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Web Engagement News & Analysis's Radian6 Goes Mobile With New Social Media Monitoring iOS App

Radian6 (news, site) acquired social media monitoring platform Radian6 this March, but the US$ 326 million deal was lacking a mobile app that would address the growing needs of an increasingly-mobile workforce and enterprise. With this, Salesforce has today announced the launch of an iOS application for Radian6, available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Adobe Reorg Puts Customer Experience Up Front as HP Enters Competitive Fray with Autonomy

As digital advertising grows to an estimated US$ 72 billion market in 2011 measuring, managing and optimizing this spend has become a priority for Adobe. A reorganization announced today puts Brad Rencher, currently in charge of Adobe's Omniture business unit, out front in this domain and overseeing the company's customer experience management (CXM) solutions, largely got via the Day Software acquisition.

UK Advertisers Pass on Facebook, Go Google Instead

With 750+ million users on board, one could easily assume that Facebook is the place of the future for online advertising. But a recent poll from Marin software concludes the exact opposite, with a scant 6% of UK advertisers reporting as "fully invested" in the network. 

Web CMS: Sitefinity's Latest Release is About Content and Commerce

Telerik, maker of the Sitefinity .NET Web CMS, has announced release 4.2 of the product. Despite what the press release says, it's all about content and commerce -- not customer experience. The essentials. How refreshing.

What is Your Digital Worth? Empire Avenue Raises $1M to Tell You

What is Your Digital Worth? Empire Avenue Raises $1M to Tell YouEmpire Avenue (news, site) aims to free us all from what it calls "digital slavery" with a twist on social influence measurement. And while the approach has been seen by many as controversial, a recent injection of over one million big ones indicates it might not be that crazy after all. 

Marketing Professionals Prefer Email for Personalized, Targeted Messages

Targeting is not an alien concept to marketing professionals. But as businesses get more intimate with social media and CRM applications, does this mean that social media marketing is also increasingly becoming personalized? A recent survey among marketing professionals gives us a few insights into how firms target and personalize their marketing messages.

Customer Experience: Macy's Mixes Mobile Content, Volunteerism & Shopping

This month, Macy's and are launching a new mobile-enabled campaign that encourages young people to sign up for volunteer projects in their communities. "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon is putting his talent to work in the community-focused effort as well.

35+ Key Twitter Statistics [Infographic]

Touch Marketing offered analysts a bit of a break with the release of a recent Twitter infographic. The colorful graph presents over 35 different statistics, including the number of registered users, what time of day is best for being retweeted, and how many new tweets are posted per week. Behold: 

Sitecore Releases SharePoint Integration Framework v1.0 for Web CMS

sitecore_logo_2009.gif Sitecore (news, site), provider of web content management and customer engagement solutions, has released its SharePoint Integration Framework, which allows users to integrate Sitecore CMS with content stored in SharePoint.

Publishing for Tablets: Data Formats for Fixed, Flowable Content

In the last article in the Publishing for Tablet series, What You Need To Know About iOS and Android, we discussed which tablets and operating systems a publisher should target. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it is time to tackle the more juicy problems.

Today’s question: How the dickens can I get my content to fit onto tablet screens and enhance my content using the wonders of digital, while retaining a production workflow that doesn’t break the bank? Well, it turns out that not all content is created equal -- let’s look at that first.

CRM Evolution #crme11: A Wrapup

CRM Evolution is generally a discussion focused on how companies aim to create, retain and manage customers. In a perfect world, at events like CRM Evolution, the timing for vendors and buyers would always be perfect. Vendors would know when to arrive with their product just baked fresh and ready for delivery.

Interview: Brent Leary, Keynote at CRM Evolution #crme11

Brent Leary is a DJ. But he’s more well-known as co-founder and partner over at CRM Essentials, and a popular writer and speaker on all aspects of social customer engagement strategy. Leary was a main attraction this year at CRM Evolution, participating in a keynote speech “Delivering on Social CRM’s Promise” and two panel discussions, including “The Convergence of CRM and Marketing Automation for SMBs” and “Merging CRM with Social CRM.” Leary is a crowd favorite at CRM Evolution due to his practical strategy suggestions, case studies and down-to-earth sensibility. He sat down with us to talk CRM, social and -- of course -- music.

First Limelight Update Enhances Clickability Web CMS, Customer Experience Features

Limelight Networks -- acquirer of Web CMS vendor Clickability -- has announced significant enhancements to its Limelight Dynamic Site Platform, the new name for the Web CMS platform. As is the trend these days, the latest release aims to please digital marketers as well as content managers.

Oracle Outlines Fatwire's Customer Experience, Web CMS Roadmap #CXM

Since Oracle announced that it was buying web experience management vendor FatWire (news, site), there has been a lot of speculation as to what the company might do with the product set. Yesterday, Andy MacMillan, VP of Product Management for Enterprise 2.0 at Oracle, outlined the roadmap for Fatwire and explained how Oracle will make sense of things under the Oracle WebCenter moniker.

Interview with Paul Greenberg, Chair of CRM Evolution #crme11

Paul Greenberg, Godfather of CRM, partner of BPT Partners, author, and now orchestrator of CRM Idol, and visionary for the CRM industry, was a key voice at CRM Evolution, which took place this week, August 8-10, in NYC. Greenberg chaired the event and worked with CRM Magazine to make the event a memorable one for the industry. Every time you saw Greenberg at the event, if he wasn’t speaking, he was being pulled somewhere by one of the many individuals who are mentored by him. This is someone who gets a lot from giving back to the community around him. Greenberg sat down with CMSWire at CRM Evolution to talk social CRM, giving back, and what he calls “mishagas in the market.”

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