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Adobe Adds Online Audience Optimization via Latest Acquisition


The latest Adobe acquisition of Demdex will be included in Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture, with focus on customer experience management, online audience optimization and ad spending.

Content Strategy: Now is the Hour of Real Time Web Analytics

Real-time web analytics tools have made content strategists' dreams come true -- we can now understand precisely what our audience likes, dislikes and is responding to, as it happens.

OECD Case Study: Customers Are Looking for Answers, Not Books

Why do people read a book? Why do they watch a video? In a business setting it's because they want to get something done. They have a task to complete, a problem to solve.

Drupal 7 Released, But is it Production Ready?

Drupal Web Content Management System (Web CMS)That's right, Drupal 7 has officially launched today. The latest version of the well known open source web content management system has been three years in the making (and we've covered much of that work), now we just have to wait for the contributed modules to catch up.

The Golden Age of Blogging?

Remember when blogging was cool and new? Now it is only cool, as we reach the peak of blogging with 14% of Americans doing it. This is what data from a recent Pew Report shows.

Semantic Web Gets Closer to Relational Data

w3c_home_nb.pngWeb 2.0 is so yesterday. Perhaps, that’s an overstatement, but Web 3.0, the semantic web, is rapidly moving beyond the academic laboratory to real-world utilization. Now the W3C RDB2RDF Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of "A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF.” This work is a major step towards making the astounding amount of data stored in relational databases more easily available to the semantic web.

Poll: Are You Currently Using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System?

The explosion of digital assets on the Internet (and intranets) has filled the sails of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) market. The obvious solution to the asset madness is to implement a DAM system, but people like yourself have many tool options and even more possible approaches to take.

This brings us to our latest poll:

The poll will run until November 30th, but don't wait until you are stuffed with Thanksgiving turkey (if you live in the US of A that is) to vote.

Google News Tests Two New Tags for Original Content

Google (news, site) loves original content and it lends a hand to these publishers, who publish original content. However, sometimes it is not easy to see who the original source of content is. This is especially problematic with news where once the story breaks, hundreds of sites start reporting it, frequently without naming, or even knowing for sure, who the original source is.

Six Apart Faces Troubled Times, Asks for US$ 2M Loan

Once upon a time, Six Apart (news, site) played in the big leagues. The blog software provider raised over US $22 million, landed the cover of an issue of Fortune, bought and sold companies for profit, etc. But the tides have done what they do best, turning the company's tune somber with reports of serious financial trouble. 

Gilbane Examines the Digital Blueprint for Book Publishers

Gilbane_outsell logo.pngThanks to the iPad and other tablet devices, the publishing industry has been able to survive, even thrive. Of course in doing so, they’ve had to transform themselves away from print and toward electronic models. A recent study from Outsell’s Gilbane Group examined the ways in which the book publishing industry has evolved technologically over the past few years.

The Keys to Success with Cloud Based Website Hosting

Today's websites have become the social marketplace where your customers and potential customers can meet, find the information they need, provide their own insights and feedback and more.

This means your traditional web content management system is probably falling short in its duty. What you're probably looking for is a digital publishing + engagement platform that offers a rich set of features, include managing digital assets, integrating with social networks, and pushing your content out across multiple channels. On top of all that, you need to do it quickly.

Cloud-based services come readily to mind when the pressure is on. In fact, according to a recent study by Springboard Research, 83% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region are considering cloud services in some form -- many as a way to deliver applications on-demand. However, in the same study, 46% indicated concerns over security and the integrity of their data in the cloud.

If you need to build a stronger web presence and are interested in doing it using cloud services, then attend the webinar Enough Fluff. 3 Key Ingredients for Maximising Your Content in the Cloud on Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 10:00 am (UTC+10) Sydney, Australia.

During the live event you will discuss best practices related to cloud security and hear about deployment lessons from local experts, such as Melbourne IT and Hyro, as well as hear from experienced field hands who share their tricks and tips.

If you're ready to take your cloud strategy to the next level, then register here.

Woodwing Expands Digital Magazine Tools with Subscriptions, New APIs

woodwing logo 2009.jpg

One of the challenges of designing for new devices, like the iPad, is that some of the functionality that’s commonplace on other familiar devices isn’t yet fully developed.

The release of version 1.6 of Woodwing’s Digital Magazine Tools aims to change that.

Ephox Offers One Editing Environment, Two Different HTML Editors

ephox_logo_2010.JPGEphox (news, site) unveils the latest update to its EditLive tool for both professionals and enterprises who write for the Web.

A Week in Google: Chrome Web Store Launch Delayed, US$ 5 Million Traded for Innovation

It looks like Mozilla isn't the only one pushing back release dates. This week Big G delayed the grand opening of the Chrome Web Store, their open marketplace for Web applications. Meanwhile, the Internet giant is shoving large sums of money at digital journalists, hoping for something magical.

Web Optimization: The Myth of the 3 Click Rule

The assumption that users must be able to access all content with a maximum of 3 clicks is simply false, and we have the data to prove it.

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