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CEM: 5 Great Tools for Tracking Online Visitor Behavior

Choosing a web visitor behavior tracking tool can be a bit overwhelming these days. The field is filled, many tools are confusing, and trying to get a bang for your buck can be tricky. As an assist, we trawled for 5 kick-butt solutions to set you on the path towards better customer experience management.


Master Your Content Using the Content Management Lifecycle

Get a good grip on your content management process by following the content management lifecycle.

WEM: The Perils of Not Doing Social Media, or Doing it Wrong

Living in the age of social media must be a lot like when rock 'n’ roll emerged. What is this noise? Only young people like this stuff! Although we more than five years into our social media experiment, you’d be surprised to learn that there are many who still discount social media’s impact.

OpenText Partners With VML to Deliver Integrated Customer Experience Management

OpenText Partners With VML to Deliver Integrated Customer Experience Management Enterprise content management provider OpenText (news, site) has announced an alliance with digital marketing agency VML, which will allow customers to work with one team to implement their customer experience management (CEM) solution.

Today's Live Tweet Jam: Managing the Mobile Experience #CXMChat

Our Mobile Experience Tweet Jam kicks off today, July 20th at 1pm Eastern time.

Watch the CMSWire Tweet Jam as it unfolds:

CEM: The Customer is King, Not Content, and he's Switching Channels

Cross-channel marketing sounds simple enough; engage with your customers across different channels. Personalize your message; adapt it to your customers’ intentions, behavior and thoughts. Although in theory this sounds simple, in practice it’s nothing more than a revolution.

The challenge is that to truly do cross-channel marketing, the focus should be on the customer, not on your product or content. The customer should be the center point of attention, and organizations, processes and technology need to radically adapt to realize this.

Altus365's Cloud Based Searchable Rich Media Platform, Take Advantage of your Videos

altus365_logo_2011.jpg Rich media is becoming an integral component of everything we do. It's used in sales presentations, conference presentations, websites, web conferences, training and more. That these assets are used everywhere is great, but it also causes issues related to searching, aggregation and just plain trying to find the information we need that may be located within it. Altus365 has the platform to help.

San Francisco's Sentiment Analysis Symposium Spotlights Industry Visionaries

San Francisco's Sentiment Analysis Symposium Spotlights Industry VisionariesAttention all marketers, market researchers, analysts, and the like! If you're in the mood to learn and schmooze in San Francisco's autumnal sunshine, this year's Sentiment Analysis Symposium -- taking place in early November -- features in-depth discussions on sentiment analysis of enterprise, online, and social content. Organized by industry analyst Seth Grimes, the roster includes visionary speakers from, Tata Consulting and TripAdvisor. 

Google Shortcuts to Products and Services with G.Co

Like Twitter ( and the webpage formerly known as (, Google has turned to Columbia for a shortened address. The new will direct web surfers to official Google products and services like Gmail, Documents and Photos. 

An Overview of the Social Customer

We are all social customers. Since the beginning of modern day society, we have always shared our thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes and criticisms about the brands that we love and the brands we hate. The difference today is that our voices and the conversations that we have with others travel well beyond the living room. They are now being amplified on the social web like never before.

The social customer interacts with business and brands differently based on their emotions and how they are feeling on a given day. One day they might be a collaborative customer, and the next day they might be with a competitor. Much of this depends on a brands reaction, or not. All social customers are different but here are a few ways to make some sense out of who they are and how they act.

Knoodle Enhances Social Learning Platform With Dynamic Collaborative Functionality

Knoodle Enhances Social Learning Platform With Dynamic Collaborative FunctionalityAs companies grow and mobile workforces expand, opportunities for training and professional development can be challenging to coordinate and provide, not to mention tedious. Thanks to Knoodle, learning activities can be both accessible and social.

WEM: Are We Tilting At Engagement?

So, that new engagement metric you’ve come up with suddenly pulls the TV show you are marketing from #50 to #3, based on using a more comprehensive, multi-platform audience rating system. A sign of true success … or delusion?

MindTouch Reintroduces F1: Contextual Help with a Touch of Marketing Automation

MindTouch Reintroduces F1: Contextual Help with a Touch of Marketing AutomationMindTouch ( news, site) has breathed new life into the F1 button. True contextually aware help looks like it has arrived. Add a little marketing and sales automation in there and you may have the answer to reducing costs, increasing sales and truly understanding what your customers need.

Oracle, Microsoft & Salesforce Top Gartner's CRM Quadrant; Visionaries Lacking

In Gartner's Magic Quadrant for CRM Contact Centers, several companies showed what it takes to be considered a clear leader in the space, while innovation and emerging trends took a nosedive. 

WEM: Dynamic Partnerships Will Be a Necessity to Local Authorities' Web Channel Strategy

As the public sector begins to come to grips with the transformation of services to online delivery, it is more important than ever that councils and local authority departments select the right supplier to support their Web Channel Strategy.

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