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CXM Research: The Social Customer Experience Maturity Model

For all the exclamations around social media for business, one thing is certain: Business forays into social media are pointless if business is not doing anything to turn friends, fans and followers into evangelists and customers.

3 Ways to Use Content to Improve the Online Customer Experience

Retailers are quickly learning the power of adding content like rich media to websites, but they aren’t the only ones catching on. Videos and 360◦ product photography has worked its way onto e-commerce websites, and consumers are now expecting them when they shop. Quality content can not only be a powerful sales tool for your website, but also a way to significantly improve the online customer experience. Here are three ways to use content on your retail websites.

Flowdock Offers Streamlined Collaboration for Developers

Flowdock Offers Streamlined Collaboration for DevelopersFlowdock is aimed at software developers and other technical departments working in remote teams, offering a cloud-based inbox with chat for quick-and-easy discussions.

SDL to Acquire Web Engagement Management Vendor Alterian?

A little interesting potential acquisition news this morning. It looks like SDL might be wanting to get its hands on web engagement management provider Alterian.

Editor's Note: Alterian released a comment on the potential acquisition offer. Read on to get their perspective.

Over Half of Orgs Consider Social Business Imperative to Success #SocBiz

The tune about social business is slowly changing. A recent AIIM survey reveals that over half of user organisations consider social business applications to be significant, if not imperative, to their business goals. 

Customer Experience Advice from the Experts: Make Sure Your Site is Working at Top Efficiency

Three C's comprise the backbone of good customer experience management: content, community and commerce. This week we've got expert advice on how to improve them, with a particular focus on content. 

Adobe AudienceResearch Surfaces the Metrics That Count

Adobe AudienceResearch Surfaces the Metrics That CountAdobe dug further down analytics with the immediate availability of AudienceResearch, a new audience measurement tool that grants publishers and digital marketers with certified metrics. 

SDL's Robert Carroll Says Web CMS World is Exploding

To remain relevant, the Web CMS (WCM) world must evolve. And given WCM's critical position in the information stream this fact is broadly accepted. However, the nature of the forces driving this evolution look different depending on who you talk to.

In this exclusive CMSWire interview SDL's CMO of Web Content Management Solutions, Robert Carroll, expounds on the industry shift from a core Web CMS focus towards Customer Experience Management (CXM).

6 Steps for Building a Successful Customer Experience Model

Marketers are beginning to realize that they can’t provide consistent, personalized experiences to their customers without understanding how their customers experience their brand across all of their customer touch points. In response, platform vendors are rapidly developing ways for web content management (WCM), analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation (MA) tools to work together to collect, measure and analyze customer insights. These solutions provide the sales, marketing and communication teams with the information they need to create the best possible digital experiences and ultimately better gauge and perfect the quality of the customer experiences they provide.

Web Engagement: Should Your Recommendation Engine Work with Real-Time Data?

Under the umbrella of “customer engagement” and “web engagement,” companies look to implement technology and processes to ride the next wave of the World Wide Web. After Web 2.0, companies now need to engage with their audiences.

And of course, it’s clear that visitors can no longer be treated as anonymous “guests” on a website, especially not when they have identified themselves by logging in. They should be recognized and serviced appropriately, with relevant information. And ideally, that experience should also be context sensitive, especially when someone uses a mobile device. But how do you make the content relevant?

CMSWire's October Tweet Jam: CXM - The 3 C's: Content, Community & Commerce #CXMChat

It's that time again -- Tweet Jam time -- and this month we take a closer look at three key elements of Customer Experience Management (CXM): Content, Community & Commerce. CXM is a pretty big topic, even when focused on these three elements, and we could go in any number of directions, but we have tried our best to keep it straightforward. Let's give you some details.

WEM: Dodging Common Lead Generation Mistakes

These days, lead generation is more than just producing a list of names. It’s a delicate balance of art and science. With marketers juggling a wide range of responsibilities, who has time for trial and error? Set yourself up for success by avoiding these common lead generation pitfalls.

Livefyre Adds Social Media to Web Commenting System

livefyre_logo_2011.jpgAfter Facebook waded into the comments space, is there still room for others to grow?  Looks like it, as Livefyre bags US$ 4.5 million in new funding and launches version 2.0 of its engagement-encouraging comments system.

User Experience: The Single Most Important Element of a Web CMS

Recent projects have forced me to look critically at how business users interact with their web content management systems, and the significance that the ethereal term “user experience” (which I will use interchangeably with the older term UI or user interface) can have both to their job satisfaction and their productivity. In my opinion, the single most important piece of a web content management solution is the interface used by the editorial team. If the user interface is poor or lacking, your editorial team will not work as quickly, content won’t be as fresh, and traffic to your site will usually drop.

How To: Conducting a Website Content Audit

To ensure that your website is working at top efficiency, and has content that engages visitors and converts them into paying customers, you’ll often need to conduct a website review. Learn the first step in this process, the website content audit.

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