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WEM: Dodging Common Lead Generation Mistakes

These days, lead generation is more than just producing a list of names. It’s a delicate balance of art and science. With marketers juggling a wide range of responsibilities, who has time for trial and error? Set yourself up for success by avoiding these common lead generation pitfalls.

Livefyre Adds Social Media to Web Commenting System

livefyre_logo_2011.jpgAfter Facebook waded into the comments space, is there still room for others to grow?  Looks like it, as Livefyre bags US$ 4.5 million in new funding and launches version 2.0 of its engagement-encouraging comments system.

User Experience: The Single Most Important Element of a Web CMS

Recent projects have forced me to look critically at how business users interact with their web content management systems, and the significance that the ethereal term “user experience” (which I will use interchangeably with the older term UI or user interface) can have both to their job satisfaction and their productivity. In my opinion, the single most important piece of a web content management solution is the interface used by the editorial team. If the user interface is poor or lacking, your editorial team will not work as quickly, content won’t be as fresh, and traffic to your site will usually drop.

How To: Conducting a Website Content Audit

To ensure that your website is working at top efficiency, and has content that engages visitors and converts them into paying customers, you’ll often need to conduct a website review. Learn the first step in this process, the website content audit.

Content: The Fuel for Your E-Commerce Engine

To have a successful e-commerce site, content is critical. This content can take many forms including images, manuals, feature descriptions, recommendations and more. The key to successful commerce and accelerating purchase decisions is to understand the customer decision journey and target content to the user to help them navigate that journey as quickly as possible, with minimal distractions. By focusing on the customer journey, it will be easier to understand and prioritize the content requirements for your, or your partner’s, e-commerce site.

The Cloud is Broken, Who Will Offer an Integrated Future for Users?

By some cloud magic, and a lot of user-side shuffling, you can just about get your desktop email, browser bookmarks and some documents accessible on any device of your choice. But shouldn't open access be a no-brainer, no-action-required, offering from Amazon, Google, Apple and others when offering us cloud-based services?

Customer Experience Advice from the Experts: Content, Commerce, Community

When defining your Customer Experience Strategy you should take 3 C's into consideration: Content, Community & Commerce. Not sure how to start? Read on for some advice from the experts. 

Poll: What is Your Top Customer Experience Priority?

Your customer experience strategy is likely composed of several initiatives. Perhaps you want to implement a new community or improve your e-commerce experience. Maybe it's your cross-channel integration that needs the most love?

This month we're focused on Customer Experience Management (CXM) practices and tools. To better serve you, we want to know what you care about most.

There is no witch here to cast spell and give you the right answer. And there's no skeleton in the closet that you need to hide -- every organization has different priorities. Our poll is open until October 25th. We'll share the results here before the end of the month.

Context Aware Content Management: The Most Important Pivot In CEM

Web content management has changed. Yes, again. The universe of options for organizations to create, edit, manage and ultimately publish content to their Web platforms has shifted for the second time in a decade.

Customer Experience: Are You Choking Your Tradeshow Data Collection with Tchotchkes?

If I had a £1 coin for every time a tradeshow stand gave me the chance to win an iPad simply by handing over a business card, I would be able to afford an iPad.

Apple iPad, iOS Dominate Mobile Web Traffic

Market research from ComScore suggests that Apple's iOS platform is even more popular than expected. Both Apple's tablet and smartphone platforms dominate in their respective markets, in terms of mobile web access.

Customer Experience: Consistency is a Fair Exchange for Loyalty Online

As we build our learning and body of knowledge around user context in a multi-channel world, we increasingly recognize the intrinsic values of consistency. Productivity, familiarity, effectiveness and success are some of the ways users express satisfaction when they encounter intuitive and repeatable patterns in user experience. And these are the kinds of feelings that make people come back. Of course we aren’t talking about un-changing, never-ending consistency, because that’s boring. We simply do new things in similar ways that bend to take advantage of the unique capabilities and opportunities provided for experiences in each channel.

Sitecore, Ektron, Mid Market Web CMS Vendors Raise Prices, Switch Focus

We've long considered Web CMS vendors like Sitecore and Ektron to be mid-market players. And to some extent they still are. But with the evolution of web content management towards customer experience management has come a shift in the .NET Web CMS vendor landscape. Here's a look at where the players are today.

5 Ways to Make Your e-Commerce Site Customer Experience Focused

More and more people are purchasing good and services online. A recent Forrester Research study was released showing a 5-year U.S. Online Retail Market Forecast -- the numbers are astounding. Needless to say, selling products online is a massive distribution channel for nearly every company, but just having a “shopping cart” is not enough -- your e-Commerce website should be customer experience focused.

Customer Experience: Dig Deeper on the Wants and Needs of Your Customers and Consumers

In reading Customer Experience: Help People Do Things, Don't Keep Them on Webpages by Gerry McGovern, I was reminded how the overall UX community is singularly focused on this well reasoned, but incomplete idea. While the article, and much of the associated UX literature that pervades the content ecosphere, is applicable in task-oriented domains, it lacks broader applicability because it treats the web as one big shopping cart and ignores two big factors.


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