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Want IE9? You'll Need an Unreleased Service Pack with That

Want IE9? You'll Need an Unreleased Service Pack with ThatMicrosoft played the schoolyard bully this week when an FAQ post indicated that the upcoming IE9 browser will not run without the not-yet-released Windows 7 Service Pack 1. 

eZ Publish 4.4 Released, Sports New Image Editor, Native Support for HTML 5

eZ Publish 4.4 Released, Sports New Image Editor, Native Support for HTML 5In early September they told us it was going to happen, and now it has. eZ Systems (newssite) has just released eZ Publish 4.4 Enterprise. Let's have a look at what's new and improved.

AOL Acquires TechCrunch for US$ 25 million, or Was it $40 million?

techcrunchlogo_2010.jpgSome seem to hope that it's an early April Fool's Joke, but the truth came out on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt today: AOL is acquiring TechCrunch.

Microsoft and Partner for Windows Live

Microsoft and Partner for Windows LiveToday Microsoft (news, site) gave Live Spaces, its homegrown blogging platform, a huge booster seat by announcing a partnership with WordPress. Automatic Software's massively popular solution will now be default for Windows Live. 

Six Apart Update: Movable Type's Future Lies in Japan

Following the recent acquisition of Six Apart many speculated -- often pessimistically -- about the future of the once ground-breaking Movable Type (MT) software. We sat down with the current MT product manager for a chat about the details. Here's what we learned.

Web Engagement: Text is More Important than Images on the Web

The Web is primarily a text-driven medium and will remain so despite the rise of video.

Is the New Twitter Journalism's New Best Friend?

Is the New Twitter Journalism's New Best Friend?Twitter’s been known for a number of things – namely, making a lot of noise – but the newly revamped platform aims to be something bigger, better, and very specific: The number one source for news. Heads up, journalists.

Six Apart Acquired. Farewell Movable Type?

logo-six-apart-2010.jpg Say hello to SAY Media, Inc. The new company is a combination of media advertising player VideoEgg and Moveable Type's maker, Six Apart. The acquisition and new company formation have just been announced. Company reps assert that the combined media network now reaches more than 345 million unique visitors. Not much was said about the Movable Type web publishing software which launched Six Apart nine years ago this month. Speculation abounds.

Building Dynamic Web Sites and Applications #liferay


If you listen to some experts, apps are the way of the future. Mobile applications and web applications will rule the world.

At Liferay (news, site) West Coast Symposium, LEVEL Studios' Technology Strategist Chris Stavros shared strategies for building dynamic, successful web sites and applications.

Web CMS: Latest dotCMS Release Empowers Editors, Boosts Content Findability

dotcms Java Web CMSThe latest dotCMS (news, site) Web Content Management (WCM) system release enhances the project's self-proclaimed "super hero" status with version compare red-lining, added language packs, full site search via Lucene and Nutch, and more. Let's have a quick look.

Xerox-backed Trailmeme Offers Social Publishing and Future Collaboration

Trailmeme_logo_2010.jpg One of the interesting releases from this year’s DEMO Fall conference is the Xerox-backed (news, site) Trailmeme, a new form of web publishing that offers users the ability to gather content from the web in a single place, publish it so everyone can see, and in the future will enable others to add to that content.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 Beta Has Arrived

Welcome back to the browser wars, Internet Explorer 9 is here! Along with beauty and speed, Microsoft's beta version of the browser -- released today -- promises to set websites free from their chains. 

Publishers, Kick-Start Your iPad Presence with Adrenalin

Publishers, Kick-Start iPad Presence with MediaspectrumLooking to enter the iPad apps market? Good thinkin'. With over 3.3 million devices sold in the last three months, it's hard to refute the ostensible future of reading. To help your transition into the digital world, Mediaspectrum today released Adrenalin, a tool publishers can use to build branded news reader apps that feature the holy trinity: dynamic content, integrated advertising and subscription management.

WoodWing Adds Analytics, Social Media Integration to iPad Digital Magazine Tools

woodwing logo 2009.jpgIn April amidst iPad mania, Woodwing began creating digital magazines for the tablet device. Since then, they’ve released updates designed to help publishers create iPad Apps. This month WoodWing Software released Version 1.5 of its Digital Magazine Tools for iPad.

Ebyline Gives Power to Freelancers and Publishers

ebyline_beta_logo.jpgIt’s hard out there for a freelancer. But that’s what you get for wearing your pajamas to work, right? Yesterday, we would have said yes. Today, we say show me the Ebyline.

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