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Adopting a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy Brings Challenges

Recently, we explored the different ways digital marketers use Twitter. Now, a new survey shows us how marketers are leveraging data and the challenges than can result.

Social Media Briefs: LinkedIn Content Gets Sponsored, Google Gets a Social Search Patent

Social Media Briefs: LinkedIn Content Gets Sponsored, Google Gets a Social Search Patent

Social media never takes a break, not even as we enter the dog days of summer. Be it LinkedIn, Google or Facebook, this week provided some engaging updates and gives us something to ponder about the future of social search. 

HootSuite Raises $165 Million to Expand Innovation



Hootsuite has announced that after surpassing 7 million global users and experiencing some rather notable Q2 success, they have secured $165 million in Series B financing.

How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter

How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter

Do you know how digital marketers engage on Twitter? It may seem like an obvious question, but by now you’ve probably seen your fair share of mishaps and fails to understand that this is a valid inquiry. But answering the question isn't so much about best practices. Rather it's about learning more about what tools they use, what content they share and who they consider to be the most worthy of retweeting. 

6 Small Steps to Improve the Customer Journey Online


If you thought social media would make the website obsolete, think again. In fact, digital media has only reinforced the need for websites. However, thanks to savvy consumers and users, the demand for better websites has never been greater. In lieu of massive redesigns and costly overhauls, there are a few things digital managers can do to ensure their website is consistently meeting their users needs.

PaperShare Gives Content Marketing Actionable Analytics

What does content analytics mean to you? It's more than just page views and click throughs. It's also about engagement. But how can you effectively evaluate your content so it can drive future content creation and optimize content marketing? The folks at PaperShare have launched Actionable Content Analytics, which puts all of the data about your content’s performance across all your channels into one place. 

Gesture Based New York Times App to Debut for Leap Motion

Gesture Based New York Times App to Debut for Leap MotionAs if news websites weren't already under siege from the flood of mobile devices, now they'll have to contend with gesture controls via the Leap Motion interactive controller, and a New York Times compatible app.

The Future of Mobile Advertising is Built on Current Trends


Do you know where the mobile advertising industry is headed? If you’re still trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing, you may want to hitch your wagon to Amobee. Its comprehensive mobile advertising solutions not only serve the largest mobile operators, publishers, and advertisers in the world, but it also provides a vast array of innovative technologies designed to deliver powerful analytics that can tell you what’s valuable to your customers. 

Webtrends Optimize Updated with Streams Real Time Data

Webtrends Optimize Updated with Streams Real Time Data

Webtrends has updated its Optimize online testing system to include data from its Streams real time analytics package, the company announced at the Internet Retailers Conference in Chicago this week.

Personalization Startup Evergage Brings Web Experience Tuning to the Masses

Personalization online has been a dream of commercial websites since the Internet's rise to prominence 20 years ago, and startup Evergage hopes to bring that Web experience fine tuning to marketers everywhere.

Sharethrough Mobile Explores the Promise of Native Advertising

Struggling to decide between native ads and banner ads? You may want to consider what a recent eye-tracking study revealed. The study carried out by by Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab showed that native ads are more visually engaging than banner ads. And by visually engaging we mean that consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than banner ads and viewed native ads approximately 4 times per session. 



ThingLink Release Interactive Image Feature for Facebook

ThingLink is introducing its interactive imaging sharing technology for Facebook users, giving brands one more method of reaching their audience on the social network.  

Forrester: Marketers Need a Customer Journey Strategy

A new report from Forrester Research suggests that many digital marketers are having trouble with customer engagement because they don’t understand the customer journey.

ShareThis Acquires Socialize to Improve In-App Socialization

Content sharing widgets and solutions provider, ShareThis has acquired Socialize, a tool that helps make apps more social.

Volacci Releases Automatr, a Marketing Automation Solution for WordPress, Drupal

Digital marketing company, Volacci has released Automatr, a marketing automation solution designed for WordPress and Drupal.

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