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O'Reilly and MSFT Press Books for Sale at Apple iBookstore

Here's an all-new level of geekery: Now you can purchase O'Reilly and Microsoft Press Books from the Apple iBookstore. Download the iBooks app to your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, and you've got a massive searchable reference pool on the go. 

Sneak Peek into Day's CQ 5.4 CMS #dayignite

day ignite 2010 logo.jpg

Day Ignite kicked off today in Chicago. The theme of Day Software’s (news, site) Innovation Summit is "get mobile and get social." Equipping every attendee with an iPad helps to reach those goals. The theme was also reflected in Day CTO David Nuescheler’s presentation: What's New with CQ5: Sneak Peek into CQ 5.4.

Impelsys Showcases iPad Content Delivery Module For iPublish Central

impelsys_logo2010.gifThe last time we covered the Frankfurt Book Fair, 70 percent of active readers were ready to go digital. Two years later, they will get a first look at Impelsys’ new iPad module for its publishing platform, iPublishCentral.

This is Content Intelligence, According to 4 Experts

In this guest article Seth Grimes looks through the eyes of four industry experts, examining the relationships between content analytics, smart content and business intelligence. Do you know what content intelligence means for your organization?

WoodWing Supports Multi-Device Tablet Publishing

woodwing logo 2009.jpgRecently we talked about WoodWing’s digital magazine tools for the iPad. Since then, magazine and newspaper publishers around the world have launched more than 50 apps and published more than 350 digital publications for the iPad using WoodWing’s tools. While publishers are busy making their magazines come to life on the iPad, WoodWing has been busy updating and releasing more new features. Let’s take a look!

MadCap Mimic 5.0 Sports Full-Motion Video

MadCap Mimic 5.0 Sports Full-Motion VideoToday MadCap Software (news, site) delivered Mimic 5.0, the latest version of the multi-channel content authoring company's simulation and tutorial software. 

How to Bring Sanity to Your Web CMS Project Budget

When it comes to either expanding your current web content management system or investing in a brand new one, accurately identifying the time, resources and money required is critical to your success. Unfortunately, that's quite a bit easier said than done -- the typical Web CMS project has many dimensions:

  • Defining requirements and engaging all groups
  • Acquiring the hardware and software
  • Hosting (on-premise vs. cloud vs. managed service)
  • Migration of content from existing repositories
  • Staffing for implementation and maintenance
  • Integrating new and legacy systems

Chances are, you've got two big concerns when working on the project budget:

  1. How to create a compelling business case
  2. How to ensure you have a realistic ROI story justifying the investment

Aimed squarely at these items, Siteworx is holding a webinar this Wednesday October 6 at at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern Time. The title is How to Budget Intelligently and Determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Your Web CMS Implementation Based on the many projects they've executed they intend to provide you with the perspectives and tools you need to intelligently budget your next project.

If the financial weight is on your shoulders, then this live event might be just what you need. Interested parties can register here.

SharePoint 2010 Offers Dynamic Publishing with Quark Integration

Quark + SharePoint = New Multi-Channel Publishing Solution  It was October last year when Quark (newssite) and Microsoft announced their new partnership to bring dynamic publishing to Microsoft SharePoint  (newssite). Today, they take it a step further letting us that this integration will work for SharePoint 2010.

Want IE9? You'll Need an Unreleased Service Pack with That

Want IE9? You'll Need an Unreleased Service Pack with ThatMicrosoft played the schoolyard bully this week when an FAQ post indicated that the upcoming IE9 browser will not run without the not-yet-released Windows 7 Service Pack 1. 

eZ Publish 4.4 Released, Sports New Image Editor, Native Support for HTML 5

eZ Publish 4.4 Released, Sports New Image Editor, Native Support for HTML 5In early September they told us it was going to happen, and now it has. eZ Systems (newssite) has just released eZ Publish 4.4 Enterprise. Let's have a look at what's new and improved.

AOL Acquires TechCrunch for US$ 25 million, or Was it $40 million?

techcrunchlogo_2010.jpgSome seem to hope that it's an early April Fool's Joke, but the truth came out on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt today: AOL is acquiring TechCrunch.

Microsoft and Partner for Windows Live

Microsoft and Partner for Windows LiveToday Microsoft (news, site) gave Live Spaces, its homegrown blogging platform, a huge booster seat by announcing a partnership with WordPress. Automatic Software's massively popular solution will now be default for Windows Live. 

Six Apart Update: Movable Type's Future Lies in Japan

Following the recent acquisition of Six Apart many speculated -- often pessimistically -- about the future of the once ground-breaking Movable Type (MT) software. We sat down with the current MT product manager for a chat about the details. Here's what we learned.

Web Engagement: Text is More Important than Images on the Web

The Web is primarily a text-driven medium and will remain so despite the rise of video.

Is the New Twitter Journalism's New Best Friend?

Is the New Twitter Journalism's New Best Friend?Twitter’s been known for a number of things – namely, making a lot of noise – but the newly revamped platform aims to be something bigger, better, and very specific: The number one source for news. Heads up, journalists.

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