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Twitter Takes on Facebook Connect With New Tools for Website Integration

Twitter Takes on Facebook Connect With New Tools for Website Integration Why waste all that time creating an account on a website when you can login with one click of your mouse? Such is the beauty of Facebook Connect. And, if we’re lucky, soon the same will go for Twitter (news, site) as well.

Word on the street is that the microblogging champs are planning to release a set of tools that will enable third party websites to integrate Twitter features directly into their websites and services.

Not to be mistaken for Twitter’s Simply Buttons with a new look (the buttons let users on third party sites sign into Twitter), the new features will reportedly allow websites to authenticate users, pull data and publish it back to Twitter. Though it’s true that all these functionalities currently exist, they’re not wrapped in the neat little package that Facebook Connect offers.

Facebook Connect has gained massive popularity since its release in 2008, currently extending to 80,000 websites with a monthly 60 million users. And let’s not forget a recent and fairly significant move from Myspace. Once thought to be the king of social networks, the site bowed pretty low when it integrated Facebook Connect into its Fan Video service last week.

Will Twitter’s upcoming tools catch on? Towards the end of 2009 our fine feathered friend saw an unexpected leveling out in their growth rate, causing many to wonder the site would do next. Perhaps these connectivity tools are one their tricks for an explosive 2010. 

Amazon Adds Streaming Support to CloudFront CDN

Amazon Adds Streaming Support to CloudFront CDNIn an act that could possibly bring them up to par with some of the better known CDNs in the market, Amazon Web Services (news, site) has tossed cheap audio and video streaming support into the mix with CloudFront, their typically low-key service for content delivery.  

April 12 is the New Release Date for Visual Studio 2010

A New Date for Visual Studio 2010We like really short and sweet posts about project updates. They get to the point very quickly and leave no room for misinterpretation.

At least that is what we get from Microsoft's Rob Caron. He's the Marketing Communications Manager for Developer and User Experience Runtimes and Tools at Microsoft -- which includes of course Visual Studio. He recently presented a quick update on the new release date for Visual Studio 2010 (news, site).

Originally scheduled for late March, Microsoft withdrew the delivery date saying they needed more time for testing due to performance and virtual memory issues.

The new date? "Short but sweet, Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 will launch on Monday, 12 April 2010."

According to Mary Jo Foley, an unplanned Release Candidate will go out in February to testers, which will hopefully ensure that the issues mentioned above are resolved.

In the meantime, have another look at the new product lineup, the cloud support and a few other things in our look Visual Studio 2010: On Beta 2, New SKUs and Cloud Support.

And if you are still trying to figure out how to convince your boss that you will need the new version when it does arrive, do some comparison views of the different versions of Video Studio.

Visual Studio Comparison Tool on MSDN

Amazon's Cloud Burst: Streaming Media, Privacy and Price Bidding

amazon_aw_logo_2010.jpgAmazon (news, site) Web Services is bursting at the seams with a raft of new features and services that will make it easier and more affordable to work in the cloud.

Survey: 61% of Developers Adopting Hybrid Cloud Model

evans_data_2010.jpgHere’s some food for thought: A recent Cloud Development Survey reported that 61% of the developers in Evans Data Corp (news, site) believe that a portion of their IT resources will move to the public cloud within the next year.

But how much of those IT resources exactly? The portion size is up for debate, as over 87% of the 400 developers surveyed in November and December of 2009 believe that only half or less than half of their resources will move.

Meaning? The hybrid cloud is what you might want to watch out for.

“The hybrid Cloud presents a very reasonable model, which is easy to assimilate and provides a gateway to Cloud computing without the need to commit all resources or surrender all control and security to an outside vendor, "said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data."Security and government compliance are primary obstacles to public Cloud adoption, but a hybrid model allows for selective implementation so these barriers can be avoided."

Some other tidbits from the survey to think about:

  • MySQL is the preferred database for use in the public cloud cited by over 55% of the developers
  • Almost two-thirds (64%) expect their cloud apps to extend to mobile devices
  • VMWare is the favorite hypervisor vendor or user in a virtualized private cloud (28.6%) followed by Microsoft and IBM

For a preview of the 113 page report, head on over to EDC's site.

Latest Kentico WCM Release Focuses on Enterprise Level Performance and Scalability

kentico_logo_2010.jpgKentico (news, site) aims to please heavyweight site builders with the latest updates in version 5.0 of its ASP.NET CMS.

SPDY: Can Google Make the Web Faster?

