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Google to Re-target Content Farms? #PubCon

At the giant search and social media conference Pubcon in Las Vegas, Google’s top Spam cop Matt Cutts said in his talk the company is getting out the knife again.  He reported Google is looking to discern “…what are the things that really matter, how much content is above the fold.”

You may remember the last time Cutts’ team went after low-quality content was with its Panda algorithm, also known as Farmer, that targeted content farms gaining top search hits on “shallow” content.

Crowdsource Your Way to a Better Website

 usertesting.pngWe’ve definitely seen many uses for crowdsourcing. From designing to human intelligence tasks to collaboration, crowdsourcing has been a reliable method for getting things done on time and under budget, provided you’re engaging the right community. Recently, we learned about another way to employ crowdsourcing in a way that’s mutually beneficial for all parties -- usability testing.


SugarCRM 6.3 Lends More Tools to Developer Community

SugarCRM 6.3 Lends More Tools to Developer Community SugarCRM sweetened things up a bit with today’s release of version 6.3. The latest iteration of the customer relationship management platform demonstrates deeper integration with third party apps, faster feedback for real-time collaboration and tighter admin control.

Twitter Stories: Expanding Beyond the 140 Character Limit

twitter_logo_2011.jpgTwitter has caught a lot of flak over the years for sticking strong to its 140 character limit, but this week the platform showed a bit of flexibility with Stories. The spin-off site showcases interesting tweets and ways users are communicating via the platform. 

Ektron's Record Revenues & New Global Community Practice

Forget about making Forrester's list of the top online customer experience platforms, that's a nice to have. Look instead at Ektron's latest financial report and the launch of its new global community practice to get an idea of where this Web Experience/Web Content Management vendor is headed.

Sitecore Boasts Global Expansion as Revenue, Products Grow

Denmark-based Sitecore is on a roll.  The company said it’s experiencing concurrent expansion in product development, geography and revenue gains that make this a banner year for the web content management system company, which made an early bet on the Microsoft .Net platform. 

Check out our Exclusive interview with Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore Senior VP of Product Marketing, who speaks about customer engagement taking center stage.

A Week in Google: Engaging with Plus, Building a Chrome Kingdom & Integrating Blogger

This week in Google Land we talked about some easy ways to engage with your audience via Plus, as well as Chrome's significant growth and a nifty Blogger integration. 

CXM: Consumer Engagement and Social Media

Are you taking full advantage of engaging with customers via social media channels?


Sitecore Engage Offers Publishers, Web Marketers Resources for Content Optimization

Sitecore Engage Offers Publishers, Web Marketers Resources for Content OptimizationSitecore has announced the launch of an online resource for web marketers, publishers and business users called Sitecore Engage. Multimedia, text and other content on Sitecore Engage are designed to help align web and business strategies for better audience engagement.

Customer Experience: Where Content, Commerce & Community Collide

Three major components of today's customer experience management efforts are the three "C's": Content, Community and Commerce. It goes without saying that all three are important for success in today's world of online commerce, but all too many implementations are ineffective because they ignore an unspoken, and perhaps the most important "C", the Convergence of each of these key areas.

CMSWire Tweet Jam: Meet the Customer Experience Panelists #CXMChat

We are a little less than one full day away from our October tweet jam. This month we cover three important elements of customer experience: Content, Community and Commerce. Take a gander at who will be there and what we'll be talking about.

Mobile Content Strategy: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

If you’re working on a mobile content strategy, then you are probably holding your head in your hands. Maybe you’ve got a target hanging on the wall and are banging your head against it. The changing landscape in mobile leads to frustration for all of us. However anxious you may feel, there are five major pitfalls you need to avoid when creating a mobile strategy.

Google Chrome on the Rise, Gets Updated App Store

Google's Chrome browser has now hit 30% share of web browser usage and as it continues to rise, new and improved features keep appearing, the latest being a revamp of the app store.

CXM Research: The Social Customer Experience Maturity Model

For all the exclamations around social media for business, one thing is certain: Business forays into social media are pointless if business is not doing anything to turn friends, fans and followers into evangelists and customers.

3 Ways to Use Content to Improve the Online Customer Experience

Retailers are quickly learning the power of adding content like rich media to websites, but they aren’t the only ones catching on. Videos and 360◦ product photography has worked its way onto e-commerce websites, and consumers are now expecting them when they shop. Quality content can not only be a powerful sales tool for your website, but also a way to significantly improve the online customer experience. Here are three ways to use content on your retail websites.

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