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A Week in Google: A New Magazine, Chrome Voice to Text & Lady Gaga

This week our Google lives saw the announcement of a new digital magazine, Chrome 11 perks and the power of Lady Gaga. 

Open Source Video CMS Platform MediaCore Redesigned, Nearing 1.0

mediacore_logo_2010.jpgAs MediaCore (news, site) nears full release, the system has had a hefty refresh and added new features to round out the offering.

DrupalCon Chicago Wrap Up: Time for A Drupal App Store? #drupalcon

Acquia By the end of DrupalCon Chicago 2011, one concept had managed to weave its way throughout the three days of talks and presentations, hinting at where Drupal (news, site) is heading as both a community, and a project. Here's the synthesis, as I interpreted it.

Print Publishers Restrict Access to Digital Books

As we wrap up Read an E-book Week, e-books continue to make headlines. As it turns out, while technology has made it possible to read many books from one device, publishers and other traditional venues of book distribution have yet to catch up.

Buzzr Officially Launches Drupal SaaS Offering #drupalcon

AcquiaAnnouncements are often timed for the beginning of conferences, and Drupalcon Chicago 2011 is no exception. In addition to the official launch of Acquia's Drupal SaaS offering, Drupal Gardens, Buzzr (news, site) has also announced that their SaaS Web CMS -- a Drupal derivative -- has officially exited from beta into full production release. Let's take a look.

Acquia Releases Drupal Gardens From Beta, Announces New Dev Cloud

acquiaLogo.jpg Acquia (news, site), the commercial open source company offering Drupal Web CMS (news, site) support, products and services, has been busy solidifying its position as the first option everyone thinks of any time the words "cloud" and "Drupal" are used together.

A Week in Google: Underused Chrome Features and New Search Algorithms

This week we took a look at a few handy Chrome features that you might not have noticed. Meanwhile, Google up and changed their search algorithms. Again. 

National Magazine Digital Media Finalists Announced

ASME_logosmall.gifThe American Society of Magazine Editors has announced the 2011 finalists for The National Magazine Awards for Digital Media. The Ellies, as they are known because of the Alexander Calder stabile "Elephant" given to winners, award excellence in categories such as design, the mobile edition, the multimedia package, podcasting and online department in digital media.

WordPress 3.1: "More of a CMS than ever before"

WordPress 3.1: After various setbacks and a postponed release date, the WordPress (news, site) team finally bestowed version 3.1 (a.k.a. “Reinhardt”) on Wednesday this week. Named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhard, the update focuses on content management, workflow and admin features. 

QuarkXPress 9 Highlights Mobile Device-Specific Publishing Features

The popularity of smartphones and tablet computers has made mobile content distribution a viable means of reaching out to wider audiences. App stores are gaining traction as a content distribution model. With Quark's (news, site) latest QuarkXPress release, publishers can expect better access to varied mediums, including Web, smartphones, tablets and e-book readers.

Google Funds IPI's Innovation in Digital Journalism Contest

Google showed love for digital journalism back in October by announcing plans to invest US$ 5 million in grants to related non-profit organizations. Today US$ 2.7 million of it went towards sponsoring the International Press Institute's (IPI) News Innovation Contest. 

Web Analytics: Congress Wades into 'Do Not Track' Issue

On Friday, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) introduced H.R.654, which is intended "to direct the Federal Trade Commission to prescribe regulations regarding the collection and use of information obtained by tracking the Internet activity of an individual."

Uh oh. The government is here to help you.

Watchdog: Drupal's Dedicated Print Magazine

drupal_watchdog.jpgJeremy Andrews of Tag1 Consulting has announced the launch of Drupal Watchdog, the first print magazine dedicated to Drupal. The irony of it all hasn't gone unnoticed, but Drupal founder Dries Buytaert says the mag has the potential to become "quite a highlight" in the history of the content management system. 

AOL Buys Huffington To Boost Its Major Web Properties

aol_logo_2011.jpgOver the weekend, AOL (news, site) picked up Huffington Post for US$ 315 million, bringing some firepower to its web strategy.

Week in Review: Mobile Rules the News + The $250 Billion Software Prize

It's a wrap. The (Super Bowl XLV) weekend has arrived. And in a pint sized portion here is a quick review of what happened this week, in our non-sports world.

Our editorial focus the month is on how mobile devices are changing our professional lives, and Barb Mosher kicked things off recognizing that while mobile is a priority, you might need some guidance launching your mobile channel.

Rupert Murdoch did his part, with the launch of The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper. The technology is nifty, but the content still needs to prove it can stand on its own -- so far we're feeling rather lukewarm.

IBM, never one to sit still, launched a new social business initiative at Lotusphere 2011. Analyst firm Gartner predicted that the enterprise software market would exceed US$ 250 billion in 2011 and identified 5 key trends for enterprise software.

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