Raise your hand if you hate the idea of the Web running faster! Yeah, I thought so. In apparent frustration with not being able to deliver their massive array of content as quickly as they'd like, Google (news, site) is working on this very problem.

How Integrated is Your Web Analytics Package and is That a Good Thing?

According to BtoB Magazine the web analytics market is expected to hit US$ 953 mil by 2014, and suggesting that the pickings might be even juicier Adobe recently acquired Omniture for the tidy sum of about US$1.8 billion.

If you're on top of things Web, then you've probably noticed a growing hum of activity in the analytics space. Here's a quick scan around the field and a look at what all this Web CMS + analytics integration news we've been hearing about means.

A Sneak Peak at HTML 5.0

HTML 5 (news, site) is the fifth major revision of the web's core language and it has been designed to support the rapidly changing Web 2.0 world we live in today. Let's take a little tour of what this latest version means for web development.

Kentico Launches New Partner Portal, Revamped Partner Program

Kentico Launches New Partner Portal, Revamped Partner Program More news from Kentico (news, site). This time it’s not a new release, but a new version for its Partner Program that will give its 900 partners added support for the development of better, if not bigger, Kentico ASP.NET websites.

While announcements about extending  partner programs come a dime-a-dozen, this one is slightly different in that Kentico has divided its partners into three different levels of partners and provided a new portal where they can interact.

Basically, partners will from here on be divided into three different categories: Partner, Certified Partner and Gold Certified Partner. The portal provides support for business and web development with the services offered depending on level of partnership.

As it stands 69 of Kentico's partners have attained Gold Certification, 122 have achieved Certified, with the rest classified as partners. Presumably, the more you use Kentico products, the more likely it is you will be elevated.

The fact that 35% of the Partners are in the US indicates how well and successfully the Czech-based web content management provider has been in the US, and is only topped by the number of European partners at 39%. Interesting to see if this figure changes by this time next year.

Alcatel-Lucent Connects Service Providers with Web 2.0

Alcatel-Lucent Connects Service Providers with Web 2.0Alcatel-Lucent has a set of new capabilities for all the service providers, content providers and application developers out there. The release, which includes the Application Exposure Suite and an Open API Service, aims to speed up the creation of Web 2.0 services while keeping the process secure and controlled.  

Google Go, A New Programming Language After Microsoft's Dev Community?

Early last month Google tossed its latest creation into the shark pool: A new programming language called Go. To the surprise of exactly no one, the experimental project has survived its first month without scathe or scar. Could this mean it’s once again time for Microsoft to batten down the hatches?

SAP Betas, A Google Wave Competitor?

SAP Betas, A Google Wave Competitor “Imagine a virtual war room,” says SAP (news, site) of their upcoming potential Google Wave competitor. The private beta version of the cloud-based application (codenamed Constellation) is called 12Sprints, and promises to expedite the decision making process for business users with pre-defined tools.

Nstein Lends Sentiment Analysis to Reputation Measurement

Nstein_logo_2010.jpg Nstein (news, site) recently stepped up their relationship with evolve24, an analytics research firm in St. Louis. The collaboration gives evolve24 access to Nstein’s handy Sentiment Analysis module, allowing them to quickly determine an article’s overall tone for key insight into a company’s representation.  

"Reputations are built over time and are the response to actions taken by a corporation,” explained Scot Wheeler, Vice President of Strategy & Client Services for evolve24. “For example, reputation can be hurt by unaddressed negative responses to products and services, including poor customer support, regulatory or legislative issues, insensitive ad campaigns, or any perceived affront to an audience, while a new product announcement, a viral campaign or launch of user groups may create highly positive coverage in influential publications and blogs which will help build reputation.”

Wheeler estimates that one person at peak performance can detect the tone of 25 articles per hour. Nstien's technology will reportedly boost that number to tens of thousands of pieces of content per day and still require only one person to manually test and verify results. 

“We are thrilled that evolve24 continues to expand its relationship with Nstein”, said Nstein CTO Jean-Michel Texier, “This collaboration allow us to deepen our knowledge of marketing decision support systems and accelerate the reinforcement of our technological offering in opinion mining and automated brand monitoring.”

Want your reputation measured? Check out evolve24's site here

Microsoft Offers 5 Web Specs Under New Open Web Foundation Agreement

openwebfoundation_logo_2009.jpg Microsoft has opened up 5 of their Web Specifications as part of the Open Web Foundation's new legal framework agreement

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