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Key Metrics for Measuring the Customer Experience [Infographic]

This month we talked a lot about the benefits that big data and analytics can have on the customer experience. But there's a lot of information flowing through your organization's fire hose. How do you what to measure and what metrics to use? 

Social Media Briefs: Searchable Hashtags, Twitter Alerts and Engagor Chats

Customer Experience,Social Media Briefs: Searchable Hashtags, Twitter Alerts and Engagor ChatsIt's not entirely clear if humans are changing social media or if social media is changing humans. Perhaps a little of both. Hashtags have permeated the way we find information, while Twitter leverages the power of their ability to deliver real-time updates in times of crisis. 

Big Brands on Instagram: Best Practices for Engagement


It didn't take long for Instagram to capture our hipster hearts. Even brands are getting in on the action now. But though visual content can contribute to social sharing and customer engagement, do we really understand how it's being used and the strategies that have proven most effective? Thanks to a new report from TrackMaven, which explored and analyzed the rate of adoption, posting photos and videos, filters and interactions of the US Fortune 500 on Instagram, now we do. 

It's In the Way That You Use It: Unified Data and the Customer Experience


Data is only as powerful as the insights that it elicits. How can marketers get more out of big data so they can improve their ROI? To help us learn more, we turned to Craig Davis, CEO at Relevvant. As you may recall, Relevvant enables enterprises to execute highly personalized campaigns at tremendous scale, which requires leveraging big analytics.

Social Media Briefs: My Yahoo Updates, Promoted Pins, YouTube Anywhere

Social Media Briefs: My Yahoo Updates, Pinterest Plans to Promote and YouTube Lets You Watch Offline

Yahoo covets iGoogle users, while Pinterest plans for a future of promoted pins, and YouTube works to make video content available offline. 

The Future of Big Data & Marketing Analytics [Infographic]

There's only so much you can talk about big data and customer analytics until you start to ask yourself "what's in it for me?" We know what big data can do if used effectively, but it may not be entirely clear how incorporating appropriate marketing analytics can improve the bottom line. Until now. 

Want to Capture Customers' Attention? Act Like a Media Company


I have a confession to make. I suffer from Customer Attention Deficit Disorder. I use multiple screens, devices and resources to make online buying decisions. Often, I load up my online shopping cart and then abandon the checkout process, either because I get distracted by something else or want to think about my decision to buy a little longer. The brands I interact with that understand my condition, email me and remind me that I left items in my cart or their site's cookies show related items in my Facebook feed. The brands that don't understand my condition don't follow up. Maybe these savvy brands are just enabling me, but according to Michael Brito, they have morphed their brand into the next media company. 

How Can Big Data Improve the Customer Experience? [Infographic]

This month as we examine the different ways that big data fits into marketing, we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about the ways big data can help improve the customer experience. It seems obvious, but with so much data it's hard to know what exactly to look for or how to put data into action.

Measure The Real Impact of Online Video

Measure The Real Impact of Online Video

We know that video plays an important part of one's content strategy. Now that a variety of social media platforms have made it easier to create, upload and share video, measuring the performance or impact of this unique content is bring new challenges to marketers and advertisers. Today, BrandAds has launched a new video analytics solution, BrandAds Bridge, designed to let media buyers see how their in-stream campaigns are performing across different media vendors and devices in one unified real-time dashboard.

Marketing Funnel Analytics for the New Customer Experience

Marketing Funnel Analytics for the New Customer ExperienceIf the customer journey has rendered the marketing funnel obsolete, can advanced web analytics bring it back to life, while helping marketers better understand and improve the customer experience? Thanks to Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics, new reporting capabilities in the Bizo Marketing Platform, marketers can identify and measure the impact of display advertising at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Social Media Briefs: Ads on Instagram, Filtered Views for Verified Twitter Users

Social Media Briefs: Ads on Instagram, Filtered Views for Verified Twitter Users

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down social media any. This week, speculation about advertisements on Instagram abounds, while studies show that women dominate visual formats on social media. 

New InboundWriter Update Gives Context to Your Content Marketing #CMWorld

A successful content marketing strategy accounts for where content will ultimately be published. To effectively gauge how content will perform, it's essential that you understand how it measures up against your competitors as well as leaders in your industry. After all, there's a big difference between publishing a blog post to a website with a limited reach and publishing an article to a prominent, well-read website with a large audience. Even if you use popular keywords and write strategically about relevant topics, if you're not factoring in the reality of your website's influence, you may be setting your web content up for failure.

Evolving Content Curation for Marketers #CMWorld

Content Curation isn't new. In fact, it's an element of content strategy that hasn't evolved too much beyond sharing, retweeting and aggregating news. Until now. Trapit, a leading provider of content curation solutions has announced its new Content Curation Center for marketers today at Content Marketing World.

Social Media Briefs: Hashtags Fail Facebook, Innovate Twitter


Social media hashtags are now more universal than ever and can be used across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But how effective are they and how can they be used to help us? 

Customer Analytics is in the Hands of CMO


Recently we inquired about the role big data plays in marketing. The answers were mixed. Most everyone agrees that big data can definitely impact the customer experience and customer loyalty, but not everyone understands how to make it happen. While best practices can help, like a lot of things, successfully implementing customer analytics is a leadership issue.

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