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Publishing for Tablets: Going Native?

So where were we? In the first article of this series, What You Need To Know About iOS and Android, we decided that the wise publisher currently targets iOS first and Android second. In a second article, Data Formats for Fixed and Flowable Content, we agreed that HTML is the sensible way to expose a publisher’s content to the world. Today we’ll talk about how we take this content and create wonderful tablet apps.

Adobe Announces Flash 11, Offers 3D, Mobile-Friendly, Windows 8 Future

 Adobe Annouces Flash 11, Offers 3D, Mobile-Friendly, Windows 8 FutureEveryone's favorite developer-tool company Adobe is looking firmly forward with its latest version of Flash, packing in high-quality communications, multimedia and 3D gaming-focused features for all devices.

ElcomCMS 7.5 Brings a New Social Profile & 3rd Party Content Integration Framework

ElcomCMS 7.5 Brings a New Social Layer & Email CampaignAustralian web content management provider, Elcom, has released the latest version of ElcomCMS (formerly CommunityManager.NET). We gave you a sneak peek at what was coming back in August, but now it's finally here. Let's check it out.

Customer Experience: Help People Do Things, Don't Keep Them on Webpages

Your objective should be to reduce the amount of time customers have to spend on your website.

When #Fail Happens, How are You Going to React?

For brands, it can be futile to go on the offensive and try to prevent a social media fail incident from occurring in the first place. It can stifle creativity, lines of communication and the brand-consumer relationship. Of course, you can have measures in place to reduce the risk. Clear guidelines will set you up for day-to-day social communications and help to deliver a consistency in your tone of voice. But if something does go wrong, how you react will be critical.

Attensity Digs into Facebook Analytics on Posts, Surveys, Comments

attensity_logo_11.jpgLooks like Attensity is getting with the social times. The company announced the addition of a Facebook module to its analytics and engagement application, enabling business users to extract business insights from the network's comments, posts and surveys.

Web Engagement Management (WEM) Parental Advisory

There's a new acronym on the block: WEM! It's Web, it's Engagement and it's Management. It's new, it's sexy and everybody loves it. But before you join the enthusiastic crowd, I think some warnings are essential.

PreEmptive Provides More Application Intelligence to HTML5 Developers #bldwin

HTML5 is cool. However, no matter how cool it is, it’s not magic. Technology teams must be concerned with the same development issues as with other languages: Managing applications, correcting defects and implementing enhancements. PreEmptive, providers of tools to harden, monitor and protect code from reverse-engineering applications, is providing teams with tools to make that easier.

Define Mobile Website User Journeys to Help Build Customer Relationships

The growth of web-enabled mobile devices is well reported, and clearly there are significant opportunities for revenue growth and customer engagement using the mobile channel. Businesses who understand mobile website user journeys are able to gain an advantage to capitalize on these opportunities.

It Takes Collaboration to Be a Social Business

I’d like to tell you a story. I was a major bank’s customer for a few years, but had to switch to another bank as I moved to California. I left the account open with just enough money to carry me until I could close it. One day, I looked at my account and saw that I had been getting charged a monthly service charge because an unauthorized transaction had made me dip below the limit without me knowing. I called the bank’s 800 number and asked to be credited, with no result, even after speaking to a manager. I asked to close my account and was told to “Call this other 800 number.”

Open Source: Building Web Experience Management with Alfresco CMS

Sponsored ArticleIntelligent customer experiences are the flavor du jour of digital marketing and per the current mandate, they must seamlessly cross channels and devices as well. Translation: Your Web CMS must go beyond simply managing content. It must also be a marketing intelligence tool, capable of testing and refining digital customer experiences.

Rivet Logic, a consulting firm focused on open source software, offers a set of functionality based on the Alfresco CMS, aimed at making Alfresco a first rate customer experience management (CXM) platform.

Join in on Tuesday, September 13th at 11am ET / 8am PT (register here) for an interactive webinar as Rivet Logic shows how their Web Experience Management Logic Stack extends Alfresco to offer an open source solution for managing and optimizing web experiences.

If open source is your preference and you're looking to develop your organization's web experience management toolkit, then register now to learn more.

Alfresco + Rivet Logic = Open Source Web Experience Management (WEM)

Ingeniux 7.5 is the Digital Hub - Unified Web and Mobile Publishing

Ingeniux 7.5 has been released today, offering web managers and marketers a digital hub that supports the management of a single set of content deployed across a range of channels and devices. There are over 126 updates in this release. Here's a look at the major ones.

Social Media Minute: LinkedIn Gets Chartitable, Instagram Booms

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • LinkedIn Adds Volunteer Experience
  • Links Shared On YouTube Persist Longest
  • More Than a Quarter of US Adults Use Mobile and Location Services
  • Instagram Gains 50 Millionth User

Percussion CM1: Web CMS as a Product, Not a Framework

percussion_logo_2009.jpg While many web content management vendors have set their sights on building platforms that offer APIs and frameworks for building websites and applications, Percussion has stepped back and said 'wait a minute, let's get the core functionality down first in a way that's simple to deploy'. Today they offer that core "productized Web CMS" via Percussion CM1 Version 2.

WEM: How a Web CMS Can Help You Deliver Qualified Leads

Content management systems have always been known as great website editing tools, but many organizations aren’t even aware of the true power of current Web CMS platforms. Today’s CMS platforms offer advanced features and capabilities that can help you transform your website from a basic information center into a two-way customer engagement experience, which can help you interact with customers in a more meaningful way, and nurture them all the way through the buying lifecycle.

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