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Ingeniux 7.5 is the Digital Hub - Unified Web and Mobile Publishing

Ingeniux 7.5 has been released today, offering web managers and marketers a digital hub that supports the management of a single set of content deployed across a range of channels and devices. There are over 126 updates in this release. Here's a look at the major ones.

Social Media Minute: LinkedIn Gets Chartitable, Instagram Booms

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • LinkedIn Adds Volunteer Experience
  • Links Shared On YouTube Persist Longest
  • More Than a Quarter of US Adults Use Mobile and Location Services
  • Instagram Gains 50 Millionth User

Percussion CM1: Web CMS as a Product, Not a Framework

percussion_logo_2009.jpg While many web content management vendors have set their sights on building platforms that offer APIs and frameworks for building websites and applications, Percussion has stepped back and said 'wait a minute, let's get the core functionality down first in a way that's simple to deploy'. Today they offer that core "productized Web CMS" via Percussion CM1 Version 2.

WEM: How a Web CMS Can Help You Deliver Qualified Leads

Content management systems have always been known as great website editing tools, but many organizations aren’t even aware of the true power of current Web CMS platforms. Today’s CMS platforms offer advanced features and capabilities that can help you transform your website from a basic information center into a two-way customer engagement experience, which can help you interact with customers in a more meaningful way, and nurture them all the way through the buying lifecycle.

OpenText Adds E-Learning Via Operitel Acquisition

OpenText Adds E-Learning Via Operitel AcquisitionECM and BPM giant OpenText will now be able to offer learning and training tools to customers via its latest deal to acquire a fellow Canadian firm.

What's the Difference? Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

As more organizations build online customer communities, often aided by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the lines between community and social media have begun to blur.

Social Media Marketing 101: Brand Management

As we enter the fourth week in our Social Media Marketing 101 series, we’ve already outlined a lot of the basic details necessary for developing an effective social media marketing strategy. Now that you know who you are, what you do and the right keywords to use to describe your brand/company/product, as well as the appropriate goals you hope to achieve with and for your customers, it’s time to figure out a way to manage it all.

Ventana New Media Engine Powers, Connects Social Media With Content Marketing

Ventana Media Engine Powers, Connects Social Media With Content MarketingLast week, we reported that interactive marketing was forecasted to grow substantially over the next five years. Almost on cue, two launches seek to capitalize on this predicted growth. Ventana, best known for its public relations, has spawned a new entity it's calling Ventana New Media. With it comes the release of the Ventana New Media Engine, designed to optimize content-driven search engine communications so organizations can build an effective brand identity, while generating leads accurately across appropriate platforms.

Microsoft Repeats Offer: Money to Jump from Oracle, SAP, Salesforce

Dreamforce starts today… and it feels like Groundhog Day. Not the groundhog that tells the weather, but groundhog in the way things keep repeating themselves. The repetition this time is in the shape of Microsoft’s offer of rebates of US$ 150-per-seat for customers who subscribe to Dynamics CRM online.

Customer Experience: 4 Problems Facing Today's Marketers

Despite our concerns about personalization, both from a privacy and efficacy perspective, marketers are still easily seduced by its utility. Additionally, try as they might to resist it, consumers have grown accustomed to it. Yet, thanks to the need to engage users across various channels, marketers are under pressure to deliver personalized, location-based messaging. To do so, marketers must overcome a few challenges.

Social Media Marketing 101: Establishing Goals, Metrics

Social media can be very exciting. For companies who are brave enough to embrace social media and integrate engagement within their communication and marketing strategies, the most daunting part is measuring its impact on the bottom line. And lest you think that you need to be a seasoned marketing professional to really know how to measure social media engagement, think again – it’s something everyone struggles with.

Customer Experience: How to Solve the Problem of Multiple Customer Data Silos

Remember the good old days when your customer only used a few channels to make a purchase? Collecting customer data back then was relatively easy. Now with the addition of websites and an explosion of social and mobile channels, is it any wonder that you’re scratching your head over how to manage and glean insights from customer data over these multiple silos?

Cloud Extend Automates Sales Processes

Cloud Extend Automates Sales ProcessesThe Salesforce platform is useful, but it's also known for being a bit of a beast. Hoping to ease some of the pain, Active Endpoints has drummed up Cloud Extend, an app that offers features for organizing Salesforce functions for an entire team. 

Social Media Marketing: Build & Manage Social, Mobile Activities with Reach v4

DMLlogo.jpgIn a world full of strife and disagreements, you can take comfort that at least we’ve found a way for social, mobile and apps to work together. Well, Direct Message Labs have, anyway. And with their latest Reach platform, end-to-end marketers can effectively manage their presence across various platforms and applications all in one place.

Social CRM: It Doesn't Take Technology to Collaborate with Customers

I’m writing a long piece on customer collaboration, one of the key components of Social CRM, which elevates to its proper place the idea of building peer-like relationships with customers. Very naturally, the focus of this piece swings toward the technology being developed for collaboration with customers. But as is often the case with anything involving customers, the technology merely scales and extends a human activity. If you’re not ready to engage in that activity, the technology isn’t going to help you.

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