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How, Why to Integrate SMS into Your Mobile Engagement Strategy

Recently we talked about how Aprimo has made integrating SMS marketing strategies easier for its customers. While the mobile experience is multifaceted and includes many ways to connect and engage with users, for many the mobile experience can overwhelm and make it harder to gain access to information. Mobile messaging is not only guaranteed to reach more people, it has the potential to engage them as well.

How Context Can Define a Great Online Customer Experience

Hello, which “you” is reading this, how and where? As many others have observed in these articles, at no time has the mantra “be where the consumer is” been more relevant in our multi-channel world. But it’s not quite that simple.

Personyze Teams with Joomla & WordPress to Personalize Content Management

Personyze Teams with Joomla & WordPress to Personalize Content Management Personyze (news, site) aims to make content management a bit more personal with its recent Joomla and WordPress integration. 

Tweet Jam Summary: Managing the Mobile Experience #CXMChat

CMSWire hosted a Customer Experience Management tweet jam this past Wednesday, joined by a great line-up of industry experts. Our attention was focused on managing the mobile experience. Here is a summary of the discussion.

Web Engagement Management: What You Know, Who You Know, & Who You Don't Know

Marketing in today’s economy with today’s tools requires a shift from the traditional. It is becoming more and more obsolete to think you can identify your desired “target market” and exclusively deliver content, messaging and communications to them. Most companies’ brand identity and messaging have become more decentralized as social networking continues to evolve in a sprawling viral manner. Marketers need to control what they can, and monitor, manage and address what they cannot.

Moxie Updates Customer Spaces, New Mobile Interface, Integrated XMPP Chat

moxie_software_logo_2011.jpg Moxie Software (news, site) has updated its Social Workspaces Suite, this time focusing on Customer Spaces with a new mobile user interface for the Knowledgebase and integrated chat in the contact center. But that's not all.

This Week: Record Profits, Content Lifecycles & Social Media Perils

As media moguls burned and fiscal crises loomed we kept our eye on the ball, checking out the good, bad and ugly of implementing intranets, the perils of not doing social media (or doing it wrong) and digging up 5 great tools for tracking online visitor behavior.

Gartner released its Magic Quadrant for CRM this week with (surprise!) Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce leading the pack. Speaking of Microsoft, the company announced record revenues for Q4as did Apple and IBM didn't fare so bad either.

In the land of open source Joomla! unveiled its latest Web CMS release taking aim at the enterprise, Drupal-focused Acquia landed $16 mil in additional funding and Packt kicked off the 2011 Open Source Awards.

Finally, your weekend reading should include these three Customer Experience Management articles: an overview of the Social Customer from Michael Brito, a review of customer experience challenges with Hank Barnes and the case for making the customer, not the content, king by Martijn van Berkum.

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WEM Advice from the Experts: Getting to Know the Social Customer

Our contributing experts came from all corners of the Web Engagement Management world week, but there was a particular focus on really getting to know today's customer and their expectations. Read on for tips on handling modern challenges, as well as a few bits on web-channel stragegies and multi-channel commerce. 

Enterprise 2.0: Manage Social Media, Don't Let it Manage You

symantec_logo_2010.jpgWhen businesses shy away from social media, it’s usually because they are wary of negative press or not being able to control their image as closely as they prefer. And there’s good reason to be concerned. A new survey released by Symantec shows that social media “incidents”, where sensitive information is leaked, have cost the typical company US$ 4 million over past 12 months.

For those that do engage with social media, Symantec wanted to know how they protect themselves from negative consequences of using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other online forums.


CEM: 5 Great Tools for Tracking Online Visitor Behavior

Choosing a web visitor behavior tracking tool can be a bit overwhelming these days. The field is filled, many tools are confusing, and trying to get a bang for your buck can be tricky. As an assist, we trawled for 5 kick-butt solutions to set you on the path towards better customer experience management.


Master Your Content Using the Content Management Lifecycle

Get a good grip on your content management process by following the content management lifecycle.

WEM: The Perils of Not Doing Social Media, or Doing it Wrong

Living in the age of social media must be a lot like when rock 'n’ roll emerged. What is this noise? Only young people like this stuff! Although we more than five years into our social media experiment, you’d be surprised to learn that there are many who still discount social media’s impact.

OpenText Partners With VML to Deliver Integrated Customer Experience Management

OpenText Partners With VML to Deliver Integrated Customer Experience Management Enterprise content management provider OpenText (news, site) has announced an alliance with digital marketing agency VML, which will allow customers to work with one team to implement their customer experience management (CEM) solution.

Today's Live Tweet Jam: Managing the Mobile Experience #CXMChat

Our Mobile Experience Tweet Jam kicks off today, July 20th at 1pm Eastern time.

Watch the CMSWire Tweet Jam as it unfolds:

CEM: The Customer is King, Not Content, and he's Switching Channels

Cross-channel marketing sounds simple enough; engage with your customers across different channels. Personalize your message; adapt it to your customers’ intentions, behavior and thoughts. Although in theory this sounds simple, in practice it’s nothing more than a revolution.

The challenge is that to truly do cross-channel marketing, the focus should be on the customer, not on your product or content. The customer should be the center point of attention, and organizations, processes and technology need to radically adapt to realize this.

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