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Alterian Brings HTML5 to its Mobile Customer Experience

Vendors supporting the not quite approved HTML5 on mobile devices just increased by one. Customer engagement solution provider Alterian (news, site) has announced that its Content Manager Mobile solution has now includes an HTML5 Optimizer.

Top 7 Things to See at CRM Evolution

Next week, executives from all over the globe will gather for the annual CRM Evolution conference produced by CRM Magazine in New York City. CRM Evolution, co-located with SpeechTek, will feature a variety of speakers on traditional CRM topics in addition to an increased focus on social CRM.

A Week in Google: Fed Up With Microsoft, the Return of Real-Time Search & a Deal with Dealmap

The Googleverse provided a pretty entertaining cat fight this week, as well as new acquisitions, comebacks and the usual concerns. 

Elcom CommunityManager.Net 7.5 Sneak Peak: Improved Web Publishing

Elcom CommunityManager.Net 7.5 Sneak Peak: Much Improved Web PublishingAustralian based enterprise content management provider, Elcom (news, site), has a released a super secret (well not that secret) preview of what’s coming in its 7.5 release of CommunityManager.NET at the end of August. We couldn’t resist the urge to look.

Eqentia Adds People & Content Discovery to Knowledge Management Portal

Eqentia Adds People & Content Discovery to Knowledge Management PortalEqentia (news, site) added a handful of perks to its knowledge management portal this week. The bundle, candidly referred to as Eqentia+ by company founder William Mougayar, includes enhanced content and people discovery. 

PageLever's Facebook Page Analytics Tool Outshines Insights

PageLever's Facebook Page Analytics Tool Outshines InsightsThere's been a lot of buzz this week about PageLever (news, site), a service that allegedly makes Facebook Insights look like an analytics tool for beginners.  

Socializing the Enterprise: From Zombie Corpse to Social Business #SocBiz

Two years ago I attended the Gilbane conference in San Francisco, and among my clearest memories of the event  is how most business folk treated the word "social" as if it had crawled up someone's you know what, died, and then terrorized all of the enterprise as a zombie corpse. 

Facebook Opens Marketing API Program, Brands Rejoice

facebook_logo_10.jpgFacebook has opened up a world of good with the official launch of its Marketing API Program. Previously limited to just a few companies, the new welcome mat invites all developers to create tools for campaign management and performance tracking. 


Telligent Raises Bar for Online Communities with Suite Release

 Telligent Raises Bar for Online Communities with Suite ReleaseTelligent (news, site) unveiled a shiny and new version of the Telligent Community suite today, providing the tools needed to create custom communities. 

Attensity and Telligent Named Visionaries in Gartner's Social CRM Magic Quadrant

While the Leaders in Gartner's Social CRM quadrant exhibit characteristics match today's needs, it's the Visionaries that demonstrate an understanding of future market trends. Two familiar names made the cut this year:

Jive, Salesforce & Lithium Lead Gartner's Social CRM Magic Quadrant

In the midst of an exceedingly hot and volatile environment, Gartner has updated its Social CRM Magic Quadrant, naming three vendors that have managed to keep their heads above water.

Adobe Releases Preview of Edge, a New HTML5 Interaction Design Tool

adobe-logo_2009.gifAs long as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod continue to dominate the mobile landscape, flash-based websites and applications will be rendered obsolete. HTML5 promises to be the future, as demonstrated by every new Apple mobile device, Mac and Safari browser that now supports its open standards. If Adobe had any hopes of partnering with, and in return, profiting from Apple, they needed to distract users away from its proprietary Flash applications and towards a new HTML5 program. Enter Adobe Edge.

This Week: 4 Ingredients for a Successful Social Web Strategy

This week saw the end of our July editorial focus on cross channel Customer Experience. However, our recent mobile poll results showed that the mobile web is rapidly climbing your priority lists, and staying there.

We also looked at how context can define a great online customer experience with Ian Truscott, 5 ways a Web CMS supports cross-channel marketing with Patrick Emmons and 4 ingredients for a successful social web strategy with Adam Mertz.

Along similar lines, applying social media practices to social business turns out not to work so well. Our popular article 4 Best Practices for Transitioning from Social Media to Social Business steers you over the common hurdles.

In the news the W3C updated their content internalization checker, Web CMS vendor Ektron released a significant update, and uncle Google readied Google+ for Business.

In August we'll be taking a deep dive into SharePoint in the Enterprise -- taking an in-depth look at where SharePoint is strongest, where it relies on partners most and where other platforms/solutions are a better fit. Stay cool. Stay tuned.


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WEM Advice from the Experts: Managing the Customer Experience

Lately it's been all about the customer experience and customer experience management. Accordingly, this week our contributing experts focused on improving context and honing in on the customer's voice. 

Forrester: Defining the Right Web Customer Experience Metrics

Today's website success metrics rarely include the quality of the site experience as a distinct concept and according to a recent report from Forrester, that’s a big mistake: "Without dedicated customer experience metrics, companies can’t tell whether the site experience actually got better or how changes in the quality of that experience affected the site’s business performance." Here's a summary of three practices you can start to fill this gap: 

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