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OmniUpdate 9.8 Adds More Hooks to Facebook

omniupdate-logo-2011.jpg If it were not for Facebook and Twitter, would non-startup web content management vendors even put out new versions of their platforms? Suffers Long Maintenance, Upgrade on the Way? (news, site) was supposed to be down for an hour of planned maintenance on Wednesday, but the outage lasted far into Thursday, heralding a major update.

Adobe Introduces CSS Regions: Magazine Layouts for the Web

adobe_logo_2009.jpgAdobe (news, site) aims to bring some glossy magazine style to the Web with a prototype CSS extension that can add new features to your web pages.

DAM Lowdown: SDL Buys Into DAM Game, a New Developer Network is Launched, Quick Hits

After a far too brief holiday, the DAM Lowdown returns with: SDL's acquisition of Calamares, FocusOPEN launches a developer network, Createasphere hosts an open source DAM seminar, NorthPlains extends TeleScope via partnership and Quick Hits.

An In-Depth Interview with Dries Buytaert, Drupal Founder

The Drupal (news, site) open source web content management system is developed by thousands and used by millions of people around the world, powering a diverse range of websites. In this interview, I visit with Drupal's creator, Dries Buytaert, who explains how Drupal evolved over the past ten years, out of a simple message board written in a college dormitory in Belgium. He discusses how his company, Acquia (news, site), has impacted his ability to focus on Drupal, weighs in on some of the new features in Drupal 7 and looks toward the next decade of progress.

Woodwing Looks Heavenward for Mobile Solutions

woodwing logo 2009.jpgBecause Woodwing Software (news, site) is known for "innovative cross-media publishing solutions," it only makes sense that it also creates innovative cross-platform solutions. But in this instance, going cross-platform requires a little help from a friend.

MadeToCompare PDF Creator Now Works with Adobe Creative Suite 5, WoodWing7

axaio_logo_2011.jpgAxaio (news, site) has beefed up its MadeToCompare PDF creation, change and version management tools to play happily alongside Adobe's Creative Suite 5 and Woodwing's cross-media publishing systems.

Adobe 5.5 Launches; Brings New Features, Mobile Focus

Adobe's (news, site) latest monster design, creation and publishing package packs in plenty for the mobile and digital publishing set.

Limelight Networks Acquires Clickability for $10 Million

clickability_logo_2010.jpgToday the news dropped that San Francisco-based SaaS Web content management vendor, Clickability, which had previous raised more than US$ 15 million in backing, was purchased by Limelight Networks for US$ 10 million. Ouch. 

Woodwing Offers Upgrades to Reader App, Content Delivery Service

woodwing logo 2009.jpgNow that the iPad has become a respected media channel through which publishers design and publish online magazines, there’s more pressure for content systems to keep up with emerging technologies that influence how users interact and engage. WoodWing Software, known for its multi-platform tablet publishing platform, has announced a number of major new features for its reader apps for iOS and Android, as well as for its Content Delivery Service.

yolink Brings Better Searching to WordPress

tigerlogic_logo.jpgTigerLogic Corporation makes no bones about the fact that the default search engine within WordPress sucks. yolink Search for WordPress, the company's latest cloud-based plugin, aims to remedy that problem. 

BO.LT Page-Sharing Service: Easy Content Spread or Copyright Threat?

BOLT_logo.jpg After almost a year in private beta, BO.LT, a new page-sharing service, launches today. What’s a page-sharing service? Isn’t that what a hyperlink is for? Can’t we already share everything with those handy sharing buttons that are on almost every website? Calm down. We have answers.

Enterprise TinyMCE -- The WYSIWYG Editor Evolves

It's either a shame or a triumph for the developers (perhaps a bit of both), but many of you take your WYSIWYG content editor tools for granted. For the most part they just work and you go on your merry way.

But under the editor hood there's a lively universe to behold. We find quite a few public domain editor choices on the market, including a number of custom-built tools for specific publishing products. But one of the most widely used editors -- thanks in part to its association with Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Jive and others -- is TinyMCE.

More recently, noted WYSIWYG editor vendor, Ephox, has teamed with Moxiecode to produce the Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE editor product. The latest 3.4 version was announced on March 29th and following this the team will be running a live online review and training session on April 20th (you can sign up here).

The latest version of Enterprise TinyMCE features:

  • YouTube IFRAME support
  • An upgraded Flash player
  • Plugin's for lists and auto-linking
  • Improved handling of malformed input
  • A complete rewrite of the HTML serialization (output) engine
  • Web accessibility enhancements (WAI-ARIA)
  • Enterprise support for tracking changes and accessibility verification
  • Numerous bug fixes and more

Ephox is a provider of commercial licenses and support services for Enterprise TinyMCE, and they want to make sure you know all about the new and improved capabilities it has. So join them on Wednesday April 20th at 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET for an interactive webinar that takes a deep dive into the latest features for developers and content managers alike. Reserve your seat for the interactive webinar.

Nokia Ovi App Wizard Turns Your Website Into a Mobile App

Nokia (news, site) and its Symbian smartphone operating system might be losing market share in the US, but Symbian still holds some considerable market share in Europe and Asia. Nokia has made it easier for content publishers to turn their websites into content-based applications with the Ovi App Wizard.

New Vasont CMS Packs in Project Management, More Modular Data

Vasont ST (news, site) launches this week with new mobile-focused features for the XML-based content management system.

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