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Sharethrough Mobile Explores the Promise of Native Advertising

Struggling to decide between native ads and banner ads? You may want to consider what a recent eye-tracking study revealed. The study carried out by by Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab showed that native ads are more visually engaging than banner ads. And by visually engaging we mean that consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than banner ads and viewed native ads approximately 4 times per session. 



ThingLink Release Interactive Image Feature for Facebook

ThingLink is introducing its interactive imaging sharing technology for Facebook users, giving brands one more method of reaching their audience on the social network.  

Forrester: Marketers Need a Customer Journey Strategy

A new report from Forrester Research suggests that many digital marketers are having trouble with customer engagement because they don’t understand the customer journey.

ShareThis Acquires Socialize to Improve In-App Socialization

Content sharing widgets and solutions provider, ShareThis has acquired Socialize, a tool that helps make apps more social.

Volacci Releases Automatr, a Marketing Automation Solution for WordPress, Drupal

Digital marketing company, Volacci has released Automatr, a marketing automation solution designed for WordPress and Drupal.

Real-Time Marketing: Done Well, It's Engaging, But Done Wrong...

Real-time marketing looks to revolutionize the digital marketing industry by increasing engagement. What exactly is it? And can you do it wrong?Take a lesson from the Oscars -- you can.

New Facebook Tool Targets Audiences in Both an Offline and Online Capacity

Facebook Studio, the social network’s marketing creativity resource aims to improve how much impact an advertisement can have by offering online and offline targeting capabilities.

Forrester Report: Change Your Marketing Approach for Generation Z

According to a new report from Forrester, marketers have to change their approach when trying to engage Generation Z.

How FourSquare Works for Marketers

Companies want to be able to know where you are at all times so they can hit you up with an ad/sale/coupon/offer/message when you are at or near certain locations. Mobile devices make this pretty easy to do -- Foursquare makes it even easier. 

More Government Heads Tweeting

According to a recently released report from the Digital Policy Council (DPC), Twitter is becoming a key communication tool for many government officials and their offices.

Facebook App of the Week: Page Design and Engagement with Ripe Social

In this week's Facebook App of the Week we're looking at Ripe Social, a collection of page design and engagement tools.

Facebook App of the Week: Social Marketing with Offerpop

It’s time for the Facebook App of the Week. This week we’re focusing on Offerpopa social marketing tool.

Joomla! Hits 36 Million Downloads, Featured in Harvard CMS Course

Joomla! continues its rise as one of the most popular Web CMS systems in the world, let alone one of the most popular open source versions.

Bad, Very Bad, Awful Ideas - The Canned Social Media Response

Have you ever had a moment when you heard something so doomed to fail, so absolutely guaranteed to result in catastrophe, that it made you feel for a split second like you were falling?

Deep Learning Aids Speech Analytics, Voice Recognition - Just the Beginning

Advances in an artificial intelligence technique known as deep learning are helping companies like Microsoft and Nuance create powerful speech analytics and voice recognition software at a much quicker pace than ever before.

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