overall framework by the developers who use it, beating out Google App Engine, Ruby on Rails and others.

Day's CRX 2.1: Dual Standard Support, Agile Mobile Development


Don’t you just dream of coding away on an iPad from your couch, while taking advantage of JSR-283 and CMIS standards support (leveraging Apache Chemistry) and the ability to develop, package and share your composite content applications?

If that’s the case, Day Software’s (news, site) latest release of CRX (Content Repository eXtreme), Day's commercial JCR repository/application platform, was made for you.

How to Avoid Being a Difficult Client and Get More Bang for Your Buck

Working with contractors or 3rd parties, like any relationship, is a two-sided affair. Here are some tips for keeping your Web projects running smoothly.

Do Best Practices Set Us Up for Failure?

When the CEO of The Human Factor, Holly Green, asks her audience if best practices are their worst enemy, she says she always gets the same reaction: "They look at me like I'm nuts!" And so perhaps the title of this article brought you here to find out if CMSWire had finally fallen off its rocker. On the contrary, we're intrigued by the number of people that agree with Green's notion. 

SnapLogic's Data Integration Marketplace Goes Live

snaplogic_logo_2010.jpgSnapLogic (news, site) becomes the latest company to create its own little store front on the burgeoning Web shopping mall to make the data transformation features for its DataFlow solution easier to buy.

#drupalcon Keeping Up with Twitter

This year for Drupalcon, the organizers felt a little cross-pollination was in order. There are multiple talks that don't in fact feature Drupal (news, site) at all. Instead, the topics revolve around things that the Drupal community can learn from.

One of those talks was offered by Ben Sandofsky (@sandofsky) of Twitter (news, site).

Kaltura Launches Marketplace for Video Applications

kaltura_logo_2010.jpgKaltura Exchange (news, site) is providing a trading post for those creating apps using the open-source video platform.

Add Some Business Intelligence to your PHP Applications

Last year, Microsoft released a PHP Toolkit for ADO.Net Data Services enabling PHP applications to to connect and leverage the various services offered in ADO.Net Data Services. Now they offer the ability to add some business intelligence capabilities to those same applications, thanks to SQL Server 2008.

Telerik Says Work Smarter: Adds Team Productivity, Testing Tools

Telerik Says Works Smarter: Adds Team Productivity, Testing ToolsThere's more than just a little bit of news coming out of Telerik (news, site) these days. The company has announced an expanded product line that includes testing tools and team productivity capabilities.

Visual Studio 2010: Not Just Good for Developers

A New Date for Visual Studio 2010So it's April 12 and it is official -- Microsoft has announced the availability of Visual Studio 2010 (news, site) and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. It's an exciting time for developers. But what if you are not a developer? Well, there's something there for you to be excited about too.

Apple Launches iAd, A Mobile Ad Network

iad-150x150.jpgAnd so it was written, on Thursday, April 8, Steve Jobs said, “…we think most of this mobile advertising really sucks,” thus giving way to the creation of iAd, Apple’s debut mobile advertising platform. The mobile web will never be the same again.

Google Grants Developers OAuth Access in Gmail

Google's added the OAuth standard to Gmail. Now available to developers through Google Code Labs, the move tightens up e-mail account security when a user authorizes a third-party developer to see their contacts list. 

W3C Solution for Robust Web Application Caching Progresses

W3C_logo_2010.jpgThe Web's days of innocence -- where it was just used to post the digital equivalent of static brochures -- are long past. Today we expect to do everything over the web, no matter how forced and cludgy it has to work under the hood to accomplish our goals. Fortunately, there are people willing to wade into the mind-numbing realm of protocols and data streams in order to improve it all.

Microsoft Updates CodePlex, Adds Support for Windows Live ID, Ads

codeplex_logo_2010.jpgMicrosoft has deployed an updated version of their open source code repository CodePlex. The latest updates include support for Windows Live ID and page ads.

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