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Key Insights About the $1.9B Marketing Automation Industry

It seems people are in love with marketing automation (MA). Last week, we covered a report that had some surprising -- and not-so surprising -- numbers, depending on who you asked.

Another report, this one by Frost & Sullivan -- claims the marketing automation industry will hit $1.9 billion by 2020. And a new study from Mintigo shows that 11.8 percent of technology companies have already adopted marketing automation platforms as compared to 4.9 percent overall.

Which report should you believe? Time will tell. Check out the comment chain here for a sampling of opinions. And to bring more perspective to the industry, we catch up with Hiral Jasani, digital media industry analyst from Frost & Sullivan.

4 Ways Data and Analytics Improves Your Digital Marketing

customer experience, 4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Through Data & Analytics

As a digital marketer, you are asked to create display campaigns that positively affect brand awareness. You are asked to make optimal use of your advertising budgets by market. You are asked to analyze customer behavior and media consumption.

So how do you get there? Data and analytics are keys, according to Sandro Catanzaro, founder and SVP of Analytics and Innovation at DataXu — and shared four ways to use them to improve digital marketing.

Google Now Putting Out Fires with $3.2 Billion Deal


Google can offer you tips on how to put out a fire. Now it can literally help put out a fire for you -- and take the temperature of the room.

In its first major news announcement of the New Year, Google Inc. announced today on its blog it will acquire smoke alarm detector maker Nest Labs for $3.2 billion.

First, Google Analytics. Now Google Extinguisher?

Google Unveils Analytics API in Closed Beta, Offers Real-Time Website Visitor Monitoring

Google Real-Time analytics API.jpg

Google has announced the beta-launch of a new analytics reporting API that enables users to act immediately on information that their Analytics account receives from other Google services. 

Mobile Impacts Customer Loyalty More than Transactions

What is the impact of mobile on your bottom line? According to a new survey from EPiServer, the biggest return on mobile today is from increased customer loyalty and personalization, rather than mobile transactions.

OpenText Enlarges Newest WEM Solution with Partner Ecosystem

OpenText WEM.png
From OpenText's website: using WEM to target a specific audience.

It’s not about digital products anymore; it’s about ecosystems. Building on the ecosystem of its latest Web Experience Management solution, unveiled earlier this week, OpenText is now enlarging its partner network to help provide complementary capabilities. 

5 Costly Mistakes Selecting & Implementing a Web Content Management System

Web Content Management Systems (Web CMS) have been around for a while -- yet there still appears to be quite a large number of organizations that are either not using one at all or are not using one properly when implementing their digital marketing strategy for multi-branded websites.

Webinar Redux: Using Analytics and Customer Data to Build Great Customer Experiences

How can you deliver optimal online customer experiences across channels? What tools and processes must be in place? How do you connect web analytics and customer data? What is big data and what skills do you need to make smart use of it?

CMSWire explored these questions and many more in our May 2 webinar, "Using Analytics and Customer Data to Build Great Customer Experiences."

The event featured Dan Keldsen, partner at Human 1.0 and Kevin Cochrane, VP Product Marketing for Web Experience Management at Adobe. For those of you who could not attend the live event, this redux gives you a summary of who said what and why it’s important -- and includes the full video of the webinar at the end of the article.

Rivet Logic Talks Web Experience & Crafter Rivet at San Francisco Roadshow

screenshot-rivetlogic-2012.jpgOpen source customer engagement software maker Rivet Logic hit the road May 8 when they arrived in San Francisco with Alfresco, one of the largest open source CMS makers, for the inaugural Crafter Rivet Roadshow.

Search and Find - A User-Centric Approach to Customer Satisfaction

shutterstock_50571640.jpg For several years, usability guru Jakob Nielson has had “bad Search” as his number one “Top 10 mistakes in web design.” The reasons for this are obvious. If users who come to your site cannot quickly find the information or solution they are looking for they will leave and go to a competitor.

DAM's New Role: Enabling Engaging Web Experiences

Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms are playing a critical role in marketing departments. Since more companies have turned to the Web as the primary marketing channel to accelerate revenue and build brands, managing a growing mountain of digital assets has become a challenge.

IBM's Take on Web Experience Management, Customer Experience is Only a Part

IBM is getting ready to release some updates to its Web Experience Management (WEM) platform. While we can't give you details of what's to come, we can give you some perspective on IBM's approach to WEM and the customer experience.

Build Modern Web Experience Solutions with Alfresco and Crafter Rivet [SPONSORED]

Enterprise Web Experience Management (WEM) is all the rage these days -- everyone wants to do more will less, in a more relevant, intelligent fashion and for multiple devices.

Answering the call, RivetLogic, an open source consulting firm, has developed an advanced WEM layer on top of the Alfresco open source content platform.

Dubbed Crafter Rivet -- itself an open source offering (details here) -- the product was developed by RivetLogic and key customers to address the WEM needs of both Alfresco customers and the broader market.

Crafter Rivet provides both an authoring and publishing application -- Crafter Studio -- and a high-performance content delivery system -- Crafter Engine.

Crafter Studio comprises a set of a user-friendly features for marketers and other experience managers that includes dashboards, WYSIWYG authoring, in-context preview, workflow, analytics, and multi-channel publishing.

On the delivery side, Crafter Engine consumes content published from Crafter Studio and provides developers with the foundation for quickly building flexible Web and mobile applications using a range of delivery tier technologies.

Crafter Rivet
Crafter Rivet provides a flexible WEM layer built on the Alfresco platform.

Rivet Logic is leading the charge to bring Alfresco WEM solutions into to the market by providing a solid Web Experience Management solution built upon and offered as open source software.

You can learn more about how Crafter Rivet works and engage in a live dialog with the RivetLogic team this Thursday -- join in for a 1 hour webcast on April 12th running at 10am Pacific time / 1pm Eastern time. Click here to reserve your seat.

Create Mobile Friendly Websites in Minutes with Responsive Design [SPONSORED]

Sponsored Article by Telerik SitefinityThe mobile web is exploding -- it's true. And the good news is that intelligently addressing the needs of your mobile visitors doesn't have to be intimidating or resource intensive.

Yes, building mobile experiences is not a simple as publishing your website for a smaller screen. But, you also do not need to create completely separate code bases and content.

What if you could design and deploy all your content across all devices appropriately using a single environment and a single set of templates? The key, according to the Telerik team, is to develop your mobile strategy based on "responsive design".

Using responsive design you can:

  • Create and manage your content in a single location and have it reflected appropriately across channels and devices.
  • Manage a single URL regardless of device used to access your site.
  • Automatic adjust the size of screens without doing device detection or redirecting the user to other locations.
  • Manage web properties without additional server logic.

Responsive design concepts, product solutions and means of building mobile experiences will be address in an upcoming one hour interactive webinar on April 11 at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 16:00 GMT.

Is mobile on your mind? If so, you can reserve your seat here.

CXM: UK Councils Embrace Top Tasks Approach

Top Tasks Management involves continuously improving the top tasks of your customers.

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