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AOL Buys Huffington To Boost Its Major Web Properties

aol_logo_2011.jpgOver the weekend, AOL (news, site) picked up Huffington Post for US$ 315 million, bringing some firepower to its web strategy.

Week in Review: Mobile Rules the News + The $250 Billion Software Prize

It's a wrap. The (Super Bowl XLV) weekend has arrived. And in a pint sized portion here is a quick review of what happened this week, in our non-sports world.

Our editorial focus the month is on how mobile devices are changing our professional lives, and Barb Mosher kicked things off recognizing that while mobile is a priority, you might need some guidance launching your mobile channel.

Rupert Murdoch did his part, with the launch of The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper. The technology is nifty, but the content still needs to prove it can stand on its own -- so far we're feeling rather lukewarm.

IBM, never one to sit still, launched a new social business initiative at Lotusphere 2011. Analyst firm Gartner predicted that the enterprise software market would exceed US$ 250 billion in 2011 and identified 5 key trends for enterprise software.

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Murdoch iPad-Exclusive Newspaper: Game Changer or DOA?

TheDaily_logo.png Today, Rupert Murdoch launched The Daily – an iPad-based newspaper. Rumors of the newspaper have been circulating for a while, and the launch had been delayed due to Steve Jobs’ health-related leave of absence, but The Daily was officially announced today at a reception held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Mobile is a Key Channel for 2011, But What Should You Do With it?

Although it did not top the list of organizational priorities for 2011, mobile is still seen by everyone as an important channel that cannot be ignored. The question thus becomes, should you do a mobile project this year? And if yes, what should you do?

New e-Spirit AppCenter Integrates Content Based Apps with the Web CMS

espirit_logo_2011.jpgEuropean firm, e-Spirit (news, site), creates a central system for integrating almost any app into its content management system.

Poll: How is Your Organization Enabling Mobile Users?

As the demand for mobile enabled content and functionality explodes around the world most of us are faced with the problem of how to best address this need. It may not be your first priority, but mobile access is likely on your list this year.

With February just around the corner, our focus will shift to a Mobile Enterprise and Mobile Engagement editorial theme. With that in mind, we want to know:

The poll will run until January 31, 2011, so have your say today.

BBC Cuts Sites and Content in Massive Overhaul

bbc_logo_2011.jpgThe British Broadcasting Corporation (news, site) has expanded its online presence wildly and enthusiastically for years, but with government belt-tightening and competitive pressure, the time has come to scale back.

Adobe Supports the Creation of Technical Content for Multiple Devices, Channels

Paper training manuals on ring binders are fast becoming a thing of the past, especially with Adobe’s (newssite)new Technical Communication Suite 3.

Infocom Takes Over Movable Type and Six Apart Brand

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Movable Type's future lies in Japan. Today it was announced that Six Apart KK (SAKK), a subsidiary of SAY Media, has been acquired by a Japanese IT company called Infocom. As of February 1, 2011 SAKK will assume responsibility for the worldwide Movable Type business, as well as the Six Apart brand. 

Is the Online News Paid Content Model Working?

We've been through this before. The infamous publishing paywall is slated to go up again for New York Times readers. For many readers of other various local papers, paywalls have been a reality for awhile, leaving us to wonder if paid content models actually work.

Adobe Adds Online Audience Optimization via Latest Acquisition


The latest Adobe acquisition of Demdex will be included in Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture, with focus on customer experience management, online audience optimization and ad spending.

Content Strategy: Now is the Hour of Real Time Web Analytics

Real-time web analytics tools have made content strategists' dreams come true -- we can now understand precisely what our audience likes, dislikes and is responding to, as it happens.

OECD Case Study: Customers Are Looking for Answers, Not Books

Why do people read a book? Why do they watch a video? In a business setting it's because they want to get something done. They have a task to complete, a problem to solve.

Drupal 7 Released, But is it Production Ready?

Drupal Web Content Management System (Web CMS)That's right, Drupal 7 has officially launched today. The latest version of the well known open source web content management system has been three years in the making (and we've covered much of that work), now we just have to wait for the contributed modules to catch up.

The Golden Age of Blogging?

Remember when blogging was cool and new? Now it is only cool, as we reach the peak of blogging with 14% of Americans doing it. This is what data from a recent Pew Report shows.

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