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First Limelight Update Enhances Clickability Web CMS, Customer Experience Features

Limelight Networks -- acquirer of Web CMS vendor Clickability -- has announced significant enhancements to its Limelight Dynamic Site Platform, the new name for the Web CMS platform. As is the trend these days, the latest release aims to please digital marketers as well as content managers.

Oracle Outlines Fatwire's Customer Experience, Web CMS Roadmap #CXM

Since Oracle announced that it was buying web experience management vendor FatWire (news, site), there has been a lot of speculation as to what the company might do with the product set. Yesterday, Andy MacMillan, VP of Product Management for Enterprise 2.0 at Oracle, outlined the roadmap for Fatwire and explained how Oracle will make sense of things under the Oracle WebCenter moniker.

Interview with Paul Greenberg, Chair of CRM Evolution #crme11

Paul Greenberg, Godfather of CRM, partner of BPT Partners, author, and now orchestrator of CRM Idol, and visionary for the CRM industry, was a key voice at CRM Evolution, which took place this week, August 8-10, in NYC. Greenberg chaired the event and worked with CRM Magazine to make the event a memorable one for the industry. Every time you saw Greenberg at the event, if he wasn’t speaking, he was being pulled somewhere by one of the many individuals who are mentored by him. This is someone who gets a lot from giving back to the community around him. Greenberg sat down with CMSWire at CRM Evolution to talk social CRM, giving back, and what he calls “mishagas in the market.”

Twitter Makes In-House Image Sharing Available to All

Twitter Makes In-House Image Sharing Available to AllTwitter's own image sharing service was initially announced back in June -- much to the dismay of third party developers -- but was finally rolled-out to all users this week.

Social Media Marketing 101: Who Are You? What Do You Do?

Starting in January 2012, I will be assuming the role of adjunct faculty member at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Md., where I will be teaching Social Media Marketing as a part of its new Business of Art and Design program. The program aims to provide a comprehensive, highly concentrated education in business management specifically for artists, designers and related professions. Lest you think that artists and other creatives are the only ones in need of social media marketing 101, I’ve decide to adapt my eight-week course into a weekly column addressing social media marketing for the enterprise.

The Practitioner Readiness Question at CRM Evolution #crme11

CRM Evolution appears to focus on the topic of how CRM is evolving. But the conference name could just be “CRM,” at least according to speaker Art Hall, Director, Customer Solutions, at consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal. Acquires Twitterfeed, Extends Social Media Intelligence Tentacles

URL shortening service (newssite) has acquired automated social media broadcaster Twitterfeed (newssite), moving from URL analytics towards channel delivery, thus extending its  intelligence capabilities into the burgeoning social media sphere. Customer experience managers should be pleased.

The Future of Business: Drivers of Change and Skills to Hone

The University of Phoenix and Institute for the Future recently combined forces in order to produce the Future Work Skills 2020 report, examining what exactly propel's change and which skills we'll have to fine tune if we want to keep up. 

Anti-Social Media? Blowing Your Own Trumpet

There are a handful of brands on Twitter and Facebook that fill up their streams with little other than retweets and links to praise about themselves or their products. A pinch of pride is a useful tool in business; the problem is that the delivery platform isn’t quite right for the act itself when it comes to Twitter.

Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings Measures Users Across TV, Web and Facebook

Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings Measures Users Across TV, Web and FacebookSoon you will be able to measure online display advertising using Facebook data and TV-style reporting. Nielsen, who knows a thing or two about ratings, is getting ready to release Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, which is just finishing up a six-month trial.

Make Mobile Video Location-Based & More Interactive with BitFlx

Mobile Video Becomes Location-Aware with BitFlx; Can Make Location-Based Marketing More InteractiveAs mobile platforms become more and more popular as tools for information sharing and social networking, businesses are also looking into the potentials of location-targeting in marketing and collaboration. Smartphones and tablet computers -- including the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and others -- can also take advantage of location-awareness, with which a new social networking application by BitFlx (news, site) lets users share videos that are time-bound and location-aware.

Webtrends Adds Real-Time Analytics Engine with Reinvigorate Acquisition

Webtrends Adds Real-Time Analytics Engine with Reinvigorate AcquisitionWebtrends (news, site) beefed up its analytics portfolio yet again today, this time with the acquisition of real-time analytics company Reinvigorate. Now, Webtrends will offer real-time and historical analytics for mobile, social and web channels. 

Add Data, Common Sense to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

No matter your social media marketing strategy, we’ve all questioned its validity and viability. What we’re doing seems to be working, but how can we be sure? There are so many variables to track and consider that sorting it all out can make your brain hurt. While we can’t offer you a tried-and-true equation, we can offer you a few insights inspired by Argyle’s recent Data Driven Social Marketing webinar.

EPiServer Offers Free MobilePack For Mobile Customer Experience

episerver_logo_2010.jpg Why should you have to build two separate versions of your website to satisfy mobile users?

Mobile Customer Experience: Native Apps vs Web Apps, You've Got Options

Native apps, the bouncing icons that dot your smartphone screen, have dominated the mobile computing landscape. Programmed purely for your device’s operating system, they complete highly specified tasks in an attractive manner on a less powerful device. However, there’s another way. HTML5, CSS3 and updates to JavaScript are making feature rich mobile computing available through your mobile Web browser; they’re called Web apps and you don’t download them to your phone, you access them over the Web. But the native app/web app comparison is far from one-to-one. And when deciding whether to pursue one or the other for your business, there is much to consider.

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