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Web Engagement News & Analysis

Webinar Recap: Smarter Web Engagement with Advanced Targeting

Your digital channels aren't fields of dreams. You can’t just build them and wait for engaged people to come.

Managers of digital channels must intelligently engage their visitors -- and that’s not an easy task. CMSWire, Semphonic and Sitecore recently explored the topic of Smarter Web Engagement during a live webinar and even livelier Q&A session. Here's the written recap and the full video replay.

Ingeniux Unveils Version 8 of Its Web CMS, Focus is Mobile, ASP.NET

Ingeniux has released its CMS 8, with such features as a new deployment server technology, improved mobile optimization and new ASP.NET developer capabilities.

Webinar Redux: Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing

Digital marketing is being disrupted. New technologies, including social media, and increased consumer sophistication are requiring digital marketers to rethink how they engage their audiences.

As detailed in CMSWire's August 8th webinar, “Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing,” by changing their approach to a content- and journey-centric marketing strategy, marketers can weather this change and distance themselves from the competition.

Read on for a recap of the webinar content and to access the full recording of the event.

Salesforce Buys GoInstant Co-Browsing Technology

salesforce-logo.JPGSalesforce is buying startup GoInstant, a Canadian firm that designed a unique co-browsing technology that allows two or more people to browse the same website without any downloads or browser plugins.

Oracle Combines ATG, Endeca Products into Oracle Commerce

oracle logo 71012.pngOracle is combining two of its products, Oracle ATG Commerce and Oracle Endeca, into a single solution called Oracle Commerce. The new Commerce is designed to centrally manage customer engagement strategies, provide personalized user experiences and offer scalability that can meet demands.

Nielsen Targets Online Ads with Vizu Purchase

nielsen-logo.JPG Consumer research firm Nielsen is attempting to bolster its reporting capabilities in the online advertising sector with the purchase of Vizu, a technology company that enables advertisers and publishers to assess and optimize online advertising effectiveness. Nielsen says the acquisition will build on its existing online and cross-platform advertising campaign measurement solutions.

Use Your Best Product Fans as Sales Agents

needle logo 7312.png Some of your customers know your products as well -- or possibly even better -- than you do. So why not use them as advocates and sales agents? One company, Needle, is doing just that.

Social Experience Provider Lithium Opens Office in Sydney

Social Experience Provider Lithium Opens Office in SydneySocial customer experience solutions provider Lithium has opened an office in Sydney, Australia. The new office opening, covering that country and New Zealand, follows the recent launch of a Singapore office, which serves as the company’s headquarters for the Asian-Pacific region.

Badgeville Launches Social Mechanics to Encourage Site User Behavior

badgeville logo 62012.pngCan the user behaviors that power social networks be used to achieve business goals? Gamification vendor Badgeville thinks so, and on Wednesday the company released its Social Mechanics to do just that.

Bunchball Launches New Gamification Products To Engage Employees, Customers

bunchball logo 61912.pngCan game-like techniques improve business problems like software adoption or sales productivity? Bunchball thinks so. The gamification solutions provider has announced two new product lines to motivate employees and customers.

Bridgeline Picks Up a Key Partner in UPS, Offers End to End eCommerce

Bridgeline Digital has been through some major changes lately with new management and a new version of the iApps Web Content Management Platform. Now it adds a major partnership with UPS that sees the integration of UPS logistics and fulfillment services, resulting in the full eCommerce package.

Buddy Media Overcomes 'Anarchy' of Social Media With New API, Mobile CMS

Buddy Media Issues Enhancements To Overcome ‘Anarchy’ of Social MediaLike many voices at a party, the many kinds of social media conversations all compete for attention. To help deal with what it describes as the “anarchy” of social media marketing in many agencies, social enterprise software provider Buddy Media is announcing major enhancements to its social marketing suite.

Google Shakes Up Brand Marketing Metrics with Active View Initiative


As brands move online, they want better metrics than just hits and ad clicks. Google is stepping in with a new initative under the DoubleClick banner called the Brand Activate Initiative.

Tealeaf CX Mobile Brings Customer Experience, Usability to Mobile

 Tealeaf CX Mobile Brings Usability to MobileIn July 2011, Tealeaf reported that after surveying more than 120 attendees of Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, 84% felt that putting a mobile customer experience strategy in place is just as or more important than customer experience for fixed websites. Eight months later, Tealeaf is capitalizing on this sentiment by introducing a new version of Tealeaf CX Mobile, a complete mobile customer experience management solution. 

How to Pick the Right Design Agency: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Last week, I wrote about the different types of agencies and consultancies out there and gave a few hints about how to discern between them and what some of their high-level strengths and weaknesses are. I specifically chose to avoid writing about the RFI/RFP process itself as I'm sure it's been covered before by people more qualified than I. This week I promised to help people understand some of the nuances around the actual selection process and how to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls that plague enterprises of all sizes, including startups.

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